Hi to all on the list. I have just not long joined and I would like to post
a message in hopes that someone can help me. I have a letter which was
dated 11 April 1892 CLONLEHARD The context was that grandfather ( Patrick
KIELY) died the 21st. August 1891 and his funeral went to KNOCKANURE he had
a hearse to take him there and a fine oak coffin etc, etc, I don't know
where this Cemetery is in relation to Knockanure or what. I managed to get a
picture of the are a on the internet but I am still in the "dark" as to whre
it is. Also another area was mentioned in the letter GLENDRAUGH. Where is
this place. I have a name of the family that lived in this place JAMES
DALTON he married Margaret K KIELY who is/ was the daughter of the person
who is buried at KNOCKANURE.
If there is someone out there who may be able to help me I would be very
pleased. Thankyou for any help

Elaine in Melbourne, Victoria Australia

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> Subject: [KER] Re: IRL-KERRY-D Digest V01 #86
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> I am a descendant of John Hanrahan and Catherine O'Connor who lived in
> Tarbert.
> Anyone researching that family? Mimi
> Tara-Leigh O'Connor---what a pretty Irish name!
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> From: "Cathy Patterson" <>
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> Mimi,
> My great grandmother was Ellen HANRAHAN. She was the daughter of Denis
> Hanrahan and Mary ENGLISH. I don't know her siblings names. They were from
> Ballybunion.
> Cathy
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> Subject: [KER] Re: IRL-KERRY-D Digest V01 #86
> I am a descendant of John Hanrahan and Catherine O'Connor who lived in
> Tarbert.
> Anyone researching that family? Mimi
> Tara-Leigh O'Connor---what a pretty Irish name!
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> Subject: [KER] Searching for O'Connor family from Knockanure, County Kerry
> Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 12:28:13 -0700
> From: "Tara-Leigh O'Connor (Livesey)" <>
> To:
> Hello -
> I am new to genealogy - I am trying to research my husband's paternal family
> line - O'Connor. I believe that they resided in a town called Knockanure in
> County Kerry. All of my information is hearsay. Any additional information
> and dates would be most helpful.
> Cornelius O'Connor (b. 1800 d. 1878) who married Margaret Leary (b. 1811 d.
> 1876)
> One of their many children was James O'Connor (d. 1924) who married a
> neighbor, Mary Hunt.
> They had 13 children
> Dr. John O'Connor (b. 1863 d. 1948 in San Francisco) immigrated to San
> Francisco - One of the founders of St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco.
> Don't know who he married - but had 3 children Dr. John Jay O'Connor, Dr.
> Vincent O'Connor and Dr. Gerald O'Connor
> Michael O'Connor (b. 1864) immigrated to Alaska - became a mayor of a town
> in Alaska. Don't know who he married but had one adopted child - Pauline
> O'Connor.
> Cornelius O'Connor (b. 1866 d. in Tralee)
> Dr. James Hunt O'Connor (b. 1/3/1869 d. 2/2/1948 in San Francisco)
> immigrated to San Francisco - One of the founders of St. Francis Hospital
> in San Francisco. Married Nellie Fallon and had 3 children - James Francis
> O'Connor, Pauline O'Connor and Florence O'Connor
> Margaret (Maggie) O'Connor (d. 1932) - Sisters of Mercy, General Hospital
> Honora (Nora) O'Connor (b. 1871). Married a man with the last name of Carr.
> Marion O'Connor (b. 6/21/1876). Married John Godfrey. They had 5 children
> - John Godfrey, James Godfrey, Cornelius Godfrey, Edward Godfrey and Thomas
> Godfrey.
> Annie O'Connor (b. 1878 d. in Dublin, Ireland) Sisters of Mercy, St.
> Michaels Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
> Dr. Thomas O'Connor (b. 1881 d. in San Francisco) immigrated to San
> Francisco - One of the founders of St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco.
> Married a woman named Alice.. Had 2 children - Aileen O'Connor and Desmond
> O'Connor.
> Bridie O'Connor (b. 2/2/1884 d. in Dublin, Ireland) Sisters of Mercy, Matter
> Hospital
> Jeremiah O'Connor (b. 1886 d. 1921 in Knockanure, County Kerry). He married
