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Hey Jer,
I was so excited t hear from you, thank you so much for replying to my e-mail. That could have been my great great grandfather Edmond Scanlan born in 1830 in Kerry and Johanna Connor born 1830 in Ballylongford. I know he left brothers and sisters there. I also know that my Uncle Henry years ago went to Kerry Ireland and met some cousins. But he past away 2 yrs ago and we don't know all the details. I have decided that I will get the courage and fly there. Before I die I need to see where my family came from and the history they have past onto me. I want to bring my son because he looks like my dad and a real Irishmen. My grandfather also Edmond Scanlan III on St. Patrick's Day in New Orleans he worn not only an entire green suit but matching green shoes, socks an so forth. And we all had our outfits to wear to school as well.
So thank you again so much for your time and trouble. Can't wait to hear from you again.

Very generous offer, thank you.
I don't have much on Nora or Catherine, but I will pull some together and send.

I think the Howards had a phantom existence in Kerry!
They weren't there.....they were there....they were gone!
When I was in Listowel in 2001, someone told me "there aren't any Howards around here anymore".
That was in LIstowel town.

Very difficult to trace although I do have my gramma's birth certificate.
It says Ballyhorgan, Bromodera. Parents John Howard and Mary Walsh.
(Somehow, lyrecrumane figures in to this family's whereabouts or origins, too.)
Her brother John Howards' baptismal cert was found in the RC Lixnaw parish records.

There was an Ellen Howard of Bromodera who married a Patrick Hannon in 1877 in the Lixnaw Irremore RC Parish records.
This Ellen's father was John Howard of Bromodera and Patrick Hannon was son of John Hannon of LIstowel.
We believe this Ellen Howard was probably aunt to my gramma Julia.

Ellen and Patrick Hannon had at least two sons, John (1877) and Thomas (1880). Thomas was born in Ballyduhig.

There was also a Mary Howard sister of my gramma Julia Howard. We think that a Mary Howard born to John Howard and Mary Walsh in Duagh in 1877 may be her. Even thought the baptism records shows her born in Duagh, her Baptismal records are in Ballybunion RC Parish.

Our Mary Howard (according to my gramma's 1936 Chicago obit) was Mrs. Dennis HIckey in 1936.

Did you ever know or hear anything of the Brennans of Guhard, Lisselton.
Do you know Behan the Butcher at the Lisselton crossroads, by chance.

Thanks for your kind consideration.

Nan Brennan in Chicago

If there is anything I can do for you 'on this side' please let me know.

Researching: Brennan, Sheehy, Howard, Walsh, Broderick, Broder, Enright, and many more........




On Apr 13, 2006, at 2:07 PM, Jer Kennelly wrote:

Hi Nan,
I live near Listowel and often meet old people who are interested in relations. Please send me a few details on Nora Ahern and Catherine Dillon.
As 1907 is only 100 years ago someone may have information on your relations. I could put a note in the Kerryman for you.
Julia Howard is a rare name for Listowel.
Jer Kennelly

From: Nan Brennan < nan.brennan@mindspring.com>
Subject: Nora Ahern Chicago 1907 and Catherine Dillon
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 00:26:35 -0500
When my grandmother Julia Howard (later Mrs. Edw.Brennan) arrived in
Chicago in 1907
her passenger manifest (Ellis Island) states she was going to her
"Cousin Nora Ahern" who was living at 1343 Watson Ave. Chicago.

Traveling with gramma from Listowel was Catherine Dillon.
Catherine Dillon also stated her destination was "Cousin Nora Ahern"
of the same Watson Ave address in Chicago.

Catherine Dillon listed her father as Thomas Dillon of LIstowel.

Does anyone have either this CATHERINE DILLOR or NORA AHERN in their

Most appreciative of your thoughtful reply and for all the valued information.
I will discuss it with my cousins and co-researchers and sort it out.
Nice to know about the Hannons, thank you.

The John and William Brennan in Guhard in 1901 were my grampas, Edmond/Edward's father (John) and uncle (William).
One of those two Eugene's in 1901 was another brother of John and William, all sons of a Philip who was married to a Mary Broder/Broderick from Farranastack. That's were the Broder/Brodericks come into the picture.

I don't have a Michael Brennan in Guhard in that generation---but maybe I do! and maybe you've found another brother of Michael.
Another Eugene, son of John and brother to my grampa Ed inherited the farm in Guhard from his father John.
This Eugene was listed as head in 1911 and father John was still living there.

I don't know where my Enrights are "from", one of them married one of my Guhard Brennans.
There was a Maude Enright alive-quite old in her 90s I think, in 2001 who was a descendant of this family.

