Those are the times your heart feels splintered at the unfairness and the cruelty of it: at the trick that life has played on this splendid, gifted, musical man who is, increasingly, reduced to being like a helpless child.


People tell me that dementia is the long goodbye, and that at least the parting leaves nothing unsaid. That long goodbye, however, has a persistent undercurrent – the sharp fear of loss. I know that’s unreasonable. We all lose our parents. It is an ordinary, expected event. Many would say that Dad has lived a long, full and happy life and to remember that when his time comes. I know all these things to be true. But I also know that the thought of losing him makes me feel like a child again. I fear that loss, that rupture.






Web: http://www.craigkanalley.com


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ckanal


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ckanalley



Pope Francis Marks 500th Anniversary of First Mass in Chile


Pope Francis said that the 500th anniversary was a momentous event not only for Puntas Arenas diocese, but also for the whole Chilean Church.






Christians who were experimenting in (primitive but notable and relatively sophisticated) scientific techniques throughout the medieval period, were responsible for a host of new medical innovations. I cite a small representative sampling:







Searching for lost relation in Boston Globe paper


19 May 1855 LAWRENCE CUSIC OF LAWRENCE & EDMUND CUSIC, natives of parish




Newtownsands, co Kerry. Lawrence when last heard of was in Sidney [sic],




Ohio, last summer. Edmund, in '53, was in Indianapolis. Information will be




received by their sister Hanora Cusic, Rockville, Parke co, Pa.Volume III:




1854 - 1856








20 February 1858 LAWRENCE CUSIC OF LAWRENCE CUSIC, native of parish




Newtownsands [co. Kerry]; when last heard from was in Sidney, Ohio, and




moved to Iowa. Information received by his sister, Hannah Cusic,




Crawfordsville, Montgomery county, Indiana.Volume IV: 1857 – 1860


26 Oct 2018, 23:40 (12 hours ago)


Tom to me Jer,


I've already told you that I've made contact with a John Maloney in California who is a descendant of Moloneys from Islandanny. He is a fourth cousin to us. He has helped me trace another branch of the John Moloney-Margaret O'Brien tree. Our great-grandfather John had a younger brother named Daniel who was baptised in Duagh in 1851. Previously I knew nothing about him. But now his story is more or less complete. Sometime around 1880 he moved into Listowel where he had a shop in William Street. (I must figure out yet where exactly on that street he was.) In 1884 he married a Mary Collins in Moyvane. She was from Ahalahana. They had three children baptised in Listowel: John, Denis and Mary. They then moved to Pittsburg where they a further four children. I've made contact with a Jerry Seifert who is a descendant of Mary.


So now there are just two children of John Moloney and Margaret O'Brien who we don't know what became of: Hanora (born 1856) and Timothy (born 1858).


All the best. Tom






Ballina Herald 1927-1962, Saturday, August 13, 1927; Page: 3


His many friends in Ballina will he pleased to learn that Mr. David Dillane (Messrs. Adamson & Co., Ballina) successfully passed the Druggist exam, last month. We congratulate him.




Irish Press 1931-1995, Saturday, December 23, 1933; Page: 12


DILLANE (Newcastle West)—December 22, 1933, at a Private Hospital, Dublin, David Dillane (late of Adamson's, Ballina). R.I.P. Funeral from Ardagh Parish Church to Churchtown Cemetery on tomorrow (Sunday),




DILLANE: Ballina Herald 1927-1962, Saturday, December 30, 1933; Page: 3


His legion of friends and all gaels in Ballina will have heard, with regret, of the death of Mr. David Dillane, a native of Newcastle West. Co. Limerick, which occurred at a private Nursing Home in Dublin on Friday. The late Mr. Dillane, who had been an-assistant of Messrs. Adamson, chemists, King St., Ballina, for about 20 years, went under an operation for a internal complaint, but although successful, he failed to rally its effects and his passing at an early age with such a brilliant future, is deeply and widely regretted. He was one of the first members of the Ballina Hurling Club while at all  the social functions he was a popular figure, yet being of a retiring and courteous nature. The burial l took place on Sunday Requiescat in pace.




Western People 1889-current, Saturday, August 01, 1959; Page: 12


History of Ballina Club


Written By "Mac"




AT that time the winners of the county championship represented the county in the provincial campaign, and the winners of the latter competition qualified to compete in the Croke Cup, a special tournament embracing the winners of the Provincial championship. The fact that Ballina Stephenites reigned supreme champions of All-Ireland in this test in the years 1907, '08 and '09 bears fitting testimony to their prowess.




On. May 7. 1905. Mayo or rather Ballina Stephenites met Kerry for the first time ever at the then- famous Market Field in Limerick, but were heavily defeated. They were quick to learn their lesson, however, and a year later came to be regarded as worthy inter-county exponents when at Tuam, on Jan 2nd, 1906, with Jack Fitzgerald the famous Kildare player as referee, they drew with Kerry in the Croke Cup semi-final on the score 0-1 each. Replay they beat Kerry 1-4 to 0-4.( See paper for much more)






Mayo News 1893-current, Saturday, March 19, 1966; Page: 2


Mayo Sports Flashback.




MARCH 15, 1931 : The long delayed Hurling Final (1930 championship) was fought out at Ballina between the homeside and Westport. The Ballina side, leading 2-1 to 0-1 at half-time went on to a ,good win. Ballina stalwarts Ormsby, Dillane, Courell, Waldbridge and O'Connor were outstanding and hard as Murphy, Kenny, Coleman, Plunkett and Rock fought for the visitors, they were forced to yield victory to the North Mayo side.








At a meeting of the committee of the Ballina Stephenite Hurling Club on Friday, on the proposition of Mr. T. O'Connor seconded by Mr.J. Loftus, a vote of sympathy was passed to the Dillane Family, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, on the death of l Mr David Dillane, vice-president of the club. The meeting adjourned without transacting further business as a mark of respect.






Western People 1889-current, Wednesday, October 31, 1984; Page: 10


THIS week I turn to two letters received; both of them with a common bond ... Ballina Stephenites. DAVID Dillane, Rooskagh East, Carrickkerry, Athea, Co. Limerick, seeks information on the playing career of his uncle, David Dillane, with the Ballina club. HE writes: "He worked as a chemist in Adamsons and won two county S.H.C. medals in 1919 and 1930. I also think that he played football with Ballina Stephenites. I enclose an old photograph of the team and I hope some of your readers may be able to identify the players. My uncle is second from left, back row. I would like to know what positions he played and if any match reports exist."


I have made a few preliminary enquiries but have failed to come up with any factual information. If any of our readers can help I would be happy to pass on the information.




THE second letter is from Mr. Matt Brady, Dromard, that great and loyal follower of the GAA who retired about sixteen years ago from the old Culleens N.S., outside Ballina, where he is still fondly remembered. HE seeks a copy of the Tipperary team which played in the Bloody Sunday game in Croke Park. Mr. Brady was a spectator at that game and some years ago recorded his recollections of the incidents for the local parish journal. GOING on, he praises Knockmore for the progress they have made. "When I left Ballina in 1968 there was virtually no football in Knockmore and look what they have achieved since. When I went to Ballina in 1923 the Stephenites had 12 or 13 men on the Mayo team — : the Bosheils, Cowleys. Ruanes, Bernie Durkin. Padraic Loftus, Paddy Beirne, Willie and Joe Lydon, Johnny White, Frank Courell who hung up his boots around that time.


 "THIS year I was hoping that perhaps they might win the county championships, but the teams of 1920 '23 are hard to replace — and those few years were but only a fraction of their glorious reign. ''ANOTHER thing that sticks in my memory was an account in the "Western" of the early days. It was, I think, about a tournament over in Ardnaree when the Stephenites made an imposing sight with their straw hats as they waited for their turn to go on to the pitch. They don't wear straw hats anymore. Was it Larry Doolin wrote that account?" THE Larry Doolin Mr. Brady refers to was alias for James Wallace Melvin, founder of the Stephenites, who commemorated many of the glorious deeds of the club in song and verse. These were published in the Western People and referred to many times by the late Frank (D. F.) Courell who wrote regular columns under the pen name "Green Flag".




Western People 1889-current, Wednesday, July 29, 1998; Page: 32


T. J. Tyrrell - an appreciation


Some twelve years ago, following a chance meeting of a few hurling lovers in the Stephenites Club, it was decided to resurrect the Ballina Stephenites Hurling Club. Chief instigator, motivator and organiser was T. J. Tyrrell. Schools were notified and pupils were encouraged to come to training sessions in the park on Saturdays. To everybody's astonishment, a huge crowd turned up each morning.






FAMILY SEARCH: Ireland XO Chronicles, we want your contribution! We invite all people of Irish ancestry, both in Ireland and around the world, to bring to life the heritage of every Irish community by recording what they know about our ancestors, the places they lived in and the events that shaped their lives.








