DEATH took place on Sunday May 4th 2014 of Sr. Conception O'Connor, Formerly of Knockanure, Moyvane, Listowel. Born 19 May 1922 to Patrick O Connor and Nora Pierce at Keylod, one of 11 children. Sr. Conception entered Presentation Dungarvan in 1942. Is survived by her nephews, nieces, other relatives and friends and by The Presentation Sisters, Dungarvan. Requiem Mass was celebrated for Sr. Conception O Connor on Wednesday 7th May in St. Mary's Parish Church, Dungarvan, with interment afterwards in The Community Cemetery, Youghal Road. Sister had three brothers priests; Fr. Con Connor. Ordained 1945. Died 1989, Born 1910. Fr. John Connor. Ordained 1935. Died 1993. Ministered in Sacramento. Fr. Michael Connor. Ordained 1933. Born 1908. Ministered in Los Angeles. She had two sisters nuns, Sr. Hannah called Sr. Imelda was a Mercy Sister at Mallow and Sr. Mary called Sr. Teresa of Nazareth Sisters California.


A.D. 1200


The O'Connors being dispossessed still further by the Fitzmaurice of Lixnaw moved to Carrigafoyle and established their chief residence there, on the site now occupied by this castle where we foregather today. At this time they had two smaller castles at Asdee and Tarbert as well as a residence of Ahalanna in the parish of Murhur close to Moyvane.


In our research we found that some branches of the clan long resident in Co. Limerick initially came from Moyvane and Ahalanna and had their burial places at Murhur and Knockanure.


A.D. 1470


Although beset almost continuously by clan warfare from the newly established Norman stock and others, the O'Connor star was in the ascendant once more when one of their greatest chieftains in the noble and generous person of John O'Connor of Carrigafoyle founded the monastery of Lislaughtin surrounded by twelve acres of fertile land. It was built expressly for the Friars Minor of St. Francis of Assisi. The faculty for the establishment of the monastery was obtained from Pope Sixtus IV The above John O'Connor, Chief of his clan who die.l in 1485 at Carrigafoyle Castle is buried in his beloved Lislaughtin. This church was dedicated to St. Lachtin mentioned earlier. John was succeeded by Conor Liath whose brother, Dermot, had three sons at this time, they were, Tadgh of Ahalanna, Donagh of Knockanure and Eoin of Murhur.


A. D. 1490


Conor Liath was officially installed as chief of his clan. He married his cousin Avlina, daughter of Sir Edmund Fitzthomas Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, thereby setting a pattern of marriage between O'Connor cousins and connections which was to be repeated throughout the generations and even to the present day.


On being created chief he worked on plans for the construction of Carrigafoyle Castle on the site of the original one referred to earlier. This castle is approximately 90 feet high and has a spiral stairway of 108 steps. It was intended as a fortress of great strength being surrounded on the landward sides by a circumvallation built of stone, portion of the outer wall of which remains and still retains the target slits in the walls.


A.D. 1521


Conor Liath having reigned wisely for 36 years was now growing old, and as typical of the O'Connors prepared well for approaching death. He had built Carrigafoyle and spent many happy days there. His generous and devout wife Avlina, daughter of the Knight of Glin, had presented the monks at the monastery nearby (which the O'Connors had built) with the now famous Lislaughtin Cross, otherwise known as the Ballylongord Processional Cross. The cross, silver gilt bears an inscription in latin which translates - Conor, son of John O'Connor, chief of his clan and Avlina, daughter of the Knight caused me to be made by thc hand of William Cornel A.D. 1521.


It is 26.5" high and 18" across.


Thc Knight referred to, is the Knight of Glin. Authorities have differed about the exact year in which the cross was made, evidently the inscription has been open to interpretation as 1479.


A.D. 1523


Conor Liath died. He was the 2nd. chief of his clan to be buried before the high altar at Lislaughtin.