Where are my Sheehys from???
My grampa's mother was Margaret Sheehy , married to John Brennan of Guhard.

Grampa came here to Chicago with 3 Sheehy siblings from "Duagh". ( I don't know if it was town or townland Duagh, or somewhere else in Duagh parish.) My understanding is that they were first cousins, so I think but have not proved that my gg Margaret Sheehy Brennan must have been their aunt, so she must be from Duagh, too. But not proved yet.

My Howard great grandmother (wife of John Howard) was a Mary Walsh, daughter of John Walsh--of Ballyhorgan/Lyrecrumpane, that must be the family you have identified.

Are you a descendant of the Michael Kennelly son of Margaret Brennan?

Thanks again for all of your kind help, and best to you.

Nan Brennan/Chicago

I noticed on your family tree a Murt Daly. I am researching my wife's
family, which has its origins in Ireland. Her father was Mortimer Daley,
born in Broken Hill, Australia in 1904. He was called after his
grandfather, Murty Daley, or Daly, who lived in either County Clare or
County Limerick. Murty's son, Martin, migrated to Australia in the late
nineteenth century (where he married an Irish girl, Catherine Guare).

All I know about Murty Dal()y is that he was possibly married to a Bridget
Fitzpatrick. Is there a possible relationship between your Murty Daly and
the one I am looking for? If not, are there any on-line records I could
use to further my search.

Dear Jer,
Oh my goodness -- you've really kept a lot of records! Your site is great. The person you should really talk to is my dad, Mike Kennelly ( His dad is Bernard Mortimer Kennelly, whose grandfather or great grandfather (can't remember) came from Ireland to do some farming in North America and eventually settled up in northern North Dakota. I grew up there; Dad (potato farmer) still lives there. He remembers all the lineage stuff, so maybe you two could figure out where we link up. Good luck! Nice to meet you.

Dear Jer,

That would be wonderful. I am making some headway sorting them out.
Do you want a copy of what I know so far. I have made some progress
with the Kinard and Killeny Dillanes.

Also is there any mention of Fury families, as we are related to all
of them.

Is the John Kennelly mentioned in the Kinard Tithe Records ones of

Also if you have families from west Limerick, I have access to a book
called West Limerick Families Abroad. This gives some history on the
area as well as many family trees for those who migrated all over the

Thanks very much.


Thanks Jer - I received a letter from Auatralia , from a decendent of Garret Dee & Margaret Hennessy - they were from Ballybunion & Margaret died in Ballylongfrod in 1882 . They were related to Pope Hennessy . Didn't say how he got my name - must have got it the G.R.D. as I put a Hennessy Tralee area in that a few years ago - pile of infromation on the Pope hennessys but I i couldn't tie in with them of course - pity as it would look very interesting in a family tree !!!!
I expect my great great grandfather ,Denis H lived in Rahela in 1850 -Griffiths

MARYELLEN REDISH - 08:55am May 25, 2006 Irish

Great grandmother, Annie O'Connor, & her sister, Kate, emigrated to Philadelphia circa 1875 from Tralee. Parents were Michael & Johanna O'Connor. Annie married William W. Campbell in Phila. Great grandfather, John J. Kennelly, born in Listowel emigrated to Philadelphia around 1873. His parents were Michael & Catherine Kennelly. John married Catherine McElroy in Phila. Any info on original Kennelly or O'Connor families appreciated

I am looking for anyone with a connection to the subject couple.
Michael KEANE, born in Ballylongford, Kerry in 1865, came to Montreal in 1901,
Bridget Kinsella from Gory, Wexford, arrived in the same year.

They married in St Patrick's cathedral in June 1902, and lived in Griffintown.
Their 6 children were baptized with the last name KANE.
Mary J, born Mar 22, 1903 - nothing known
Helen G, born Apr 10, 1904 - nothing known
Anne (Dudie), born Jul 29, 1906, married Arthur Allan
John, born Aug 23, 1908, married Muriel Duncan
Michael, born Mar 23, 1914, married Suzanne Leger
Edward(Eddie), born Aug 24, 1918, married Gwen Rochon.

Mike Kane in Nova Scotia

My Grandfather was Michael Keane, born in 1865 in Ballylongford.
His father was John Keane, married to Bridget Patt.
Bridget Patt had a brother Thomas, he married Mary Patt.
Yes, bro sis married sis bro.

Do you have any connections to these folks??????????

Michael and Ileen Kane
Dartmouth, NS

I remember my grandmother talking about these folks because the name Goulding didn't sound Irish. I think they were my grandfather's cousins and they lived in the Bronx section of New York. The sisters of this man were called the "Dolly Sisters" and I believe one of them had the married name Harrington.

Can't remember much else except the Harringtons had like 12 kids and half of them were clergy.