Looking for Patrick Stack's family believed to be from the Listowel Area in County Kerry




Thomas Stack and Johanna Murphy are shown as the parents of Patrick Stack.  I can find no trace of Patrick born to these people.  How can I find out the 2nd Christian Names of the children of Thomas and Johanna?  It has been suggested that he used his 2nd christian name in Australia and his nickname was Paddy.




Paddy Stack lived in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia and is my great grandfather.   He arrived in 1876 I believe.  Is there anywhere one can check the ships records of Irish people who travelled to Australia which gives more information about their backgrounds, other than as a passenger on the ship?




Maureen Stacey






Daily family members in Listowel




My family and I are travelling to Ireland in July. We would love to meet family members of the O'daly clan. Please contact me if you would like to meet.




Wednesday 15th March 2017, 02:10AM




Searching for Mulvihills in Aughrim and Kilbaha, Moyvane, Kerry (near Listowel)


My grandmother, Ellen or Ellena Mulvihill was baptized at The Church of Assumption, Moyvane 28 Nov. 1861. Her father was John or Joannes of Aughran and mother was Bridget Cunningham of Kilbaha. She had a sister, Bridget Jennie. Ellen died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1943; Aunt Jennie died in Philadelphia in 1959. I'm searching for information on Ellen's other siblings and on her parents. I visited Moyvane in April 2017, and saw the new church but didn't manage to talk to any Mulvihills.


Connie in California


Connie Spearing


Friday 3rd March 2017, 08:52PM


Area - KERRY (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation - MOYVANE


Marriage of JOHN MULVIHILL of AUGHRIM and BRIDGET CUNNINGHAM of KILBAHA on 12 February 1861.




Mary Stack, born abt 1832 listowel




My Great Grandmother Mary Stack was borb abt 1832 around Listowel to Ellen Shanahan and James Stack. She came to the USA on Feb @7 1852 thru New Orleans.  Jame Stack must have died some time in the 1830's or early 1840's as Ellen remarried To a Mr George Gregory and had 3 children in the mid to late 1840's. Ellen and George came to the Usa about 1850 and settled in Carlisle, Nicholas Co Ky. Mary Stack married my Great Grandfather Patrick E Walsh about 1853 in Paris Kentucky. Any info on Mary Stack would be appreciated, all names above are interred in the Paris Ky catholic cemetery. Patricks father John R Walsh born about 1806 was born in Moyvane and died in Ky in 1865, Patrick and John came to Ky about 1849 or 1850. Mary Stack died in 1912 in Mount Sterling Ky, Ellen Shanahan, Stack Gregory died in 1872 and is also interred in the Paris Ky Catholic Cemetery.




Any Info would be treasured.




Robert Patrick Walsh Fister


Robert Walsh Fister


Wednesday 22nd February 2017, 02:40AM




Lynch/baker in Listowel


my great grandparents were Michael Lynch and Johanna Baker I cannot find a record of their marriage or any sign of where either one of them may have come from-I have information on the birth of their 7 children all baptised in Listowel-the first 3 show residence in Ballahadigue-Ann- Arpil 22, 1866, Johanna (my grandmother) March 22, 1868, William July 25, 1869, Margaret their 4th child shows residence in Ballygologue-June 7, 1871, James-residence in Clounmackon-December 29, 1873, and when the final 2 children were born they were living in GLounlea-Timothy October 15, 1876 and Ellen December 5, 1878-I have information on some of the descendants but nobody seems to know where Michael and Johanna were from or where they were married-on their son Timothy’s birth record on Family search it shows his father was born in Minhur which I presume should be Murhur---------------I have searched NLI records-Family Search, Ancestry and any site I know about to no avail...................would be grateful for any help as I have spent millions of hours searching to no avail............thank you




Sunday 3rd April 2016, 03:33PM






John Dillon who taught school in Listowel 1880s-1890s (or other Dillons?)




Does anyone know of John Dillon, who taught school in Listowel?




He was born 1873 and left Ireland in the 1890s. His parents were Mathew Dillon and Johanna Sullivan. Had brothers Dennis, Mathew and maybe James?




Tuesday 30th September 2014, 02:19AM




Doody from Listowel








Im in Australia Researching my Direct DOODY line from listowel/Duagh Kerry




My ggrandfather was John Thomas Doody born circa 1862  Parents Thomas Doody and Kate Galivan




Had sister Mary Doody , and another sister Who went from Ireland to aus then to USA




He also had a Brother Thomas Doody Also went to aus




Kate Doody died rather Young so Johns father Thomas Doody remarried had several more children




Anyone researching this line please




Cathy:) Cathymkc






Mulvihills of Listowel/Moyvane early 1800's


Happy New Year from Canada!


I am planning a visit to the parish of Listowel in July, and I am hoping to glean some information in advance of my trip, and to share what information I have already collected for anyone else following this line of the family. My Fraternal GGG Grandparents were James Mulvihill and Catherine Scanlon, both born in the late 1700's. I had a birthdate of 1796 for James, but this cannot be accurate, as I have since found baptismal records for their children, the first of whom was born/baptised 1803! I believe James was born in the Listowel area, but unsure where Catherine Scanlon was born.




These are their children: Catherine, bapt. 3 Sept. 1803 - parish of Listowel




                                    Johanna, bapt. 10 December 1808 - parish of Listowel




                                    Daniel, bapt. 11 September 1810 - parish of Listowel




                                    Patrick, bapt. 20 May 1813 - parish of Listowel (specifically Moyvane)




                                    James, bapt. 10 July 1837 - parish of Ballybunion (specifically Laheseruch)




Daniel, my GG Grandfather, married Johanna Connors (of Clare) on 2 February 1832. They had 2 children in Ireland, before emigrating to Canada, where they had 5 more children.


These are their children: James, born 1837, Ireland




                                    Thomas, born 12 January 1838 - Ireland                                   




                                     Michael, born 1847 - Canada




                                     John, born 1849 - Canada




                                     Mary, born 1851 - Canada




                                     Daniel, born 1854 - Canada




                                     Catherine, born 1857 - Canada




Daniel's wife died in Uptergrove, Ontario, Canada  in 1868 and he subsequently married Mary Ann Collins in 1877.


Daniel's son Thomas is my G. Grandfather - who had 8 children including Thomas Francis born 1879, died 1953 in Uptergrove - who was my grandfather. He had 9 children, including Peter Faustus, my father, born 1925, died in 2000.


For what it's worth, I'd love to see the gravesites of my GGG grandparents. However, I cannot determine where they are buried. My first guess would be Moyvane, however their last child is shown as being baptised in the parish of Ballybunion, so perhaps they moved there.


I would be so thrilled if anyone can help me track down their burial place.


Many thanks to anyone taking the time to read this!


Cheers! Susan Mulvihill Young


mulvi3 Sunday 19th January 2014, 08:34PM




Lynch/Griffin near Listowel








My great grandfather, John Lynch, was born in May 1899 to John (son of Jeremiah Lynch and Elizabeth Kennelly) and Kate (daughter of Martin Griffin and Catherine Connell). I have him in the 1901 census living in Inch East (Galey parish) with his parents, older brother Jeremiah, and grandfather Martin Griffin (Kate's father, who died in 1909). I've been told he had three other brothers - Edward, Michael, and Denis - as well. Not sure about other children.


John immigrated to New York in 1926 and never spoke about his family much. His mother, Kate, died in 1942 and his father, John, in 1950, both in Ireland. I'm not sure if anyone else ever immigrated here.


Any distant relatives out there? I feel like there have to be people who remember my great grandfather somewhere! I've been told once that John's son visited Ireland to find the "old homestead" (of which nothing remained but a gate, but when he was shown a picture, my great grandfather recognized it and was driven to tears), but I don't know if he had any contact with relatives.




Tuesday 30th April 2013, 11:07PM




Listowel Parish




Good morning from Smyrna, Georgia USA. My name is Daniel Gallivan and doing research on my family, Gallivan, Galvin, Relihan and Cronin. I am knew to this so let me know what fees are necessary for your assistance.




My Grandfather John Gallivan and his brother James Galvin left Ireland around about 1880-1885 and arrived in the United States. Please notice the spelling of Gallivan/Galvin. It was the subject of many discussions between my father and his cousin.




The story I remember is both brothers arrived in Boston Mass. USA but left there to settle in Chicago Illinois USA. Through the old Chicago Illinois street directories I found them listed in 1885. The 1900 USA Census shows them both arriving in 1880. The third and older brother Mortimer arrived the the USA a year or so later and settled in Chicago, Illinois. I have no record of the their sister Mary in the USA. It appears she remained in Ireland. Can this fact be confirmed? If yes can you find more information about her family in Ireland.