> Ellen Keane. They had 5 children - Mary O'Connor, James O'Connor, John
> O'Connor (Listowel - owner of O'Connor Pharmacy), Michael O'Connor and
> Josephine O'Connor.
> Elizabeth O'Connor ( 7/2/1887). She married James Godfrey. They had 7
> children - Father Edward Godfrey, James Godfrey (Dublin), Thomas Godfrey,
> Larry Godfrey, Nancy Godfrey, Jerome Godfrey and Mary Godfrey.
> Nellie O'Connor (b. 1889)
> Tara-Leigh O'Connor
> Philomena Carmody
> Email
> posted Mar 29, 2005
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> Hello to all.
> Myfather's family were from Knockanure.He was Edward (Ned)
> and his brothers were Martin & Jack. Jack was married to Mary O'Brian.
> I have not been back since dad died about 30 years ago and
> have lost touch with family over there. I would like to visit and
> if possible if no one has any news could you recommend somewhere to
> stay.
> Good luck and happiness to all who use this site
> many thanks Philomena
> Michelle Dore posted May 10, 2001
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> Great to see such a small town on the internet
> Anne Morrisson ( nee posted May 13, 2002
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> ------
> Hi from Anne in Queensland, Australia. checking out where my
> ancestors
> came from and hoping that I can make contact with Mulvihill,
> Scanlon
> Connell in the hope of furthering the family tree - twigs and
> all.
> John OConnor
> Email
> posted Apr 29, 2005
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> ------
> Enjoyed the Moyvane website. Especially enjoyed information
> on Jack Manaher. My grandmother was Julia Manaher from Moyvane. I
> know we were also related to the Larkins and Brodericks. I have
> visited the beautiful area on two occasions and plan to visit
> again.
> bridget(Brenda) duggan nee myles
> Email
> posted Jul 16, 2005
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> ------
> I am looking for anybody from the village who remembers my
> sisters and I Kathleen, helen and myself and my brother John. My
> mother was Kathleen kennelly nee myles and died in 1947ish? My dad
> was John Myles.
> Peggy Flavin
> Email
> posted Aug 24, 2005
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> Wonderful site. Now who are my Hanrahan relatives? Anyone
> know anything about John Hanrahan who married Ellen Collins, from
> Newtownsandes (Moyvane) Then immigrated to Ohio. Cousins to my
> Flavin family. (My ggg grandfather married Ellen Collins sister,
> Mary) Thanks for any lead.
> Susan Plunkett
> Email
> posted Sep 20, 2005
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> ------
> I am visiting the village from 15th October. I am trying to
> trace my great grandparents Bridget kennelly born 1863 and Edward
> Liston born 1855, I would like to know where they are buried and if
> any records of the local graveyards exsist. I love your webpage and
> check it all the time. kindest regards
> Mary Mulvihill
> Email
> posted Sep 27, 2005
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> Thanks for the pictures of your area. My ggg-grandparents
> emmigrated from Newtonsands in1842, to Canada.It was amazing to see
> the land they left behind!A wonderful site!
> Jane
> Email
> posted Nov 20, 2005
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> Hello!
> Visiting your town in February, 2006. Looking for cemetary
> where my ancestors Denis Casey & wife Mary might have been buried.
> His approximate birthdate @1800. date Can you help?
> Mary Ellen O'Neill
> Email
> posted Feb 24, 2006
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> What a great website you have! It was so nice to see the
> article about my grandfather, Danny Mulvihill on your website. I am
> the daughter of his son Donald. He is gone 10 years this month and
> we miss him every day. He was a great friend to many and a very
> loving grandfather.We have not been back in over 15 years, very
> busy raising our children Brendan & Eileen. We hope to bring them
> to Moyvane one day. The videos bring back fond memories of our
> visits to Moyvane, visiting my aunt Jeannie O'Carroll and having a
> pint in Enrights Bar!
> Johannes Kühl
> Email
> posted Jul 26, 2006