Merry Christmas,


Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 4:04 PM
Subject: Re: Newtownsandes ON-LINE

Hi Maureen,
Recently a Culhane from Glin Co Limerick contacted me looking for a Culhane who was married to a Goulding from Knockanure the couple went to America. I have no date yet did you hear of them.
Thanks for reading this note

Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 7:30 PM
Subject: Newtownsandes ON-LINE


My family has always said their hometown is Newtownsandes--I even have a porcelin tea set that has " A Souveiner of Newtownsandes" painted on the front.

Yet I was in Ireland 4 years ago and was told the name was changed to Listowel. On your site it seems it Moyvane.

I'm confused.

My name is Maureen Culhane; my grandfater was Michael Culhane ( came to US just before WW1) my grandmother was Catherine O'Connor.

Thank you for checking on the book for me. I received the book
yesterday. I was just concerned as I nad not seen the check clear my
account and my wife mentioned she may not be able to cash the check. I
hadn't thought of that before I mailed it. I assume she didn't have
problems with it, which is good to hear.

I do not know anything regarding the Bunce family. I only know that my
Great Grandmother's, Mary Kennelly, mother was Joanna Bunce. I have been
so focused on trying to find the Tydings line that I haven't strayed
much from it.

One question that I do have is regarding Eamon Kissane, who has story
about him in the Boro and the Cross. It mentions that he is from Leitrim
East, where my relations lived. I do know that my Great Great
Grandfather, Michael Tydings, married Margaret Kissane and they lived on
land that was originally Kissane land. According to the valuation
records I received, all the Kissane land there got put in the Tydings
name. I was curious, as I know the area of Leitrim East is small, if you
know how Eamon fits in to that family? I know my Great Great Grandmother
had a brother, Michael Kissane, that moved to Dundee, NY and was the
point of contact for all the Tydings who came through Ellis Island.

I am not sure if you have the information, but I have a journal listing
of all the land ownership in Leitrim East from around 1865-1950's or so.
This shows the progression of ownership of land there. If interested, I
can put it in a file for you and email it.

I also noticed that a Kennelly priest died in Syracuse, NY. That is not
too far from where my family lived, Rochester, NY. Curious if he is
related to Mary Kennelly? Do you know if he is buried in Syracuse? If
so, I can try and take a photo for you. I am presently living in
Washington, DC, but I go home for visits from time to time.

One of the biggest surprises for me was the inclusion of Greyhounds in
the book. I have enjoyed that especially, as my wife and I adopted two
ex-racers. We just love greyhounds.

Anyway, I have only barely touched on reading the book. Seems very
interesting and I am sure will fill me in on a lot of happens in the
village over time. Thank you very much for looking into who still had a
copy for me. It is greatly appreciated. I hope everything is well and
enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hope this list is of some help to you and others.

All the best,

Leitrim East


Ref #

6 John Kissane
John Bunce

6a Michael Tydings - Michael Kissane crossed out.

7a John Kissane

8 John Culhane
Michael Fennell

9a Michael Kennelly

9b Patrick Kennelly

10ab John O'Brien


4b Michael Bunce

5b Michael Tydings

5a John Kissane

6 John Culhane
Patrick Fennell - Michael Fennell crossed out.


5a John Kissane

5bcd Michael Tydings

6B Michael O'Connor - John Culhane crossed out.

6a Michael Graddy - Daniel Graddy crossed out. Patrick Kennelly crossed out.

7Aa Maurice Walsh

7Ba Michael Kennelly

7Bbc Daniel Kennelly - Patrick Kennelly crossed out. (I believe it says

8Ba Henry Windle

8Aa Thomas Windle - Patrick Windle crossed out.


1A Bridget Fennell

1B Thomas Culhane

2 Thomas Culhane - Patrick Culhane crossed out.

3 James Mulvihill

4a Michael Bunce - Patrick Bunce crossed out.

5a Michael Kissane - John Kissane crossed out.

5bcd Thomas Tydings

6A Michael Graddy


1A Michael Kennelly - Bridget Fennell crossed out.

1B James Culhane - Thomas Culhane crossed out.

1DE John Brendan

1C John Brendan - Patrick O'Connor crossed out.

2 James Culhane - Thomas Culhane crossed out.

3BA Michael Mulvihill - James Mulvihill crossed out.

4a Patrick Bunce - Michael Bunce Crossed out.

5a Patrick O'Sullivan - Michael Kissane crossed out.