Conor Liath was succeeded by his son, Conor Fionn, or the Fair as he was known. Wishing to emulate the distinction of his grandfather and father through warfare rather than architecture, Cono.r the Fair engaged fcr many years in clan feuds with the O'Keeffees and the powerful McCarthy Mor of Cork. Eventually he was taken prisoner by Cormac Og McCarthy in 1524 a short while after the death of his revered mother Avlina, the loved and honoured lady of Carrigafoyle for almost forty years.


On his release from captivity Conor the Fair decided to desist from fighting and succeeded in doing so for some years. Having in his second marriage taken Slaine O'Brien as his wife, he was as expected drawn into the ceaseless O'Brien strife he regularly travelled across the Shannon to aid the O'Briens against the Earl of Thomond. Their overlord James, Earl of Desmond was also in opposition to the Earl of Thomond. The O'Connors in enjoying comparative peace at Carrigafoyle realised it was to their advantage to be on the side of their overlord James. The Fitzmaurices had not troubled the O'Connors for many years.


Conor Liath in true family tradition did trade in wine from the Continent, likewise he imposed toll charges on ships passing Carrigafoyle on their way to Limerick, Lenihan in his History of Limerick records for 1542 that O'Connor of Carrigafoyle did take of John Streech FitzGeorge for his ship coming to that city 3s.4d. and 20 gallons of wine and soe of every ship that cometh ot that town with wine.


A.D. 1553


Cahir McDermod O'Connor was forced to grant unto James, Earl of Desmond lands in Moyvane and those adjoining in Co. Limerick. This further reduced their territory and must have caused much grief to Conor the Fair. He died shortly afterwards.


A.D. 1558


On the death of Conor Fionn (the Fair), Conor Bacach became chief at Carrigafoyle. He was also forced to give up further lands to the Earl of Desmond, these included holdings at Knockanure and of the Castle and lands at Tarbert. He is believed to be the subject of the poem - A Legend of Carrigafoyle - by The O'Rahilly.


A.D. 1580


Carrigafoyle Castle having been occupied by the O'Connors for less than 100 years was attacked by Queen Elizabeths forces on Palm Sunday 1580 under the command of Sir William Pelham and Vice Admiral Winter. l he garrison of the castle consisted of fifty Irish, onc Englishman and sixteen Spaniards, under the command of Captain Julio an Italian Engineer.


Pelham placed his battery on the landward side of the castle some days before the actual siege. Tile most modern artillery that the Queen had yet employed in Ireland was brought to Carrigafoyle. cannon balls weighing 36 Ibs. were discharged with tremendous force on the great fortress and were it not for the treachery of one of the O'Connor's maid servants it might never have been taken. The account rclates that she had prearranged with one of Pelham's officers that she would place a lighted candle in the window itl the wcakcst part of the west gable. On seeing the light the officer commanded his men to concentrate their heavy artillery on this spot. The wall eventually gave way creating the great breach you see here today. Not one person escaped.


Having destroyed Carrigafoyle Pelham and his forces proceeded to nearby Lislaughtin abbey. At the sight of the approaching army the monks fled in terror to the nearby woods, all except three who wet e old and feeble. They were put to death immediately. Their names are recorded as Daniel Hanrahan, .~1auricc Scanlon, and Philip O'Shea.


Tradition relates that the monks who escaped certain death at Lislaughtin remained in hiding among the people for some considerable time after the sacking of their monastery


A.D. 1600


John O'Connor is again in possession of Carragafoyle only to surrender it on terms to Sir George Carew. Lord President of Munster who had already captured Glin Castle. Among the prisoners captured at Glin was one of the O'Connors who was hanged at Listowel. His dying request was "Give my rosary to my wife and tell her always to use it."




O'C'onnor again wrested his castle from the English.