My Great-Grandfather is Mortimer Gallivan and Great-Grandmother is Catherine Cronin. They were married in the Lixnaw church on the 22nd day of February 1851. The witnesses were James Gallivan and Mortimer Gallivan. They had four children, Three children were baptised in the Lixnaw Parish. The paper I have shows an address KNOCKNAGLOCH. Mary was baptised on 22 day of February 1852, Her sponsors were James Gallivan and Elizabeth Gallivan. Mortimer was baptised on the 25th day of May 1854, his sponsors were William McElligott and Margaret Cronin. James was baptised on the 18th day of January 1857. His sponsors were James Stack and Joanna Sullivan.




John Gallivan my grandfather was Baptised in the Parish of Listowel in the Diocese of Kerry. He was born on the 27th day in June 1860 and baptised in the Church of St. Mary's Parish in Listowel on the same day June 27, 1860. He was baptised by Father M.J. McDonnell. The sponsor or Godfather was Frances Scanlon.




Additionally I would like to know the names of the parents and siblings for my grandparents Mortimer Gallivan and Catherine Cronin, is this possible? Is it possible to receive official Marriage and Birth/Baptismal certificates for my Gallivan and Relihan family?




On my Relihan family side my Great Grandfather is Maurice Rellihan and my Great Grandmother is Ellen Kelly Relihan. I do not know the date or place they were married. I believe they lived in the Listowel Parish in a town named CNAUGHTCOSARE (sp) Listowel.  They had five living children, Margaret was baptized on 20th day of July 1856, Mary was baptized on the 6th day of April 1859, Ellen was baptized on the 30th of June 1861, Michael was baptized on the 29th of january 1865 and Daniel was baptized on the 16th of may 1869.




For Maurice Relihan according to the 1900 census he came to the USA in 1888. I have his death certificate, he died on July 25, 1900 in Chicago, Illinois. The certiificate says his age was 60 years. That would seem to suggest he was born around 1840. I think it is more likely he was born between the years 1830-1835. Can this date be confirmed? My Great Grandmother Ellen Kelly Relihan was born about 1834. I believe in Finuge Parish. According to the information I have she died on March 7, 1891 in Chicago, Illinois. Can the datess be confirmed for Ellen Kelly? Can you let me know if a marriage certificate is available for Maurice and Ellen?




My Grandfather John Gallivan (son of Mortimer) married Mary Relihan (daughter of Maurice Relihan). I cannot find a record of their marriage here in the USA leading me to believe they were marrid in Ireland before leaving for the USA. Can you confirm?




This is were I am stuck and cannot seem to get any further along with my research. I would like to know the names of the parents of Mortimer Gallivan, Catherine Cronin, Maurice Relihan and Ellen Kelly and their siblings and of course the dates for mariage, birth and deaths.




I am hoping you can help me. Kindly let me know what additional information or fees you need from me.




 Dan Gallivan  dgallivan


Tuesday 3rd September 2013, 11:31AM






O'Donoghue's of Listowel Co Kerry




I would like to find more about my Grandmother, Mary O'Donoghue's family from Listowel. She was born in Listowel about 1875 and went across to Lancashire and in 1906 married my Grandfather, George Harry Meakins On her marriage certificate she stated her father's name was John O'Donoghue and he was a tailor. That is all I know about him.Mary's mothers maiden name is reported to be Dillon.




Mary's sister Margaret, born about 1880 married in London to George Viner in 1904 and later came to Western Australia. Mary and George Meakins also came to Western Australia in 1913 and lived there until their deaths.




I do not know when Mary and her sister Margaret went to England and if their parents went as well. I hope someone somewhere may have any extra information on this family. My Father was always very proud of his Irish ancestry.




Thursday 3rd October 2013, 01:02PM






Nolans of Listowel




My Grandmother, Margaret Mary Nolan, was born in Listowel in Aug 1889. Her Father, David Nolan, was born around 1844-50 and died in 1919. He was a manager in Stack's Furniture and, according to my grandmother's stories, was the mayor of Listowel at one time (she also said he was in education). I'd love to know if that is true. I would like to locate any information on his side of the family - did he have siblings and are any of their descendants still in Ireland? All his children left Ireland, three to America and one to Australia.




I'd also like to find any information on my great grandmother, David's wife. I have numerous conflicting names for her. My grandmother said her name was Maria Cowman de Courcey and she died in 1899. My Grandmother's sister, Mary Ellen Nolan, become a nun in Australia and on her death certificate it listed her mother's name as Mary Agnes Coman. From the on-line records of St. Mary's Church in Listowel, there are various names listed on the baptism records of my grandmother and her siblings for their mother - Connor, Conway, and possibly Cronin. I visited the church when I was in Listowel last year and looked at the original entry. The handwriting is very difficult to make out and the entry is written in Latin. It was transcribed as Connor but I could also interpret it as Courcey. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate any birth, death, or marriage records for David and Maria/Mary. While Nolan is a common name in County Kerry, Cowman/Coman/Coursey are not common names there. Do you know where here family might be from?




I think I've exhausted the on-line resources. I'm hoping a little local knowledge might help. Perhaps my grandmother was correct about her father being the mayor of Listowel (do any records exist?). I'd appreciate any help or further directions you can give me.




Gary O'Connell




Friday 4th October 2013, 02:45AM








Advice on where to search below.


Hi - Thank you for your message. Some genealogy/family history resources for County Kerry which may be helpful to your research include:
















Also Failte Romhat has lots of other useful links you could try looking at ). www.failteromhat.com




Civil registration records are available from the General Register Office (GRO). These start from 1864. You can access the website here: http://www.groireland.ie/research.htm




Remember to post as much information as you can with regard to the people you are researching. The more information you post, the more likely it is that one of our volunteers will be able to advise or assist you. Also include information concerning which sources you may have already used so others may further your search.




Kind regards,                    




Genealogy Support




Friday 17th January 2014, 12:25PM






Hishon Family, Shanagolden




I am a descendant of Mortimer Hishon and Margaret Connor (O'Connor) - I am always looking for more information about this family who migrated to Australia in 1851.


Ann Koenig


Sunday 8th January 2017, 04:31AM






Michael Kirby and Bridget Stokes


Can someone tell me how many Michael Kirbys married Bridget Stokes between 1850 and 1860? My great-great grandparents have not left a clue in the United States.


Thanks for reply. I believe they were born, married in Mayo because I have some research that was done for me. My Genealogists may be wrong?


I have a Declaration of Intention from the State of Ohio, Clark County, FHL film # 0467356. Michael age 44, 13 Oct 1870; vol 4: pg 60. Naturalization FHL film # 1703682. Michael age 46, 19 Oct 1872; vol 4:pg 360. Both say IRELAND only




The son,Thomas of Michael and Bridget arrived in the US aboard the GALLIA, he was 18 in 1880.




I might have more info but not handy at the moment.






More about John Wallace


Baptised: 30th January 1875. Witnesses were James Keane & Margaret Keane


Occupation: National School Teacher, Farmer, Surveyor, Shopkeeper, Publican


Married: Lizzie Deenihan, 18th Feb, 1912


Died: 1941








From: Nan Brennan <nan.brennan@mindspring.com>

Subject: [IRL-KERRY] Bridget Goulding Cloonprohus Newtownsandes to Chicago

Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 21:34:07 -0600


Co Kerry: Golden Goulding Golding


Passenger arrived NY May 22, 1908

Departure Queenstown




age 17 domestic

FROM Cloonprohus, Newtownsandes, Co Kerry **

Mr Michael Goulding (probably her father)


Destination: Sister in Chicago, MARIE GOULDING

c/o James Coffey 5319 West 45th St Corner Fuller St.


I believe this family used both Golden, Goulding and Golding.

sister Marie may have married an O'Brien in Chicago.

may have been a sister Bernice Golden(Goulding) Howard Gaynor.


Other possible siblings below in this obit of Bernice Goulding Gaynor


> 1962-03-08

> Chicago Tribune (IL)

> Gaynor Edition: Chicago Tribune

> Bernice Gaynor, nee Goulding, beloved wife of Edward; loving mother

> of Edward Howard and John Gaynor; fond sister of Marie O'Brien,

> Margaret Kirby, Josephine Culhane, Nance, the late John, Hugh,

> Thomas, Patrick, Dennis, Michael, and Catherine O'Laughlin;

> grandmother of nine. Funeral Saturday, 8:45 a.m., from McInerney's

> Funeral Home, 46th pl. and Wallace st., to St. Gabriel's church.

> Mass 9:30 a.m. Native of Newtownsandes, County Kerry, Ireland.

> Interment St. Mary's cemetery. BO 8-0703.




Michael Joseph Kennelly Garda



From: http://www.clifden2012.org/history/history-of-clifden.html - written by Alice Kennellly, daughter of Paud Kennelly


    "My Grandfather, Garda Michael Kennelly is featured in the 'Gardai 1930' photo, seated extreme left. He hailed from Newtownsandes (now Moyvane) Co. Kerry and lived in Aillebrack with his wife Alice McHale-Kennelly.