5bcd Thomas Tydings

From: Nan Brennan < nan.brennan@mindspring.com>
Subject: Gaynor Goulding Howard Golden
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 23:10:36 -0500

Looking for contact with anyone connected to this family.
I believe the "nee Goulding" may be a mistake.
I think this Bernice Howard Gaynor's maiden name was Golden, not

Chicago Tribune (IL)

Bernice Gaynor, nee Goulding, beloved wife of Edward; loving mother
of Edward Howard and John Gaynor; fond sister of Marie O'Brien,
Margaret Kirby, Josephine Culhane, Nance, the late John, Hugh,
Thomas, Patrick, Dennis, Michael, and Catherine O'Laughlin;
grandmother of nine. Funeral Saturday, 8:45 a.m., from McInerney's
Funeral Home, 46th pl. and Wallace st., to St. Gabriel's church. Mass
9:30 a.m. Native of Newtownsandes, County Kerry, Ireland. Interment
St. Mary's cemetery. BO 8-0703.

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Chicago Golden

Chicago Golden
Posted: 10 Apr 2006 2:37AM GMT

Classification: Query
Surnames: Golden Howard Walsh
John Golden sponsor with John Howard to John Michael Walsh, baptism April 9, 1911 at Visitation Parish in Chicago. Parents dennis Walsh and Cathy Sullivan

John Howard and John Golden also lived together at some point in the early 1900s in Chicago.

This John Howard's brother Daniel Joseph also was married to a Bernice Golden around 1911 or so.

This Howard family is from Co Kerry. This Golden family is from Ireland, I think but have not confirmed Co Kerry

Re: Chicago Golden
) Posted: 17 Apr 2006 6:45AM GMT

Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Golden Gaynor Howard Culhane OBrien Kirby
obit of Bernice Golden Howard Gaynor
Chicago 1962

1962-03-08 Gaynor Edition: Chicago Tribune

Bernice Gaynor, nee Goulding, beloved wife of Edward; loving mother of Edward Howard and John Gaynor; fond sister of Marie O'Brien, Margaret Kirby, Josephine Culhane, Nance, the late John, Hugh, Thomas, Patrick, Dennis, Michael, and Catherine O'Laughlin; grandmother of nine. Funeral Saturday, 8:45 a.m., from McInerney's Funeral Home, 46th pl. and Wallace st., to St. Gabriel's church. Mass 9:30 a.m. Native of Newtownsandes, County Kerry, Ireland. Interment St. Mary's cemetery.

note I believe the "Goulding" is a mistake * should be Golden
Re: Chicago Golden
Posted: 29 Apr 2006 9:36PM GMT

Classification: Query
Goulding is correct ,Name still extant in Kockanure wich is part of Newtownsandes (now known as Moyvane) parish in County of Kerry Ireland.

Re: Chicago Golden
Posted: 29 Apr 2006 10:07PM GMT

Classification: Query
Surnames: Golden Goulding
Thanks Dan..

This Bernice was Golden in most of the US records I have found on her....until her obit then she's Goulding

Re: Chicago Golden
) Posted: 16 Jan 2008 6:14AM GMT

Classification: Query
Surnames: Golden, Coffee, Foley
My Golden's originated in Ireland and most of the family immigrated and settled in Illinois. Their names were:
Name: Richard Golden
Home in 1900: Chicago Ward 6, Cook, Illinois
Age: 75
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1825
Birthplace: Ireland
Relationship to head-of-house: Father
Race: White
Occupation: View Image
Immigration Year: 1898
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Kate Golden 39 (b.1861)
Richard Golden 75 (b.1825)
William Golden 40 (b.1860)
David Golden 36 (b. 1864)
John Golden 16 (b.1884)
William Golden 9 (b.1891)
Norah Golden 33 (b.1867)
Abbey Golden 14 (b.1886)
John Foley 33
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have no knowledge of their county of origin.
All my best,

Re: Chicago Golden
Posted: 17 Nov 2008 9:28AM GMT

Classification: Query
Surnames: Golden Goulding
This family, some of whom used GOULDING, was from Moyvane-formerly Newtownsande Kerry.


Re: Chicago Golden
Posted: 14 Dec 2008 1:28AM GMT

Classification: Query
My mother was one of the daughters of Catherine O'Laughlin. My mother (Rita Frances (O'Laughlin) Reed) used to tell us that her mother's maiden name was Goulding.

By the way, if you have any other knowledge of this branch of the Goulding/Golden family, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

Charles Reed

Re: Chicago Golden
) Posted: 17 Dec 2008 4:58AM GMT

Classification: Query
Surnames: Golden Goulding
Do you know anything more about your Golden/Gouldings?

Were they in Chicago?