Thanks so much for your reply to my inquiry regarding the O'connels from
Newtownsandes. I do not know of any relationship to the priest you mentioned,
but I do not know much about my O'connels either. The sum and substance of
everything I know is as follows:
My great grandfather Maurice O'Connell was born @1866. He immigrated to the
US in @ 1886 and settled in New Jersey (across the river from New York). His
brother John, born @1868, followed @ 1889-1890 and settled in the same
area-- known as the Oranges ( suburbs of Newark NJ) Maurice married Anna
O'Brien in 1889. Anna was also an Irish immigrant and is believed to be from
the same area as Maurice. Anna's mothers maiden name was Ann Kirby. My great
grandfather's marraige and death certificates both list his parents as John
and Catherine O'Connell.
My mom never had any idea where her grandfather was from, although she did
recall her mom saying that he took in alot of immigrants to give them a
start.I checked the census returns for New Jersy and found some of these
people he took in. They were all O'connells. Through the Ellis Island data
base I was able to locate the manifests for the ships on which they arrived.
Immigrants arriving after 1899 had to list where they were going, where they
were from and who they were to stay with. Each of the people with my great
grand list Newtowsandes as the place they last resided before coming to the
US and each of these people provide my great grands address as the place
they were going.There is a website ( that allows a search by
the town people came from. Through that search engine I located no less than
eight people named O'connell from Newtownsandes going to stay with my great
grand. The information I have on them is as follows:
1.James O'connell immigrated 1903 from Newtownsand. James apparantly left
and returned in 1907 with a John O'connel both from Newtownsandes and both
identifying my great grand as a cousin. (James stayed with my great
grandmother throughout his life. His obituary indicates his mother's name is
Catherine Doherty)
2.Two Lawrence O'Connels,both from Newtownsandes, immigrated a week apart in
1904. Both of them were age 25 and both said they were going to stay with
"their brother James" at my great grands address ( so was my great grand
running an illegal immigration operation?)
3. 1906-A John Oconnell (age 27) from Newtownsandes arrives to stay with my
great grand. Refers to my great grand as his "brother" (not possible since
Maurice's brother John was already here)
4.1907-Another James O'connell(age 25) arrives a week before the returning
James (actually I am not sure which is the original James and which is the
returning james) Again says going to his cousin (my great grand). Says he
last resided in Newtownsandes and was born in Ballymacelligot
5. 1911- Lawrence O'connell (age 34)returns (yet again) again going to his
brother James at my great grand address. Says he last resided with his sister
Catherine in Newtownsandes
6.1913 (this is the strangest one of all) A Daniel (age 33) and Mary
O'Connell (age 36) arrive. He had never been in US before. She had been here
previously. They are listed as husband and wife.Daniel says he last resided
with his father John OConnell in Ahalana, Newtownsandes. Mary says she last
resided with her brother James OConnell in Ahalana. Both are going to my
great grand's brother John. Mary refers to John as "her brother John" ;
Daniel refers to John as "my cousin John" (were they also intermarrying?)
Finally in 1914 Daniel returns again having his nearest living relative as
his father John in Newtownsandes. He is returning to the US to his wife Mary
who is by that time living with my great grand Maurice.
Do any of these people show up in your research? Do you have any suggestions
for me as to any local sources to tap into to solve these relationships?
I had inquired in my last e-mail as to the names of the townlands that would
be considered part of Newtownsandes. The reason for that inquiry was to allow
a more thorough search of the website mentioned above. There are no less than
4000 O'connells inthe Ellis Island Data Base. I found the ones mentioned
above by searching the word Newtownsandes and variations thereon. I thought
if there were other names that folks might use to describe the area I could
search using those descriptions as well.
Any help is appreciated.
Francine Schott
Fr John L Heffernan Fr Heffernan was born in Ballylongford, County Kerry in 1855. After his study at All Hallows' College he was ordained in 1878 and late in that same year arrived in Melbourne. He was appointed to assist at St Patrick's Cathedral and was in charge of the Clifton Hill district, which at that time was part of the Cathedral parish. Fr Heffernan was then appointed to the new Warragul Mission and then the new Diocese of Sale in 1887. In January 1888, he was appointed the new administrator of St Francis' until April 1891 when he moved to South Melbourne. Fr Heffernan died three months later on 6 July 1891. Fr William Quilter Born in Listowel, County Kerry, Fr Quilter studied at All Hallows' College and was ordained in 1877. Soon after his ordination, he arrived in Melbourne and was stationed at Elsternwick, prior to moving to Dandenong, South Melbourne and Kew. In October 1895 he came to St Francis' and stayed there until his death on 20 April 1926, at the age of seventy-six. Fr James Moore Fr Moore studied in All Hallows' College and was ordained in 1859. He came to Australia as chaplain to a group of immigrants and was appointed administrator of St Francis' from July 1859 - May 1862. He was then appointed to Keilor and in September 1866 to Ballarat, where he succeeded Dr Shiel as priest-in-charge. In 1869 he was appointed Dean, and later became Vicar-General to Dr O'Connor, the first Bishop of Ballarat. Following the death of the Bishop, he was appointed administrator of the diocese from 1884 and died in 1904.