    He was killed 'on duty' in January 1934 when he and his colleague Sergeant Forde, were returning to Maam Garda Station after escorting a female patient to Ballinasloe Mental Hospital. On driving through Galway the hackney car in which they were travelling left the road and entered the River Corrib at Woodquay. Garda Kennelly was drowned along with the others in the car."


Denis Guiney of Main Sreet, Listowel had a pub, where the Pizza Shop is today. (Mama Mia) He was a constant visitor to our kithcen at 8 Main St. & the tales he told of his early days working on the railroads of California often necessitated our mother to direct that we ( the 5 Sheehy boys) continue our ' lessons ' upstairs---as the subject matter of Denis' young manhood was meant for maturer ears than ours. However, Denis did not always modulate his voice, so much regarding ' Dago women ' and other salty snipits migrated up to us boys, leaning over the bannisters straining to make sense of these conversational fragments.

His ? first cousin was the Cleary's Guiney, and I well remember a Rolls Royce parked in front of the pub on Main St. ( possibly early 1950s) when the ' Cleary cousin ' was paying a courtesy visit to Main Street's Denis Guiney.

In preparation for my UCD entry In 1962 I journeyed to Dublin with my aunt Mrs.( Josie) Tom Flynn & I had a letter from Main St. Denis Guiney which I presented to the manager of Cleary's on

O'Connell St., Dublin so as to obtain an over-coat ' on good terms '. It worked!.

I remember well the last time I met Denis---our old neighbour---after his wife died and he was housed in an ' assisted living ' home out the country. It was outside Scully's on Main St., he was well into his 90s, bent over double & remembered me as ' one of Jack Sheehy's boys '. May he RIP.




From Martin Sheehy



Gerald and Peggy Roux posted a message around March last on a Website on

the Internet to find out about a William Stack b. Moyvane 1863 , died Elphin Co Roscommon in 1895.

. He married Mary Ellen Barry born 22/05/1864 Ballingar, Co.

Roscommon. They had 4 children born between 1890-4, John William, Mary Francis,

Richard Eugene, Nora Josephine. His father was John.



Kennelly Roche



Margaret Agnes Kelly Roche, was born in Listowel in


1879, to Tom Kelly and Mary (?) Kennelly. Her siblings included Mary Kelly

Behan, Nora Kelly Hannon, Catherine Kelly Doyle (who remained in Listowel)

Paddy Kelly,(who inherited the Kelly farm) and several others.



Lary (Lowery) b 1837 and James Dougherty b 1843 left Newtowne Sandes


>(Moyvane) with their parents after 1843 and ended up in Picqua,Ohio =

>where the parents died. They were raised by an aunt in Union City,

Ohio =

>and served in the Civil War. There is a family rumor that they left

for =

>political reasons following an uncle who left earlier.


He says that family tradition and Lawrence (Larry) Dougherty's military record say he is from Newtown-Sandes. What is interesting is that the census info I found show a year of immigration as 1855. This info rang a bell. I went back to the Glin National School records and found James and Lawrence. They are listed there as leaving school and emigrating in April 1855. Laurence is age 15 in Nov 1854 (so born 1839) and James is age 9 in Feb 1853 (so born 1843/1844). This matches the U.S. census info. Their father's occupation is listed as Herder living in Cahara (Caheragh) in 1853 and 1854. I suppose they could have moved between the two places. It is probably only about 6 miles between Newtown-Sandes and Caheragh.




Thanks for your response re: Costello. I will gather the Canadian sites for you, as well as other ones, info follows, herein. However, true confession time here- Ha!:

Most of my work from Ireland to Canada ( as opposed to from USA to Canada to Ireland) was done "FOR" me. A it turns out a true Irish Leprechaun by the name of Patrick "Paddy" Waldron, Prof of Economics, Trinity College, Dublin Univ, Dublin had researched the Costello and CostellOE families (same) from Trinereaugh, Duagh, County Kerry. "My" Thomas Costello (b. 1796-98ish, Tri., Co Kerry) had a brother William "Billy" Costelloe who married Catherine "Kit" Nolan. Kit's brother is Paddy Waldron's GGG or GGGrandfather.

NOW, Paddy Waldron ("PW" for reference purposes herein), has had personal love of family lineage/pedigree/cousins/kid's curiosity since age 11, fostered by his father of same name. PW did research and more and more..eventually thru strange twist in the road of life applied for a grant
at Trinity (Dobbins?? Grant), now as a "grown up" Lecturing Professor,






I have only got as far back on my O'Keeffe line to my Great Great Grandfather Richard O'Keeffe whom migrated to Australia on the 'Queen Bee' which departed Plymouth on 20/12/1860 and arrived in Sydney on 31/3/1861, Richard was sponsored by a 'Luke Halpin'. On the shipping sponsors list to Sydney, he is said to come from Duagh, Co Kerry but on his death certificate, he was said to come from Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick. Apparently Duagh and Abbeyfeale are only divided by a river, so the proximity of the two locations is very close anyway. On a birth certificate of one of his children, it states he was born in Kalmainham which could be Kilmaniheen/Kilmanihan which is very near Abbeyfeale.

Richard O'Keeffe b. 1837, Duagh - Abbeyfeale, Co Kerry/Co Limerick, Ireland, Occ. Miner m. 22 Apr 1885, in Araluen, NSW, Australia, Witnesses, Kate & Phillip Madigan, Annie Davidson , b. 15 Dec 1857, Franklin Place, Glebe, NSW, Australia, (daughter of James Davidson and Mary Winter ) Occ. General Stewart, d. 26 Jan 1943, Wellington, New Zealand, Richard died 16 Jan 1913, Porirua Hospital, Buried: 18 Jan 1913, R/C Cemetery, Petone. Moved to New Zealand in approx 1906 Lived in Wellington and Auckland

I. Denis O'Keeffe b. 26 Jun 1886, Araluen, NSW, Australia, Occ. Boilermaker/ Body builder, m. 18 May 1907, in St Josephs Church, Buckle St, Wellington, Witnesses, John Richard O'Keeffe, Elsie May Anderson, Catherine (Kate) Elizabeth Anderson , b. 30 May 1886, Benandarah, NSW, Australia, (daughter of Daniel Anderson and Ellen Maloney ) d. 6 Jun 1953, Wellington, NZ, Buried: 9 Jun 1953, Karori Cemetery, Wellington, NZ. Denis died ?? Dec 1957, Picton, New Zealand, Buried: 21 Dec 1957, Picton, New Zealand.

A. Agnes Mary O'Keeffe b. 25 Oct 1907, d. 8 Aug 1934, Peritonitis, Buried: 11 Aug 1934, Karori Cemetery, Wellington, NZ.

B. Ellen Kathleen O'Keeffe b. 16 Jun 1909, Holloway Rd, Mitchelltown, Melrose, NZ, m. 10 Dec 1930, in St Josephs Church, Wellington, Witnesses, Amy Eileen Watson, Arthur J McRae, Frank Bernard Hussey , b. 7 Sep 1903, 208 Shernhall St, Walthamstow, Essex, England, (son of John Hussey and Julia McCarthy ) Occ. Seaman, d. 26 Aug 1969, Wellington, Buried: 29 Aug 1969, Taita Cemetery, Lower Hutt, NZ. Ellen died 13 Oct 1947, Buried: Taita Cemetery, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

C. John Leslie (Uncle Jack) O'Keeffe b. 6 Aug 1911, Occ. Butcher / Air Force/Light, m. (2) Helen Gregory . John died 29 Oct 1984, Christchurch Hospital , New Zealand, Buried: Soldiers Grave, Ruru Lawn Cemetery, NZ.

D. Francis Davidson O'Keeffe b. 5 Jul 1914, Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Occ. Butcher, m. 1935, Dorothy May Miners , b. 1912, Whangamomona, (daughter of Patrick Joseph Miners and Agnes ?? ).

E. William Denis (Unc Bill) O'Keeffe b. 22 Jan 1917, At Leonards, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Occ. Panelbeater, d. 15 Jul 1944, WW2 at Casino, DIED OF WOUNDS, Buried: Ossia, Note: S/No 624567.

F. Ross Daniel O'Keeffe b. 14 Feb 1920, Occ. Lighthouse Keeper, d. 13 Dec 1991, At Home, Buried: Soldiers Grave, Ruru Lawn Cemetery, Note: Never Married.

II. James Davidson O'Keeffe b. 15 Apr 1888, Araluen, NSW, Australia, m. 1912, in St Leonards, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Ellen Murphy .

A. Annie O'Keeffe b. 1913, St Leonards, NSW, m. 1939, in Goulburn, NSW, Australia, Oscar Glennan McTernan .

III. John Richard (Jack) O'Keeffe b. 26 Jun 1890, Araluen, NSW, Australia, Uncle Jack, Occ. Barman / Butcher, d. 6 Mar 1939, Wellington, New Zealand, Buried: Karori Cemetery, Wellington, New Zealand, Never Married.