Re: Chicago Golden
Posted: 17 Dec 2008 5:44AM GMT

Classification: Query

Abbey, who was actually a niece not a daughter of Richard in the 1900 Chicago census, returned to Ireland according to the Ellis Island records, in 1912, returning to Chicago in October of 1912. Her father is listed (still living at that time) as John Golden of Killelan East townland of Caher Parish in Cahersiveen PLU, Kerry. Ship Maurentania, arrived New York October 18, 1912

Hope this helps.


Re: Chicago Golden
Posted: 17 Dec 2008 8:52PM GMT

Classification: Query
Alas, no. One of the previous stings only confirmed the names of my grandmother's siblings told to me by my late aunt (Mary Crilly O'Laughlin). That is all that I have been able to find online about the families (O'Laughlin/Goulding). I'm inquiring after more information from my Chicago O'Laughlins. Maybe one of them has done some research. I'll pass along any information I get relative to the Gouldings/Goldens.

And yes, I believe all of my aunts and uncles from Patrick O'Laughlin and Catherine Goulding were born in Chicago in the 1920s and lived near Washington Park

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The Stack family's roots are in County Kerry, Ireland, dating back, according to most accounts, to 1286 with the arrival of a Nicholas Stack who, according to family legend, descended from a member of the army of William the Conqueror. Other versions place the Stacks in Wales as early as the 8th Century. In either event, they were Norman, and came to Ireland with Richard, Earl of Pembroke, called Strongbow, at the invitation of the Leinster king, and with the approval of Henry II of England and Pope Adrian, supposedly to end the constant warring among the various kings in the four provinces. Thus was laid England's historical claim to Ireland.

The Stacks were of, or at least allied with the various Fitzgerald and Fitzmaurice clans, the famous Geraldines, or Gheradini, who rode with William, and left Wales to become the lords and knights of Kerry. These clans set up their court at Lixnaw, and the Stacks, connected to the Fitzgeralds by marriage, were awarded extensive tracts nearby at what was Castletown, and later Kilflynn.

The Stacks de Crotta, from whom our family descends, takes that name from the residence they built at Crotta in 1320. (See picture) Henceforth, the entire area from Kilflynn, for several centuries called Stackstown, to Abbeydorney and eastward became known as "Pubble Stack," or Stack's country - even to the extent of having Stack Mountain named for them.

By the 16th century the Stacks were thoroughly integrated into the life of Kerry, and known even then as fierce adversaries of the English. Stacks were prominent in the Battle of Kinsale in 1601. Thus, while a stray rogue joined the English, the family, which began as Norman Anglo-Irish, became, over the centuries, as much, and some might say more, Gael than Norman.

The Stack tradition is a proud one, if somewhat pugnacious. The motto on the family crest is "Honorabo me Honorantes" - I will honor those who honor me. Our branch of the family is known as Moore Stack, not deriving from a connection to Sir Thomas Moore, but from the marriage of Patrick Stack (b.1775, d.1808), grandson of Edmund Stack de Crotta, the last to retain that title, to one Hannah Moore of Ballinruddery.

An uncle of Patrick, Edward, b.1756, d.1833 in Calais, was to achieve fame and fortune as one of the legendary Flying Geese. As a Lt. in the French army, he was assigned to serve under John Paul Jones aboard the Bonhomme Richard which raised hell in English waters. In it's most famous battle he is mentioned in the ship's log as having had grenades thrown down onto the English battleship Serapis which the Americans then boarded and seized.

The name Captain Stack appears in a 1785 letter from Geo. Washington to Commodore Jones in Paris regarding Edward's seeking membership in the Revolutionary society Cincinnati. This was problematical since in 1794 Edward, a Royalist in France, entered the Irish Brigade in the British Army where he led the famous Dillons and rose to the rank of General. That commission was awarded in 1830, but during much of the Napoleonic wars he was imprisoned in France. He was awarded membership in Cincinnati by Louis XV1, and the United States recognized his contribution in naming a U.S. Navy destroyer for him in 1938.

Well a while back I found that a James Cotter Lixnaw was a witness to my great great great gramd fathers Jeremiah Cotter death record.

Jeremiah Cotter was born around 1804 and married Ellen Drury around 1830. A sister of Ellen Drury, Catherine married Jeremiah Driscoll around the same time.

Anyways i followed up on the Cotter's in Lixnaw and it appears they originated. Around Ballintogher area.

Interesting thing is that in Griffith's valuation there was a James Drury in Ballyhennessy which is close to Ballintogher.

And then in the Tithe of 1824 there is Maurice Drury in Dysert Townland.

Now if would make sense to me that this Maurice Drury in the Tithe was the father of Ellen and Catherine Drury.

One reason is that one of the oldest sons of Jeremiah Cotter and Ellen Drury was Maurice. And one of the oldest sons of Jeremiah Driscoll and Catherine Drury was also Maurice.