The old chieftain decided to muster his forces and proceed for the battle of Kinsale. On arriving there he united his army with that of O'Sullivan Beare, later to join with O'Neill and O'Donnell. After this disastrous battle he again had to abandon Carrigafoyle and find sanctuary with O'Sullivan in the fastnesses of Glengariff.




Having fought skirmishes with the English from their hiding places, the two chieftains decided they would retreat from Kinsale to Leitrim and seek further aid from the Northern Princes. History relates the retreat of O'Sullivan Beare, but not always the part played by his farther-in-law the courageous old chieftain of Carrigafoyle.


All detailed accounts of this epic journey agree that O'Connors tactical astuteness was much valued by those involved. He was one of a small number who survived the march. He decided to take his grievance to the newly crowned King James in Scotland who as yet had not travelled to England. O'Connor was well received, James realised, in him he had met one of the greatest of the old gaelic aristocracy and arranged that the chieftain be reinstated in Carrigafoyle.


A.D. 1629


The abbey at Lislaughtin was restored to some degree and again occupied by the Franciscans.


A.D. 1640


John O'Connor of the battles after a long and stormy career died peaceably in Tralee, having attained a great age.


A.D. 1649


Carrigafoyle was again besieged, this time by the Cromwellian army. It was captured for the last time.


Having taken Carrigafoyle, the soldiers marched on Lislaughtin abbey. The officer-in-charge being much impressed with the proportions and beauty of the monastery decided to spare it and its occupants from destruction.


In thanksgiving to God for their safe delivery from certain death the Friar rang the bell and the Cromwellian soldiers heard it, taking it as an act of defiance, they hastily returned, put the Friars to death and burned the monastery. It is claimed the bell of Lislaughtin Abbey was hung in St. Mary's Cathedral Limerick. It is interesting that not many years later in 1673 six new bells tolled in the Cathedral for the first time, they were magnificent having a total weight in excess of 3_/_ tons.


In that eventful year 1649 the Cromwellian war in Ireland brought an end to the glory that was Carrigafoyle and Lislaughtin both of which in their time were memorials to the O'Connor Kerry. The O'Connor of the day fled to Austria, thus came to an end the rule of a once powerful clan.




Tadgh O'Connor of Carrigafoyle was hanged on a scaffold at a place known as Martyr's Hill, Killarney. His only crime love of his country.


A.D. 1666


The castle and estates of O'Connor Kerry were forfeited, and conferred by act of settlement on the Provost and Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin with smaller lots going to William Sandes. From that time onwards anyone bearing the name O'Connor could consider himself fortunate to be retained as a tenant in his ancestral lands. It is remarkable how well they prospered in new and less favourable circumstances.


Members of the clan had been settling in Co. Limerick since the Norman invasion, and particularly so in the reign of Queen Elizabeth.


The Census taken in 1659 shows the number of O'Connors in Co. Limerick at that time. The variant of the O'Connor name and baronies are as they appear in the Census.


Samll County McConnor 14, O'Connor 7

Costlea O'Connor and McConnor 11

Clanwilliam McConnor and O'Connor 22

Connello McConnor and O'Connor 59

Kenry McConnor and O'Connor 16

Conagh O'Connor 4 McConnor 4

Poblebryen McConnor and O'Connor 7

Cosmay O'Connor 15, McConnor 7

Kilmallock town and Liberties McConnor 4

City of Limerick McConnor 9


Connor, Enright Donoghue Jones and more


04 Mar 2009 Page 1

Descendants of John O'Connor10724

First Generation

1. John O'Connor10724

died before 11 Jun 1874.

DEATH: See marriage certificate for his son Michael.

He had the following children:

+ 2 M i. Michael O'Connor927

died 20 Sep 1876.

3 M ii. John O'Connor18533.

4 M iii. Cornelius O'Connor18534.

5 F iv. Mary O'Connor18535.

Mary married (MRIN:7061) Timothy Leahy18537

before 12 Sep 1876.

6 F v. Catherine O'Connor18536.

Catherine married (MRIN:7062) John Curtin18538

before 12 Sep 1876.