IV. Francis Patrick Cataldus (Frank) O'Keeffe b. 7 Mar 1893, Araluen, NSW, Australia, Occ. Packer, m. 1920, in Sydney, NSW, Australia, Vera Margaret Fletcher , b. 1894, Moruya, NSW, Australia, (daughter of Charles H Fletcher and Mary O'Neill ) d. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia. Francis died 8 Jan 1953, Auckland, New Zealand, Buried: Waikaraka Cemetery.

V. Mary Winifred (Cissy) O'Keeffe b. 15 Mar 1895, Bowraville, NSW, Australia, d. 5 Oct 1907, New Zealand, Buried: 6 Oct 1907, R/C Cemetery, Petone, New Zealand.

VI. Thomas Leslie (Uncle Leslie) O'Keeffe b. 8 Jun 1898, Araluen, NSW, Australia, ref: Uncle Leslie, Occ. Driver / Shepherd, d. 1972, Martinborough, New Zealand, Never Married. - A Gentleman and a Poet

Try my friend and (possibly cousin) O'Keeffe files, Jeanette's O'Keeffe's also come from Duagh, Co. Kerry but we haven't established a link as yet.



GGG Grandfather Michael Cushion was born approx 1814 in Ireland and I am having problems finding his birth place. From the Moyvane pages( you have to love Google) I could see that a Michael Cushion was born in Moyvane and I have confirmed this on the free Irish Genealogy web site(mother Ellen McInery & father Michael Cushion) .Michael left Ireland and married my GGG Grandmother Julia Mac Donald (McDonnell ? ) in 1836 in Bermondsey Surrey London . The census records indicate both on them were deaf and dumb, but not where in Ireland he was born.


After the 1861 census Michael has just disappeared aged 44, and could not be located in anymore census, death lists, immigration, lists poor houses etc .So I am checking different spellings etc. Julia was head of house in the 1871 census but was still marked as married. I wonder whether Michael went home to Ireland ?


Julia was born in Middlesex London however her parents were born in Cork and Longford Ireland. So I was thrilled to find some more Irish relatives.


Michael and Julia had 3 children that survived, of which my GG Grandfather Thomas was the eldest .He married Eliza Field and my GGrandfather William was born .William married Eliza Jane Goulding and moved the family from Bermondsey Surrey London to Kent.


On the outbreak of the first world war William who was in his early forties went to war with his sons William & Albert .Sadly Albert was killed and is buried at the Somme .


My grandfather was John Cushion and he joined up with his dad and brothers but they discovered he was just under the age of enlistment and was kicked out of the English Army. He decided to sail to Australia and joined the Australian Army, instead .


John Cushion married my grandmother Dorothy


Rev Dr Walsh Kerry Priest died.

Death of Fr Walsh report c Feb 1901 in Plattsburgh [New York ] Paper.

His funeral Mass at St Johns Church at 10-15 the Church was thronged.

Pallbearers Edward Hannon, W J Daly, Joseph Donahoe of Ogdensburg, E J Dinneen of Ottawa Illinois, J P Kavanagh of Montreal, A O Keeffe, F Mc Cadden, and S K Ryan.[Relatives attended]

Mass was Celebrated by Rt. Rev Bishop Gabriels, Fr Rossiter ,Vicar General Swift and Fr La Rose Assisted. Also Fr Cox, Fr Emard and Fr O Brien. A Choir of 100 from St Peters and St Johns Churches sang.

Fr Conway of Ogdensburg gave the Sermon.

The Grey Nuns of D`Youville Convent and Sisters of Mercy from Sanatorium , Gabriels , Saranac Lake attended.

Fitzgerald was the Undertaker.

Dr Walsh was buried Mount Carmel Cemetery.

His brothers in Kerry Edward E Walsh, Tullamore , Listowel. William Walsh Ahanagran Ballylongford, Mrs Nolan Drombeg Listowel. Mrs Enright Kilflynn, Mrs Quill ? Dromlacht ? Listowel, Mrs Walsh Ahalanna Newtown Dillon, Mrs O Sullivan USA.






Flavin / Collins / Costelloe

What I am still looking for is children of John and Mary (nee Collins) Flavin/Flahavan, (Both born around 1800) The only child of theirs that I have is my great great grandfather Denis Flavin/Flahavan born 1821-1826. If you do run across any Flavin/Flahavan's of North Kerry born between 1820 and 1850, that have parents listed as John and Mary nee Collins Flavin/Flahavan, please please let me know. Oh yes, Denis Flavin/Flahavan married Catherine Costello, about 1850, she being the daughter of John and Margaret nee Kelly Costelloe, sister of Hanora and Margaret Costelloe, from Ballybunion area.







Shanahan Family

My great uncles Jeremiah and John were the first and third bishops of

> Harrisburg, PA. Their father was the founder of a Catholic college in (I

> believe) Philadephia where the family lived until Jeremiah's appointment


> bishop of the "new diocese", There is info on the Web about the bishops.

The Shanahan family of my

> ancestors came to the US. from Cork in about 1825, according to


> The ancestor from Ireland was named Sylvester Shanahan married to an Ann

> Hand. Their child, John married a Margaret Donavan. The latter were

Ø parents of the two bishops.



Dillon /Greany

I am a descendant of John Dillon and Mary Greany of

Moyvane/Murhur or Newtonsandes. My Great Great Grandfather was Daniel

Dillon born in approximately 1835 to John Dillon and Mary Greany. Daniel

Dillon emigrated to Illinois, USA and married Ellen Cain. Their daughter

Ellen Dillon married Thomas O'Sullivan in Illinois, USA (he was born in

Ballylongford, County Kerry, Ireland, in 1835). Their daughter, Eileen

Sullivan, was born in Illinois and married Louis Regnier. My mother was

their daughter, Alice Regnier.



Shanagolden Families

Details contact me at International: 613 9509 7115

> Fax: Fax available on above number


> Researching families: Shine, Neylan, Sheehy and Connors in

> Shanagolden,Co Limerick

> Austin Pratt Haslam in Co Dublin & Leix.

> Wilson, Gray, Barrington in Co Dublin.

> Woulfe/Wolfe and Nash in

> Ballymoney, Co. Cork

> B(o)urke Hayes in Clonlara, Co Clare

> Irvine Thomson Rogerson in NBL & IOW

> Harman in Kent and Surrey, England

> Press in Somerset, England

> Cox in Burbage, Wiltshire

Ø Cheston in Surrey, England.




Of JOHN, Bridget, and Ellen KELLY, of parish New Castle West [co. Limerick]. Bridget and Ellen came to this country about 7 years ago; when last heard from were in Syracuse, N Y. John came about 4 years ago. Should this come to his notice or any friend, please direct to his cousin, Jeremiah Kelly, Osage city, Cole county, Missouri.

Of ELLEN & BRIDGET KELLY (sisters) natives of Newcastle-west [co. Limerick]; sailed from Cork in April, 1849, and landed in New York. Address DANIEL BRODERICK, Durham Station, Acton Post office, St. L. & A. Railroad, Eastern Townships, Canada East.

Boston Pilot
Information Wanted Ads

12 July 1856
Of JAMES GRANT, who left Listowel [co. Kerry] 6 years ago. - Please address
his brother, Michael Grant, Wappelo, Louisa county, Iowa.




Moloney Family

Sarah Maloney sailed from County Clare in 1883 at the age of 20 on the

> sailing ship 'Assaye' with her mother Sarah aged 55 and brother Michael


> 25. In 1881 an Ellen Maloney aged 21 sailed for Australia on the

> 'Blairgowie' also in 1881 another Ellen Maloney aged 25 sailed for


> on the 'Glamis'. Also on board was James Maloney aged 19 and Thomas


> aged 18. Sarah married Alfred Henry Peel on the 22.9.1886 at St. Mary's

> Cathedral Sydney. A Michael and Ellen Maloney signed the marriage

> certificate as witnesses. Sarah and Alfred had 7 children (5 boys & 2


> and my father also Alfred was born on the 6.6.1889. Sarah died on the

> 11.8.1937 aged 74 and Alfred died in September 1954 aged 89. They are


> together in the catholic cemetery Botany Sydney in row 9 grave no. 481.

> Michael Maloney married a Johanna McNamara and had 6 children all died

> young, the last a daughter Johanna who was the last survivor of the


> died on 9.5.1924. Michael & children died from Myelocythaemia. She is


Ø in the Church of England cemetery Woronora N.S.W.



Moran Family

I am searching for the Morans came to the San Francisco Bay in the mid-1800s. The research is primarily for my wife's family. She was born in Vallejo, CA. I have a copy of St. Vincent's church records of the marriage of her mother, Anna Moran and Michael Briody.


Wednesday, March 14, 2001 3:19 AM

Subject: Re: Fallahee/Falahee





> My great-grandmother was Johanna Cecilia Fallahee, daughter of Patrick and

> Ellen Fallahee of Ireland.


> They had 8 children while living in Fort Wayne, Indiana from about


> I think.