Contributed by Doris Moloney of Cleveland, Ohio

Obituary printed in Sidney, Ohio newspaper on 2/9/1921

Johanna Mulvihill Moloney

On Tuesday evening about ten o'clock, February 8th, 1921 the soul

of Mrs. John Moloney quietly passed into the realm prepared us all

by our Creator. Worry over a son (John C.) in the great war,

impaired her health from which she had not fully recovered,

however she was anticipating a journey to Cleveland to visit her

children on the day she died. Not feeling quite well she postponed

her departure, spent a part of the day in bed and after preparing

herself for the night she called her daughter who responded

immediately to find her mother died from heart failure. Mrs.

Moloney, known to her friends as Johanna, was born in County

Kerry, Ireland, January 12, 1858, came to America when a young

woman and lived in Shelby County ever since then. She was

acknowledged to be an almost true type of Irish beauty when she

came to Sidney. Her perfect complexion, blue black wavy hair,

liquid blue eyes and charm of manner and warmth of heart secured

for her everyone's admiration. In 1882 she was married to John

Moloney and went to live in the home where she died proving

herself a faithful wife, devoted mother and good neighbor. She

gave to the Lord the supreme service of womanhood in the raising

of ten good children, an almost incalculable value. Three of these

children, Florence, Raymond and Walter are still in the home.

Frank is married and lives in the neighborhood and has three

children. John Jr., Anna, Alice and Alma are together in Cleveland.

And William, the oldest son, is in New Jersey where he has had a

very responsible government position during the war. One child

died in youth. Besides her children, she leaves to mourn her

departure one sister, Mrs. John McNickols, Chicago and three

stepsisters, Mrs. Stack and Mrs. Gallagher of Chicago and Mrs.

James Haley of Indianapolis. She was a member of the sunshine

club of Green Township; of the married ladies Sodality of her

church and the Killarney club of Sidney. Her funeral services will

be held at the Holy Angels Church, Friday morning at 8:30

o'clock. Interment in Graceland, Sidney, Ohio.




Goodwin/hennessey FAMILY - Kilshannig
My G.grandparents Robert and Catherine Goodwin appear on the 1901+1911 census living on kilshanning Island He was a farmer and fisherman. They had my grandmother ELLEN b1897 John 1899 Johanna b 1900 who dies before 1911 census Roberts brother lived on the island as well he was Joseph . Catherines maiden name was Hennessey. I believe her parents were Micheal and Mary Hennessy and siblings Thomas,John and Mary.........Ellen Goodwin married a Thomas Toomey not sure if Ireland USA or England. They had relatives and ties with Tralee they lived in the old staff barracks in Tralee with children Mary my mother Thomas, Robert and Jimmy they were born in usa but moved back to Tralee sometime in the late 30s early 40s but left and went to England then usa Ellen lived in NY and died there. My mother returned to England and married my father. Know very little about the Toomey side except he had a brother corneilius that worked in the hotels in Kerry. I know other members of the Hennessey family moved to holyoak usa around the run of the century.

O'Connell/Hennessy - Knockanure, and Parish
Edward O'CONNELL b.c 1770 is buried in the Knockanure graveyard under a flgstone that reads: "Erected by the Very Rev. James Hennessy O'Connell PP Melbourne Australia to the memory of his grandfather Edward O'CONNELL and his father James O'CONNELL, died June 3 1868, who was also father of Chevalier Michael O'CONNELL, Knight of Pope Pius IX, died July 1864 and Sister Mary Brendan O'CONNELL died Nov 4 1904, Presentation Convent Listowel RIP." This is my brick wall. There is no other mention of this Edward O'CONNELL anywhere in the Irish records. I've been unable to discover the year of his death, who his wife was, his townland, nada. Any other O'CONNELLS with a link to Listowel or Knockanure?

O'Connell - Knockanure, and Parish
i am trying to find information on a John O'Connell who was born in Ireland (possibly county Kerry) he was married to Jelanna (maiden name unknown) also born in Ireland, they immigrated to Minnesota, US possibly in 1848


Revised Aug 06) Athea
Father was James White born 1913 Athea. Had brothers, Thomas and John (known as Jack) and sisters Bridget (known as Delia), Mary, Christina (died age 21)and Catherine - don't know what happened to her. They were the children of Thomas White and Mary Hunt(who came from Knockanure, Kerry, daughter of James Hunt). Thomas was the son of Thomas White and Bridget White - he was born around 1865.



Father was James White born 1913 Athea. Had brothers, Thomas and John (known as Jack) and sisters Bridget (known as Delia), Mary, Christina (died age 21)and Catherine - don't know what happened to her. They were the children of Thomas White and Mary Hunt(who came from Knockanure, Kerry, daughter of James Hunt). Thomas was the son of Thomas White and Bridget White - he was born around 1865.