Of JOHN, Bridget, and Ellen KELLY, of parish New Castle West [co. Limerick]. Bridget and Ellen came to this country about 7 years ago; when last heard from were in Syracuse, N Y. John came about 4 years ago. Should this come to his notice or any friend, please direct to his cousin, Jeremiah Kelly, Osage city, Cole county, Missouri.

Of ELLEN & BRIDGET KELLY (sisters) natives of Newcastle-west [co. Limerick]; sailed from Cork in April, 1849, and landed in New York. Address DANIEL BRODERICK, Durham Station, Acton Post office, St. L. & A. Railroad, Eastern Townships, Canada East.

Boston Pilot
Information Wanted Ads

12 July 1856
Of JAMES GRANT, who left Listowel [co. Kerry] 6 years ago. - Please address
his brother, Michael Grant, Wappelo, Louisa county, Iowa.


20 November 1852 DANIEL DUNFORD Of DANIEL & PATRICK DUNFORD, native of parish Murkher, Newtownsands [co. Kerry] - when last heard of Daniel was in Cleveland Ohio; Patrick sailed from Tralee in August 1851, for Quebec, in ship Nestor. Also of HENRY FITZMAURICE, of Ballydonohue, parish Galey, - was in Livingston County, N. Y, in March, 1851. Information will be thankfully received by TIMOTHY FLAHAVAN, Hedgesville, Berkley, Va. Volume II: 1851 - 1853

3 March 1855 ELLEN PELLICAN OF ELLEN PELLICAN and her two children, William and Mary, also Betsy Pellican and Ellen Connors, all natives of Newtownsands parish of Murher, co Kerry, who sailed from Limerick August 3 '54, for Montreal; when last heard from they were in Montreal on the 11th November. Should this meet them, they will direct to John Pellican, in care of James L. R. Leonard, Tuscumbia, Franklin co, Ala. Volume III: 1854 - 1856

19 May 1855 LAWRENCE CUSIC OF LAWRENCE & EDMUND CUSIC, natives of parish Newtownsands, co Kerry. Lawrence when last heard of was in Sidndy [sic], Ohio, last summer. Edmund, in '53, was in Indianapolis. Information will be received by their sister Hanora Cusic, Rockville, Parke co, Pa. Volume III: 1854 - 1856

20 February 1858 LAWRENCE CUSIC OF LAWRENCE CUSIC, native of parish Newtownsands [co. Kerry]; when last heard from was in Sidney, Ohio, and moved to Iowa. Information received by his sister, Hannah Cusic, Crawfordsville, Montgomery county, Indiana. Volume IV: 1857 - 1860

6 March 1858 MICHAEL CONNOR OF MICHAEL CONNOR, son to Dennis Connor and Mary Sheahan, native of Newtownsands, Leitrim [co. Kerry]; when last heard from he was in New Orleans. Information received by his sister Mary, care of Bartholemew O'Connor, No 6 Middlesex street, Boston, Mass. Volume IV: 1857 - 1860

3 August 1867 MARY MULVIHILL OF MARY, JOANNA and DENIS MULVIHILL, or either of them, but especially of the last named Denis. Mary came to America in 1848, Joanna in 1858, and Denis in 1864, at which last time all three were living in or near Albany, New York, where they are still supposed to reside. They are the children of Patrick Mulvihill, of the parish of Newtownsands, county Kerry, Ireland. Whoever will have the kindness to furnish to the undersigned, by letter at an early day, any tidings of the foregoing persons, shall be repaid his trouble, and have the thanks of their brother, whose address is - Patrick J. Mulvihill, Memphis, Tennessee. Volume VI: 1866 - 1870

12 March 1870 DANIEL MULVIHILL OF DANIEL MULVIHILL, parish of Newtownsands, county Kerry; when last heard from, two years ago, he was in the State of New York. Any one knowing his where-abouts will confer a favor by addressing John Kennedy, Reese Graff and Dull Fort Pit Iron and Steel Works, Twelfth Ward, Pittsburgh, Pa. Volume VI: 1866 - 1870

17 March 1883 JOHANNA MULVAHILLE OF JOHANNA MULVAHILLE, of Glanalappa, parish of Newtownsands, Co. Kerry, who came to America about the year 1856. Any information will be thankfully received by Mary Flaherty, care of James F. Kirby, So. Framingham, Mass.