Subject: Kennelly



Kennelly/ Conners


I really do not know much about my Kennelly's. My g. g. grandfather John W. Kennelly was b. 2 Aug 1835 in Ireland. His death certificate says his father was Martin Kennelly b. Ireland and his mother was Mary Windle also b. in Ireland. He m. Johanna Conners before 1857 in Ireland. Could be Connors. Johanna was b. in Ireland abt 1839. Her death certificate says her father was John Conners and her mother was Ellen, both b. Ireland. They had two children b. in Ireland that survived the journey to the US. Micheal b. Sept. 1857 and Mary b. 1860. Family stories say two children died on the trip over. Daughter Ellen b. in 1864 and I'm not sure which country she was b. in.


They supposedly came to this country abt 1862-64 but I can find no record of them until the early 1870's in Rochester NY. Supposedly John was naturalized but there were no naturalization records for him in Rochester.

Supposedly my g grandmother Frances Bridgete was b. 1868 in Erie Pa. where I live but I can find no record of the family here either.


Frances m. Thomas Geraghty in Rochester. Supposedly one family was from Limerick, and the other from Tipperary but no one knows for sure.


If you have any knowledege of this family I would be grateful for any information you are willing to share!



my g-grandfathers Joe Kennelly's death cert says his father, John was

born in Pittsburgh. I can't be certain of its accuracy there, but John's

wife, Catherine Sullivan is listed as being born in Ireland.

My g-grandfather was Joseph, born in Pitt., in 1891. He may be the link my

grandfather spoke about to the mayor Martin H Kennelly of Chicago.

All that my grandfather remembered was that as a young child he had an uncle

who was an Attorney in Chicago who would visit them and before leaving buy them

a carload full of groceries


Kennelly Ballyduff

> I didn't find anything relative to my research on your site, but that may

be because I'm so ignorant of my forebears. I know they were from the

district of Ballyduff, registrar's district of Listowel, according to my

grandfather James Joseph Kennelly's birth certificate (10/19/1883). I keep

hoping that someone will see my queries and recognise info that fits with

something they know.




> I am searching for the ancestry/family of Timothy Kennelly; born in 1797

possibly in Ballylongford, Kerry Co., Ireland; married Catherine O'Connor

c 1830+; removed to Bulloch County, GA USA c1835 until 1857 and

migrated to Winnesheik CO, IA where he died. I would be happy to share any

info with you on these lines. Thanks, Judy.



Pease send me copy of the article on Joe Daly, who came to Moyvane South from Glin as an orphan, became one of the family, corresponding with my father for years from USA and gaining a reputation as a tenor.




Thanks so much for your reply to my inquiry regarding the O'connels from
Newtownsandes. I do not know of any relationship to the priest you mentioned,
but I do not know much about my O'connels either. The sum and substance of
everything I know is as follows:
My great grandfather Maurice O'Connell was born @1866. He immigrated to the
US in @ 1886 and settled in New Jersey (across the river from New York). His
brother John, born @1868, followed @ 1889-1890 and settled in the same
area-- known as the Oranges ( suburbs of Newark NJ) Maurice married Anna
O'Brien in 1889. Anna was also an Irish immigrant and is believed to be from
the same area as Maurice. Anna's mothers maiden name was Ann Kirby. My great
grandfather's marraige and death certificates both list his parents as John
and Catherine O'Connell.
My mom never had any idea where her grandfather was from, although she did
recall her mom saying that he took in alot of immigrants to give them a
start.I checked the census returns for New Jersy and found some of these
people he took in. They were all O'connells. Through the Ellis Island data
base I was able to locate the manifests for the ships on which they arrived.
Immigrants arriving after 1899 had to list where they were going, where they
were from and who they were to stay with. Each of the people with my great
grand list Newtowsandes as the place they last resided before coming to the
US and each of these people provide my great grands address as the place
they were going.There is a website (jewishgen.org) that allows a search by
the town people came from. Through that search engine I located no less than
eight people named O'connell from Newtownsandes going to stay with my great
grand. The information I have on them is as follows:
1.James O'connell immigrated 1903 from Newtownsand. James apparantly left
and returned in 1907 with a John O'connel both from Newtownsandes and both
identifying my great grand as a cousin. (James stayed with my great
grandmother throughout his life. His obituary indicates his mother's name is
Catherine Doherty)
2.Two Lawrence O'Connels,both from Newtownsandes, immigrated a week apart in
1904. Both of them were age 25 and both said they were going to stay with
"their brother James" at my great grands address ( so was my great grand
running an illegal immigration operation?)
3. 1906-A John Oconnell (age 27) from Newtownsandes arrives to stay with my
great grand. Refers to my great grand as his "brother" (not possible since
Maurice's brother John was already here)
4.1907-Another James O'connell(age 25) arrives a week before the returning
James (actually I am not sure which is the original James and which is the
returning james) Again says going to his cousin (my great grand). Says he
last resided in Newtownsandes and was born in Ballymacelligot
5. 1911- Lawrence O'connell (age 34)returns (yet again) again going to his
brother James at my great grand address. Says he last resided with his sister
Catherine in Newtownsandes
6.1913 (this is the strangest one of all) A Daniel (age 33) and Mary
O'Connell (age 36) arrive. He had never been in US before. She had been here
previously. They are listed as husband and wife.Daniel says he last resided
with his father John OConnell in Ahalana, Newtownsandes. Mary says she last
resided with her brother James OConnell in Ahalana. Both are going to my
great grand's brother John. Mary refers to John as "her brother John" ;
Daniel refers to John as "my cousin John" (were they also intermarrying?)
Finally in 1914 Daniel returns again having his nearest living relative as
his father John in Newtownsandes. He is returning to the US to his wife Mary
who is by that time living with my great grand Maurice.
Do any of these people show up in your research? Do you have any suggestions
for me as to any local sources to tap into to solve these relationships?
I had inquired in my last e-mail as to the names of the townlands that would
be considered part of Newtownsandes. The reason for that inquiry was to allow
a more thorough search of the website mentioned above. There are no less than
4000 O'connells inthe Ellis Island Data Base. I found the ones mentioned
above by searching the word Newtownsandes and variations thereon. I thought
if there were other names that folks might use to describe the area I could
search using those descriptions as well.
Any help is appreciated.
Francine Schott



PJ Dillon – Director and Co Writer

PJ Dillon is a Director of Photography and Director based in Dublin. After graduating with a Diploma in Communications Studies from the Dublin Institute for Technology in 1989 he worked as an assistant cameraman in Ireland (1989-1994) and the USA (1994-1999). In that time he gained dozens of feature film credits working with some of the industry’s foremost Directors and Directors of Photography.


Since 2000 he has worked as a Director of Photography and Director. He has photographed several feature films and television series and numerous short films and documentaries. He has directed short films, commercials, television comedy series’ and Rewind, his first feature film.


In 2009 he won an Irish Film and Television (IFTA) Award for Best Cinematography for his work on Marian Quinn’s film 32A. He has been nominated for the same award on two other occasions, in 2004 for his work on Timbuktu and in 2008 for Kings. He won the Kodak Award for Best Cinematography at the 2007 Hampton’s Film Festival in New York for Kings. He has photographed several multi-award winning short films including New Boy which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Live Action Short in 2009. He has been nominated for Best Cinematography (IFTA 2011) for his work on the feature film “The Runway”.


PJ has directed four short films, Most Important (1999) won the Best New Director Award at the Celtic Film and Television Festival and was nominated for Best Short Drama at the Banff Film and Television Festival. Headwrecker (2000) won Best Short Film at the Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTA’s).


Deep Breaths (2007) was completed under the Film Board’s Short Cuts scheme in 2007. It has screened at a number of prestigious international festivals including London BFI, Palm Springs, Montreal and Siena. It won the award for best short film at the BIFF festival in Boston and was nominated as best short film at the 2008 IFTA’s.

An Ranger was also nominated as best short film at the IFTA’s in 2009.


His feature film script Rewind was produced under the terms of The Irish Film Board/Film Base/Screen Training Ireland/BCI/TV3 initiative ‘The Catalyst Project’ and has received three IFTA 2011 nominations for Best Director, Best Actress & Best Sound.