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Subject: Re: [IRL-KERRY] JOY and JOYCE marriages 1896-1904 Listowel/ Tralee





Just in case it is of any relevance, here is a link to Joy burials at

Killehenny Cemetery, Ballybunion, North Kerry (coast about 10 miles north of

Listowel): http://www.rootsweb.com/~irlker/burbalkhen2.html

My aunt by marriage was a Joy and comes from that area. I know that the

family are long-established in that part of North Kerry, though I'm not

researching them and have no idea what connection, if any, there might be to

your relations. Several of the other names mentioned (Greaney, Kennelly,

Stack, Buckley, Brosnan, Deenihan etc.) are also common in that part of

North Kerry.




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> I am searching for information on Pierce Joy and his parents, Richard Joy

b. abt 1815 in IRL and died bef 1880 in New York. He married Mary E. Powers,

born abt 1815 in IRL and died 1880 in New York. According to the Castle

Island site, they emigrated in 1863 on the ship Louisiana from Liverpool

with sons Pierce and Edward. They settled in Syracuse New York where Edward

Joy founded a successful plumbing and electrical supply store still in

existence today. There is quite a bit of information on the locally well

known Edward Joy, but I have found very little on Pierce. Following is some

of the information I have on the Joys in New York. If anyone is researching

this family I would love to hear from them, particularly if they know where

in IRL the Joys lived. I believe Joy is a Kerry name.

> Descendants of Richard Joy

> Generation No. 1

> 1. RICHARD1 JOY was born Abt. 1815 in Ireland, and died Bef. 1880 in New

York. He married MARY E. POWERS. She was born Abt. 1815 in Ireland, and died

1880 in New York.

> Child of RICHARD JOY and MARY POWERS is:

> 2. i. PIERCE2 JOY, b. 1834, Ireland; d. Aft. 1880, New York.

> EDWARD JOY, b. 1846 Ireland, d. December 29 1930 Syracuse, New YHork

> Generation No. 2

> 2. PIERCE2 JOY (RICHARD1) was born 1834 in Ireland, and died Aft. 1880 in

New York. He married CATHERINE (JOY). She was born 1837 in Ireland, and died

Aft. 1880 in New York.

> Notes for PIERCE JOY: Source 1880 U. S. Federal Census

> Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation

Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

> Pierce JOY Self M Male W 43 IRE Baggageman IRE IRE

> Catherine JOY Wife M Female W 43 IRE Keeping House IRE IRE

> Mary JOY Dau S Female W 19 NY At Home IRE IRE

> Peter JOY Son S Male W 18 NY Plumber IRE IRE

> John JOY Son S Male W 16 NY Attends School IRE IRE

> Edward JOY Son S Male W 13 NY Attends School IRE IRE

> i. MARY3 JOY, b. August 1860, Syracuse, New York.

> 3. ii. PETER JOY, b. 1862, Ireland; d. New York.

> iii. JOHN JOY, b. 1864.

> iv. EDWARD JOY, b. 1867, Ireland; d. December 29, 1930, Syracuse, New

York; m. MARY JOY; b. 1855, Ireland; d. Bef. 1930, Syracuse, New York.

> Generation No. 3

> 3. PETER3 JOY (PIERCE2, RICHARD1) was born 1862 in Ireland, and died in

New York. He married UNK. She died Bef. 1900.

> Notes for PETER JOY: Occupation 1880 Federal Census: Plumber

> Castle Garden :Search Results Peter Joy Occupation Laborer

> Age 28 Sex M Literacy U Arrived 7 Aug 1863 Origin England Port Liverpool

> Destination USA Plan Unknown Ship Louisiana Passage Unknown © 2005


> Children of PETER JOY and UNK are:

> 4. i. MARY ELIZABETH MAMIE4 JOY, b. May 1885, Syracuse, New York; d.

October 22, 1951, Syracuse, New York.

> ii. KATIE JOY, b. October 1890; m. ALONZO DEAN.

> Generation No. 4


in Syracuse, New York, and died October 22, 1951 in Syracuse, New York. She

married WALTER A. SHAVER 1905 in New York, son of WILLIAM SHAVER and SARAH

SIMMONS. He was born March 30, 1884 in Chittenango, New York, and died

November 11, 1948 in Syracuse, New York

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> >

> >

> >

> > I've just received a batch of copies of marriage certificates mainly for


> > Listowel Civil Parish in County Kerry - unfortunately only two were "my"

> > Joyces. I've listed them all here - maybe someone else will find them

> > useful.