04 Mar 2009 Descendants of John O'Connor10724

Page 2

Second Generation

2. Michael O'Connor927

(John) died 20 Sep 1876 in Kealid, Kerry, Ireland.

Nancy Costello said on 4 Mar 2009 that there was an O'Connor chemist in

Listowel somehow related to her, perhaps through this Michael O'Connor.

According to Michael Dore's pedigree, Michael O'Connor was 'of Caelid' [i.e.

the townland of Kealid in Knockanure parish] and had a large family which

included priests in the U.S.A. This apparently refers not to his children but

to his grandchildren.

According to Michael O'Connor's own marriage certificate (no.68 on p.261 for

the Superintendent Registrar's District of Listowel), he was of full age, a

bachelor, a farmer and a resident of Knockanure and his father was dead on 11

Jun 1874. The marriage witnesses were Thomas Molyneux [?416]

and William


and the celebrant was Mathew Dillon.

The parish of Knockanure (listed in the 1851 townland index) is between

Listowel, Athea and Moyvane (see the 1986 OS map of the Shannon Estuary), and

should not be confused with Knockanore Mtn, which is also in north Kerry,

between Ballybunion, Asdee and Lisselton.

WILL: Wills and Administrations. 1876.

O'CONNOR Michael

[712] Effects under £ 800.

10 October. The Will

of Michael O'Connor late of Keylod [sic] County

Kerry Farmer deceased who died 20 September

1876 at same place was proved at Limerick by

the oaths of James O'Connor and Robert Hunt

both of Gurtdromagowna (Newtownsandes) and

Denis O'Flaherty of Tubbertooreen (Newtownsandes)

all in said County Farmers the Executors.

WILL: Copy of will in Limerick Will Book 18761882,


(National Archives

shelf mark 4/208/52)

In the Name of God I Michael O'Connor of Keylod in the Parish of Knockanure and

Co. of Kerry being sick and delicate of body but of sound and perfect reason and

mental capacity do hereby bequeath ordain and manage all the worldly enjoyments

that I possess and enjoy up to the date of this document making it my last Will

and Testament. I bequeath in the first of my worldy goods and chattles to my

beloved wife Johanna O'Connor alias Molyneaux the sum of one hundred and fifty

pounds sterling the said sum to be paid her my beloved wife after I am dead and

buried three years no claim to be made by her of my assets until I am dead three

years and if my beloved wife Johana do and will remain faithfully in the trust

and care of my child Patrick O'Connor and of my child yet unborn for the term of

three years as aforesaid I bequeath and order my executors herein to be

mentioned to give her the additional sum of fifty pounds stg. making the whole

sum two hundred pounds stg. which sum or any part of it is not to be paid to her

until I am interred and buried for and during the term of three years as

aforesaid the said additional sum is to be paid her my beloved wife at the

discretion will and approbation of my executors herein to be mentioned, that is

if they deem her to be worthy of it. Secondly, I bequeath ordain and make over

to my eldest son Patrick O'Connor the farm which I now enjoy and possess from

Thos. Sandes Esq. when he arrives at the age of twenty five years or as soon as

my executors may deem fit, but I enjoin and bequeath that my executors will test

and manage my affairs and worldly effects after my death to such a manner as

04 Mar 2009 Descendants of John O'Connor10724

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that they will see and have it in their power to give my child unborn if he