Most Important – Ireland 1998 / Colour / 27mins

Headwrecker – Ireland 2000 / B&W / 6 mins

Deep Breaths – Ireland 2007 / Colour / 14mins

An Ranger – Ireland 2008 / Colour / 10mins


Rewind – Ireland 2010 / Colour / 80mins


(See also: www.pjdillondp.com and IMBd Credits)





Daniel DALY








? Kennelly














? Kennelly







? Kennelly


? Kennelly






























? Kennelly


? Kennelly



From The Cork Examiner, 22 November 1847 -

(From the Tralee Post)
As already announced, there was an attack on the Tralee
Workhouse this week.
At Killarney, on Monday, the Guardians were obliged to
call in the military to preserve the peace and prevent
In Dingle, the Relieving Officer was obliged to receive the
protection of a police force.
Threatening notices have been served on the best
landlords and most attentive guardians in Irraghticonnor.
On Wednesday last, some persons went to a tillage field
near Blennerville, out of which the crop had already been
dug, to turn it up for the sake of any small potatoes that
might have been left in the ground. The owner of the field, a
man named Kean Mahony, came to prevent them, armed
with a loaded gun, and some hot words arose, during which
a young man named Flynn raised his spade--he says to put
it on his shoulder, preparatory to going away, but Mahony
asserts that it was to strike himself--on which Mahony fired
at him, and shot his right arm to pieces, just below the
shoulder. Poor Flynn was brought in to the County
Infirmary where the wounded limb was since amputated by
Dr. Crumpe. The young man still continues in the most
dangerous state. He bore the character of a most inoffensive

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SERGEANT-MAJOR'S DEATH-The death in action of Sergeant-Major John Hennessy,
Leinsters, has occasioned keen regret in his native town, Listowel. The
deceased was 21 years in the army, and served through the South African war,
and was about receiving a commission when he was killed by a shell. He was
the son of the late Mr. D.C. Hennessy, journalist, and author of the "Lays
of North Kerry."








Roll of Honour Database




Kennelly, James Martin

Click for Circular information.

(PDF file)


Number: 1865

Rank: Private [Pte]

Unit: 46th Bn

Service: Army

Conflict: 1914-1918

Date of Death: 11/08/1916

Place of Death:

Cause of Death:

Memorial Panel: 142

Cemetery or Memorial Details: 26 Villers Bretonneux-France

Next Of Kin:

Place Of Enlistment: Port Melbourne, VIC

Native Place:

Notes: KENNELLY, Pte. James Martin, 1865. 46th Bn. 11th Aug., 1916. Age 22. Son of Daniel and Jane Kennelly. Born in Victoria.


Source: AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-1918 War, Army





Kennelly, Leon Patrick

Click for Circular information.

(PDF file)


Number: 2169

Rank: Private [Pte]

Unit: 14th Bn

Service: Army

Conflict: 1914-1918

Date of Death: 08/08/1915

Place of Death:

Cause of Death: Killed in action

Memorial Panel: 73

Cemetery or Memorial Details: 6 Lone Pine Memorial

Next Of Kin:

Place Of Enlistment: Stratford, VIC

Native Place:

Notes: KENNELLY, Pte. Leon Patrick, 2169. 14th Bn. Killed in action 8th Aug., 1915. Son of James Joseph and Elizabeth Theresa Kennelly, of Stratford, Victoria, Australia. 42.


Source: AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-1918 War, Army




Kennelly, Paul Joseph

Click for Circular information.

(PDF file)


Number: 6337

Rank: Private [Pte]

Unit: 21 Bn

Service: Army

Conflict: 1914-1918

Date of Death: 04/10/1917

Place of Death:

Cause of Death:

Memorial Panel: 94

Cemetery or Memorial Details: 29 The Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial Belgium

Next Of Kin:

Place Of Enlistment: Stratford, VIC

Native Place: Stratford VIC

Notes: KENNELLY, Pte. Paul Joseph, 6337. 21st Bn. 4th Oct., 1917. Son of James Joseph and Elizabeth Theresa Kennelly. Native of Stratford, Victoria.


Source: AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-1918 War, Army




Kennelly, W J

Click for Circular information.

(PDF file)


Number: QX12749

Rank: Private [Pte]

Unit: 2/15 INF BN

Service: Army

Conflict: 1939-1945

Date of Death: 01/09/1942

Place of Death: Libya

Cause of Death: Killed In Action

Memorial Panel: 38

Cemetery or Memorial Details:

Next Of Kin:


Source: AWM147 Roll of Honour cards, 1939-1945 War, 2nd AIF (Australian Imperial Force) and CMF (Commonwealth Military Force)




Kennelly, William

Click for Circular information.

(PDF file)


Number: 6069

Rank: Lance Corporal [L Cpl]

Unit: 11th Bn

Service: Army

Conflict: 1914-1918

Date of Death: 31/10/1917

Place of Death:

Cause of Death:

Memorial Panel: 62

Cemetery or Memorial Details: 29 The Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial Belgium

Next Of Kin:

Place Of Enlistment: Kalgoorlie, WA

Native Place: Cobargo NSW

Notes: KENNELLY, Lce. Cpl. William, 6069. 11th Bn. 31st Oct., 1917. Age 34. Husband of Ethel M. Kennelly, of 16, Arundel St., Fremantle, Western Australia. Native of Cobargo, New South Wales.


Source: AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-1918 War, Army





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Culhane, F J

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(PDF file)


Number: VX73694

Rank: Private [Pte]

Unit: 2/24 INF BN

Service: Army

Conflict: 1939-1945

Date of Death: 10/11/1943

Place of Death: New Guinea

Cause of Death: Killed In Action

Memorial Panel: 51

Cemetery or Memorial Details:

Next Of Kin:


Source: AWM147 Roll of Honour cards, 1939-1945 War, 2nd AIF (Australian Imperial Force) and CMF (Commonwealth Military Force)





Culhane, J D

Number: NX200599

Rank: Corporal [Cpl]

Unit: 2/5 INF BN

Service: Army

Conflict: 1939-1945

Date of Death: 15/06/1945

Place of Death: New Guinea

Cause of Death: Killed In Action

Memorial Panel: 31

Cemetery or Memorial Details:

Next Of Kin:


Source: AWM147 Roll of Honour cards, 1939-1945 War, 2nd AIF (Australian Imperial Force) and CMF (Commonwealth Military Force)




Culhane, Maurice Michael

Number: 438382

Rank: Flight Sergeant [Flt Sgt]

Unit: 1 Op Training Bairnsdale

Service: RAAF

Conflict: 1939-1945

Date of Death: 13/01/1945

Place of Death: Off VIC Coast

Cause of Death: Accidental

Memorial Panel: 112

Cemetery or Memorial Details:

Next Of Kin:


Source: AWM148 Roll of Honour cards, 1939-1945 War, Air Force



Check Jones relation of Culhane and Dan Kearney of Moyvane who fought in war 1 one killed others joined Professions Adelaide ?


Australian Army Deaths

P f Culhane no vx73694 Killed in action New Guiney 10-11-1943.

J D Culhane no nx200599 killed in action in New Guiney 15-6-1945.

Maurice Michael Culhane no 438382 died off Victoria Coast on 13-1-1945.


James Martin Kennelly no 1865 son of Dan & Jane born Victoria died 11-8-1916 aged 22yrs.

Leon Patrick Kennelly no 2169 son of James and Elizabeth Theresa of Stratford Victoria died 8-8-1915.

Paul Joseph Kennelly no 6337 son of James and Elizabeth Theresa of Stratford died 4-10-1917, Memorial Belgium.

William Kennelly no 6069 husband of Ethel M Kennelly of Fremantle a native of Cobargo NSW. Died 31-10-1917.

W J Kennelly killed in action 1-9-1942 Air Force.




Court Reports from Limerick Chronicle

27 Dec 1792 Stephen Gurley made 40 half crowns from base metal.

16 march 1793 John Kennelly 2 burglaries & rape sentence to hang.

Spring 1796 Clonmel Ml & Matt Connell forcible entry.

14 March 1797 Wm. Kennedy manslaughter sentence burn on the hand.

11 may 1797 Jer Daly Carpenter & others taking oath of United Irishmen.

28 Feb 1799 Charles Fitzgerald United Irishman hanged Cork.

28 March 1799 James Lacey Pat & David Kelly, transported.

4 April 1800 Henry Stokes for murder of Boland also involved was

Paul Slattery he got lashes and transported.

28 March 1801 James Kennelly forged notes 12months jail.

10 June 1801 John Broder, Denis & Pat Moloney & John Connors Castleisland.

19 June 1801 Ahern of Cork sentence commuted to transportation.

On appeal to Sir General James Duff [court-martial]

14 April 1806 James Walker, D. Cussen, Tom Ambrose, John Nolan Murdered John Enright.

3 Aug Keating murder.

6 Feb 1809 Simin White rape transported.

3 March 1809 Michael Mulvihill Tralee Jail, he set fire to Wall's house. Executed

29 July 1809.

6 may 1809 John Guiry assaulted James Halloran.

6 July 1809 John Byrne white boy Tralee Jail.

14 Oct 1809 Pat Flaherty damaged Ship.

7 July 1813 John Kennelly, M Byrne, Fitzgerald, Healy, John Power all sent from Waterford to Cork for transportation to Botany Bay.

13 Oct 1813 Wm. Connelly robbery.

20 Oct 1813 Mary Fookes pickpocket,

25 April 1814 John Falahee & Catherine Falahee threat to murder two people.

25 April 1814 Denis Keeffe rioter among others in Abbeyfeale.

25 Jan? 1814 John Culhane, Ml. Stackpoole, Pat Scanlon involved in riot at Glin

John & Michael O Keeffe Hanged Kilkenny 22 July 1814.