18 March 1854 MAURICE RELAHAN OF MAURICE RELAHAN, native of Kilmeany, parish of Knockanure, near Listowel, co Kerry, who arrived in New York about 4 yrs ago; when last heard of (18 months) was at Savannah. Information of him will be received by his sister and brother-in-law JOHN MOORE, formerly of Pyremount, near Tarbert, co Kerry; now of Danville, Canada East. Address, care of THOS CULHANE. Volume III: 1854 - 1856

16 December 1854 JOHN LANGAN OF JOHN LANGAN, of parish Knockanure, co Kerry, who emigrated to America about 1 yr ago last May; when last heard from he was in Lowell Hall, Wallingford, New Haven, Conn. Information will be received by his brother Thomas, Xenia, Green co, O. Volume III: 1854 - 1856

5 January 1867 TIMOTHY THORNTON OF TIMOTHY THORNTON, a native of the parish of Knockanure, county Kerry, who came to this country about seventeen years ago; when last heard from he was in Connecticut. Any information concerning him will be thankfully received by his friend, John Mulville, Box 239 Waterbury, Conn.


HISTORY: Padruig Dunne Professor of Classics at St Michaels died 10th September 1954, Kerry Evening Star advertisements 1904, Killaloe slate quarry wages 18 shillings to 21 shillings per week, Poynts Tobacco 5 pence per ounce or 6 pence by post, Sugar half crown per stone, tickets for the St Louis Exhibition first class saloon £13, second class cabin £8, third class £1 and 10 shillings and return fare £4 and 2 shillings.


(subject) Feedback Newtownsandes ON-LINE
(users comments) I am a descendant of John Dillon and Mary Greany of Moyvane/Murhur or Newtonsandes. My Great Great Grandfather was Daniel Dillon born in approximately 1835 to John Dillon and Mary Greany. Daniel Dillon emigrated to Illinois, USA and married Ellen Cain. Their daughter Ellen Dillon married Thomas O'Sullivan in Illinois, USA (he was born in Ballylongford, County Kerry, Ireland, in 1835). Their daughter, Eileen Sullivan, was born in Illinois and married Louis Regnier. My mother was their daughter, Alice Regnier.
(NAME) Susan Williams

Children of Matt Doherty and Ellen Lyston who became nuns.

Kate (or Catherine) Doherty was called in Religion "Sister Mary Austin Joseph of the Sacred Heart" entering the convent on 16 February 1871, took the habit of the congregation on 15 September 1871, and made her profession on 16 September 1873.

Ellen Doherty was called in Religion "Sister Mary David Joseph of the Face of Jesus" entering the convent on 23 February 1869, took the habit of the congregation on 14 September 1869, and made her profession on 15 September 1871.

Cyril Jane Doherty was Janette, the youngest child of Matt and Ellen was a Loretto Sister.

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View Record Name Arrival Date Estimated Birth Year Gender Port of Departure Last Residence Ship Name View Image

View Record William Collins 2 May 1901 abt 1873 Male Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Saxonia
View Record John Conway 18 Oct 1900 abt 1874 Male Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Saxonia
View Record John Fitzmaurice 16 May 1903 abt 1879 Male Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Mayflower
View Record Bridget Flaherty 6 Jun 1902 abt 1883 Female Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Saxonia
View Record Lizzie Flaherty 6 Jun 1902 abt 1884 Female Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Saxonia
View Record Annie Hamahan 2 Jun 1895 abt 1872 Female Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Gallia
View Record William Kiely 19 May 1900 abt 1873 Male Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Ultonia
View Record Lizzie Mahony 6 Jun 1902 abt 1882 Female Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Saxonia
View Record Maurice Mahony 6 Jun 1902 abt 1879 Male Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Saxonia
View Record Roger Mc Grath Feb 1901 abt 1882 Male Liverpool, England Newtownsandes Ivernia
View Record Kate O'brien 2 May 1901 abt 1883 Female Queenstown, Ireland Newtownsandes Saxonia



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