comes to health and maturity be it male or female the sum of money discretional

or of their wishes which may be made out of my present possessions and means

doing for him or her as they may think fit and proper, but I here state and wish

it to be understood distinctly that if my son Patrick as aforesaid or my child

yet unborn may not arrive or come to maturity in that case or event I bequeath

all my farm and chattles to my lawful brother John O'Connor of Clounbrane in the

parish of Newtownsandes Co. Kerry. I enjoin on him in that event to give all

and every sum of money that will or may accrue from the profits and good

management of my farm and means to my brother Cornelius O'Connor of Lisaniska in

the parish of Knockanure and to my sister Mary alias Mrs Timothy Leahy and to my

sister Catherine alias Mrs John Curtin in even and equal divisions that is that

each of them my brother Cornelius and sisters Mary and Catherine are to have all

the assets and spare assets or means to them for the full management and

execution of this my last will and testament I appoint ordain and bequeath my

faithful and trusty friends as my executors James O'Connor of Gurtramacouna in

the parish of Knockanure, Robert Hunt, Gurtramacouna and Denis O'Flaherty of

Tubberatooreen &c. I desire bequeath and appoint and ordain the said three men

as last mentioned to see over and manage my farm and assets as I now enjoy to

the best of their abilities and power for my sake towards my child Patrick

O'Connor and my child unborn, giving them the full possession and enjoyment of

my means when they come to maturity and sufficient age and in the event of their

my son Patrick O'Connor and my child unborn not coming to an age they my

executors will see my lawful and beloved wife and sisters and brothers managed

as I desire and ordain as above. I declare and aver and make this my last will

and testament revoking disallowing and annulling any previous will or testament

made by me either verbally or written, declaring and making and constituting

this document and none other to be my last will and testament in the presence of

the witnesses hereunto affixed and my name dated this 12th day of September 1876


Michael his X mark O'Connor.

Witnesses Thomas Connors Michael Flaherty.

Jer Kennelly has published this will at

Michael married (MRIN:277) Johanna (Hanna) Molyneaux420,

daughter of Thomas (Tom)


and Margaret Nolan144

(MRIN:99), on 11 Jun 1874 in Listowel, Kerry, Ireland.

Johanna was born 1847/1848 in Kerry, Ireland and was christened 06 Feb 1852 in Listowel, Kerry,

Ireland. She died 1917/1922.

CHRISTENING: p. 39 of register. It is not clear how Johanna could be found in

an 1851 census return aged 2.5 years yet not be christened until February of the

following year; a number of the other children of Thomas Molyneux and Margaret

Nolan are completely missing from the baptismal register, while there is no

record of John apart from his christening. Johanna's age in the 1911 census is

63, also casting doubt on the christening date.

Johanna grew up at Church Street in Listowel, where she was recorded (as

Johanah [sic] aged 2.5 years) in the 1851 census, as abstracted in connection

with her Old Age Pension application (Cen S/12/611) in March 1917. At that time,

her address is given as 'Mr James Enright, Church Street, Listowel', suggesting

that she may have been living with her brotherinlaw.

DEATH: Hanna was alive on 6 Mar 1917 when she applied for the Old Age Pension,

but did not survive her first cousin, Julia Nolan, as she is not mentioned in

the pedigree affidavit in connection with the administration of the latter's


04 Mar 2009 Descendants of John O'Connor10724

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Michael and Johanna had the following children:

+ 7 M i. Patrick O'Connor929

was born about 1875 and died before 1953.

8 M ii. Michael John Connor928

was born 21 Mar 1877 in Kealid, Kerry, Ireland.

BIRTH: Michael was 'yet unborn' when his father made his will. In fact, he was

born almost exactly six months after his father died. See IGI at

Michael John Connor son of Michael Connor and Johanna Molyneaux Connor b. 21 Mar

1877 Keylod [sic], Kerry, Ireland

See also Michael O

Connor and Joan Molyneaux on Keylod a son Michael on March 21st

Is he the Michael O'Connor, aged 35, enumerated in the next household to his

mother in Kealid in the 1911 census?