3 April 1823 Stephen & William Fitzgerald absent from home 7yrs transportation.

15 April 1823 Kelly white boy attack Kitsons Sept 1821.

30 April Kennedy stolen notes.

2 May 1823 John Kennelly & John Sheehan robbery got Jail.

22 May 1823 sent away for 7yrs 21 people including Ml. Kennelly Darby Quaid, Dan Danaher, Tracy ?, White , Dillane, Mullane, Halpin?

3 July 1823 Tom Stokes Illegal Still.

30 July 1823 City Court Tom Kennelly white boy transported.

29 July 1823 Edward Riordan tried to blind himself to avoid transportation.

14 Aug 1823 Batt. Taylor , Pat Sheehy & Jer Kennelly burglary & robbery sentence to Hang , Kennelly transported to Australia he married walker lived in Tasmania.

27 Sept 1823 Mary Stokes selling drink without licence.

24 Sept 1823 John Stokes Sheep Stealing.

7 Oct 1823 transported Mc Auliffe, White? , Purtell? Tom Kennelly, Curry & Boland




Cunard Line July 9th 1901, NY to Cork

Total on board 193


Leaving New York & Boston RMS " Servia" Captain T Stephens on July 9th 1901 to Queenstown and Liverpool. Second Cabin Passenger List.

Landing at Queenstown


Hugh Reilly, Thomas C Jordan, James Mulgrew, Edward Moore, Thomas Dooley, John Roddy, Timothy Donahue, James Meaney, James Mc Intyre, John S Bateman, A A Dinan, F Curran, W J Keane, Andrew J Noone, William Brotherton, Thomas Kiernan, P W Flynn, Samuel Parks, John Kerr.



Catherine Hoffman and child, James Meaney and two children, Lucy Scott, Margaret Whitty, Hodgins, Mr & Mrs R P Wynne & two children, A E Smiddy, John Tuohey, O Neil, R R Boardman, Rev J J Donohue.


Bridget Reilly, Maud F Boardman, Mary Mahoney, Gaffney, Fitzpatrick, Rose Keenan, Annie O Brien, Dimford, Margaret Kiernan, Maggie Leahy Clounmacon, B J O Rourke, Mc Partland, Lizzie Cooney, Kate Burbridge, Nora Brandon, Theresa Ford, A Durack, Jennie Hanley.


Mrs Elizabeth Jennings, Master John Jennings, Miss May Jennings, Miss Mary A Mc Govern, Miss Elizabeth Mc Govern, Mr George Mc Govern, Mr Francis J A Brennan, Miss Kathleen V Brennan, Miss Margaret W Brennan, Mr Andrew F Hennerley, Miss Lilian Hennerley, Master John Hennerley, Mr John Cox, Miss Anna L Cox, Mr & Mrs R W Larkin, Mrs J P Mc Carthy, Miss Florence MC Carthy, Rev George Mc Carthy.


Mr J R Reed, Mrs L D Jones, Mr Peter Borrowman, Mrs Hodgins, Mrs Wynne's infant, Miss Rose Neild, Miss Mary J Davies, Miss S Forrester, Miss M C Fleming, Miss Mary Fitzpatrick, Miss Nora Brandon.


Not on Board

Miss Julia Beecher, Miss Cummings, Miss Galvin, Mrs F Granger, and two children, Mr F F Galvin, Mr F F Galvin Junior, Mr Richard Power, Captain Stelle, Mr M M Woods, Mrs M Woods.




Subject : Newtownsandes ON-LINE

Have been trying to trace some family history...can only get back to 1901 census for the name Cunningham. After searching several other sites I decided to check my gr-great grand mothers maiden name. She was Bridget Kennelly and arrived in the US with her son Denis Cunningham and his wife Katie O'Sullivan. They left Direen, Athea CO. Limerick in 1906. She was married to Cornelius Cunningham but left him in Ireland for America. The ships manifest indicates that she was 60 at the time of arrival but so does the 1901 census. I have noticed a lot of names that seem to fit others that are tied to the Cuninghams. Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Cunningham





You are told a lot about your education, but some beautiful, sacred memory, preserved since childhood, is perhaps the best education of all. If a man carries many such memories into life with him, he is saved for the rest of his days. And even if only one good memory is left in our hearts, it may also be the instrument of our salvation one day."
--- Fyodor Dostoyevsky





Kennelly Search
I'm trying now through marriage records in wayne county (detroit). It's a slow process they are not very technically advanced, but they have a lot of info. When I get some more I'll send it to you. If you find anything you can e-mail me direct if you wish at buckscorerray@hotmail.com. Thanks for your help.

i am looking for info on my great aunt. her name was/is jessie kinnally. her maiden name should have been king. she would have been born in chicago area. she lived in detroit in the 1960's.





Hi Maureen,

Please find some Kennelly Barry records

Duagh Church 10 Feb. 1877




OccupationNR NR




Further details in the record

Husband AgeNR

Husband Marital StatusNR

Wife AgeNR

Wife DenominationRC

Wife Marital StatusNR

Husband's Father's OccupationNR

Wife's Father's OccupationNR




19 Feb. 1878 Duagh Church


Husband Wife



Occupation NR NR




Further details in the record

Husband Age NR

Husband Marital Status NR

Wife Age NR

Wife Denomination RC

Wife Marital Status NR

Husband's Father's Occupation NR

Wife's Father's Occupation NR






Ballybunion Church 14th Feb. 1838

Husband Wife



Occupation NR NR

Father NR NR NR NR

Mother NR NR NR NR


Further details in the record


Husband's Father's Occupation NR

Witness 1 ED. BARRY

Witness 2 JOHN BARRY






Date of Birth 13 April 1841 (BASED ON OTHER DATE INFORMATION)





Further details in the record

Child Denomination RC

Father Occupation NR

Sponsor 1 B BARRY

Sponsor 1 Address NR











Further details in the record

Child Denomination RC

Father Occupation NR


Sponsor 1 Address NR






Year of Census Extract Surname of Applicant Christian name of Applicant Applicant's present address Surname of Father Christian name of Father Maiden Surname of Mother Christian name of Mother Residence Location - County Residence Location - Barony Residence Location - Parish Residence Location - Townland Residence Location - City

1851 Moloney Elizabeth Mr James O'Connor, Moyessa, Listowel, Co Kerry Moloney Cornelius Begley Mary Kerry Clanmaurice Finuge Moyassa -

1851 Moloney James Aughrim, Newtownsandes, Co Kerry Moloney John Harrahan Kate Kerry Iraghticonnor Murher Leitrim E, M,




From: Fran Luby <fluby@ameritech.net>

Subject: [KER] MOLONEY/KEEFE, Ballyhorgan area

Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 10:43:02 -0700 (PDT)


I have a few questions. I'm researching Thomas Moloney and Ellen Keefe, who married in the chapel of Duagh on 27 November 1869. She is from Derindave (this info came from the registration office in Killarney because I couldn't read the name on the certificate) and he is from Lacca. The children are born in Derrindaff. The children I have are James, b. 17 December 1870, and Ellen, b. 1 October 1873. I also think that there is a Mary, b. 20 March 1872 same district - Ballyhorgan but I don't have a copy of her actual record. The mother's name is listed as Mary not Ellen. In the 1900 CENSUS in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, a sister, Julia, is listed as being born in November 1878, she came to the US in 1894.


I know were Derrindaff and Lacca are but does anyone know of Derindave? Also anyone know this family or have information on them??? Thank you.



Dillane and Moloney Derrindaff, Duagh.







101. Catherine Moloney Listowel, Ireland 1912 26

113. Daniel Moloney Kilmorna, Ireland 1914 29


148. Denis Moloney Kilmorna, Ireland 1910 28


151. Denis Moloney Pittsburg, U.S.A. 1912 30


152. Dolly Moloney Abbyfeale 1905 18


209. Hannah Moloney Listowel 1898 22

210. Hannah Moloney Listowel 1903 23

211. Hannah Moloney Liverpool 1896 21


273. Jeremiah Moloney Abbeyfeale 1906 18


263. James F. Moloney Abbeyfeale 1904 24


252. James Moloney Limerick 1901 19

253. James Moloney Limerick 1905 21

254. James Moloney Listowel, Ireland 1908 28


325. John Moloney Limerick 1902 24

356. Julia Moloney Abbeyfeale, Ireland 1910 24

357. Julia Moloney Listowel 1903 27

424. Maggie Moloney Brosna 1899 20


640. Minnie Moloney Duagh 1898 25


663. Nora Moloney Newtownsandes, Ireland 1909 20

743. Robert Moloney Kilmorna, Ireland 1914 29


765. Thomas Moloney Abbeybeale 1901 21





O'DONOHOE and more from Kerry