> >

> >

> >

> > Sandra Joyce

> >

> >

> >

> > Joy and Joyce Marriages Listowel County Kerry 1896 to 1904 : This is not


> > comprehensive list, being mainly females with the surname Joy or Joyce.

> >

> >

> >

> > Registrar's District,

> >

> > PPS NO. Location Date of marriage

> >

> > Grooms name/ Bride's name Age Marital Status Occupation

> > Residence at time of marriage Father's name Father's

> > occupation Witnesses

> >

> > 1. Ballyhorgan

> >

> > 5 322 Lixnaw RC Chapel 24 Feb 1900

> >

> > Daniel RELIHAN Full Bachelor Labourer

> > Tullig Denis RELIHAN Labourer Patrick McCARTHY

> >

> > Margaret JOY Full Spinster Servant Tullig

> > Garrett JOY Labourer Ellie JOYCE

> >

> > 2 Ballyhorgan

> >

> > 5 349 Lixnaw RC Chapel 11 Feb 1899

> >

> > Timothy GREANY Full Bachelor National Teacher

> > Listowel Edmond GREANY Labourer James


> >

> > Mary JOYCE Full Spinster Dressmaker

> > Tullig Garrett JOYCE Labourer Ellie JOYCE

> >

> > 3 Ballyduff

> >

> > 5 365 RC Chapel Bally-donoghue 1 Feb 1896

> >

> > John KISSANE Full Bachelor Labourer

> > Bally-donoghue James KISSANE Labourer Thomas CONNER[?]

> >

> > Johanna JOY Full Spinster Servant

> > Craugh-weencha [?] Maurice JOY Labourer Katie CONNER

> > [?]

> >

> > 4 Ballyduff

> >

> > 5 390 RC Chapel Bally-donoghue 24 Feb 1897

> >

> > Edmond KENNELLY Full Bachelor Farmer Kiltean Daniel


> >

> > Catherine JOY Full Spinster Servant

> > Craugh-weensha Maurice JOY Labourer Catherine


> >

> > 5 Listowel

> >

> > 5 353 Duagh RC Chapel 13 Feb 1904

> >

> > Martin CORRIDAN Full Bachelor Farmer Bedford

> > Jeremiah CORRIDAN (dead) Farmer Thomas HAYES

> >

> > Maggie JOY Full Spinster Farmer

> > Knocka-lougha Maurice JOY (alive) Farmer Lizzie JOY

> >

> >

> >

> >

> >

> > 6 Ballybunion

> >

> > 5 261 RC Chapel Bally-donoghue 26 Nov 1904

> >

> > Maurice JOY Full Bachelor Labourer

> > Carraugh-Urlee Maurice JOY Labourer Matt McMAHON

> >

> > Hanoria (Nora) DEENIHAN Full Spinster

> > Servant Urlee Patrick DEENIHAN Labourer Maggie


> >

> > 7 Listowel

> >

> > 5 274 RC Chapel Listowel 26 May 1904

> >

> > Thomas BLAKEWAY 21 Bachelor Labourer

> > Listowel Thomas BLAKEWAY (dead) Labourer

> > Patrick WALSH

> >

> > Mary JOY 30 Spinster

> > Listowel William JOY (dead) Labourer Mary


> >

> > 8 Listowel

> >

> > 5 413 RC Chapel Duagh 14 Feb 1903

> >

> > John BYRNE Full Bachelor Farmer Coolanelig

> > Michael BYRNE (dead) Farmer William STACK

> >

> > Ellen JOY Full Spinster

> > Knocka-lougha John JOY (alive) Farmer Hannah KIRBY

> >

> > 9 Listowel

> >

> > 5 256 RC Chapel Duagh 30 Jun 1904

> >

> > Daniel O'CONNOR Full Bachelor Labourer

> > Duagh Daniel O'CONNOR (dead) Labourer Con BUCKLEY

> >

> > Hannie JOY Full Spinster

> > Foildarig John JOY Labourer Annie RELIHAN

> >

> > 10 Tralee

> >

> > 5 325 RC Chapel Ballina-haglish 24 Jul 1902

> >

> > John CORRIDON Full Bachelor Labourer

> > Listrim John CORRIDON (dec.) Labourer Ned HIGGINS

> >

> > Ellen JOY Minor Spinster Servant Listrim

> > Patrick JOY Labourer Nora COFFEY

> >

> > 11 Listowel

> >

> > 5 360 RC Chapel Knock-anure 14 Feb 1899

> >

> > William JOY Full Bachelor Farmer Trieneragh

> > Thos. JOY (dead) Farmer Michael DILLON

> >

> > Brigid O'CARROLL Full Spinster

> > Gartaro-magouna John CARROLL (dead) Farmer Jerry CARROLL