If so, these might be his descendants, if not those of his brother: 15th March 01

The death has occurred of Tom O Connor Keylod, son of Bill o Connor and Mary

Kate Keane. He was predeceased by his wife Mary Keane and Brother Dan. Survived

by his daughters Joan and Cathleen Sons Liam, Dan, Michael, Bernie, Francis and

Edward. Brother Jack and Sisters Bridie, May and Betty. Mass was celebrated in

Moyvane Church on Sat last at 12 noon by Fr Nolan PP assisted by Fr Tom McMahon,

Fr McCarthy of Tralee and Fr Brick PP. Tarbert. Stephen Donegan Sang and Played

the Organ. Tom was buried in Ahavoher Cemetery beside his late wife Mary. Tom O

Connor worked for the Council repairing Cottages ,Bridges a great worker with a

gifted and strong pair of hands. He was involved in building the wall that

surround Ahavoher Cemetery. 28 Feb 2007 and



DEATH has taken place of Dan O Connor of Keylod, Moyvane; he was born at

Ahavoher on 24th of April 1919 to Michael O Connor and Hannie Fitzgerald who was

from Beenanasbig. Dan is survived by his daughter Mary Flavin and sons Mike and

Tom, his wife Catherine O Connell of Listowel and siblings Tom, Bridget Buckley,

Mai and Ann predeceased him. Requiem Mass for Dan O Connor was celebrated at

Knockanure Church on Monday February 19th 2007 by Fr John Lucid P.P and Fr

Gerard O Connell of Irremore, Stephen Donegan played and sang the hymns,

following Mass Dan was laid to rest at Ahavoher Graveyard beside his wife

Catherine who died in Nov. 1994, they were married for almost fifty years, also

resting at Ahavoher only yards away are his brother Tom, sisters Bridget who

died in April 1996, Ann who died in 1996, Mai died in New York.

04 Mar 2009 Descendants of John O'Connor10724

Page 5

Third Generation

7. Patrick O'Connor929

(Michael, John) was born about 1875 in Kerry, Ireland. He died before


BIRTH: Patrick was born before his father made his will on 12 Sep 1876, and was

36 in the 1911 census of Kealid.

Could this be

P. O'Connor, Kealid, Newtownsandes, who lost 11 cows, 10 yearlings and 6


to disease around 1925?

See http://historicaldebates.


Name: Patrick O'Connor

Registration district: Listowel

Record type: MARRIAGES

Registration date quarter

and year: Jan Mar


Film number: 101261

Volume: 5

Page: 315

Digital GS number: 4199363

Image number: 00183

Collection: Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 18451958

Name: Nora Pierse

Registration district: Listowel

Record type: MARRIAGES

Registration date quarter

and year: Jan Mar


Film number: 101261

Volume: 5

Page: 315

Digital GS number: 4199363

Image number: 00185

Collection: Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 18451958

Patrick married (MRIN:603) Norah Pierce30047,

daughter of Pierce30855


about Feb 1907 in Kerry, Ireland. Norah was born about 1878/1879 in Kerry, Ireland. She died 08

Mar 1953 in Kealid, Kerry, Ireland and was buried 10 Mar 1953 in Knockanure, Kerry, Ireland.

See All Ireland tribute at

funeral of Very Rev Garrett Pierse D.D. Professor of theology at Dunboyne

establishment, chief mourners included R Pierse, Listowel (brother), Mrs Patrick

O Connor Keylod, Newtownsandes (sister), Mrs T Walsh Listowel (sister), M Pierse

and Miss K Pierse of Finglas, Miss A Flaherty Ballybunion, P Mulvihill NT

Carlow, W H Appleby Listowel, Cannon Brown Dingle, Edward Leahy nephew was a

member of Glin Board of Guardians.


Prof, Garrett PIERSE (M: 1882 1932

Mar 21)

The Mass In The Infant Church [n|1909]

DEATH: This must be her:

Name: Nora O'Connor

Registration district: Listowel

Record type: DEATHS

Registration date quarter

and year: Jan Mar

1953 Estimated birth year: 1879

Age: 74

Film number: 257854

04 Mar 2009 Descendants of John O'Connor10724

Page 6

Volume: 5

Page: 261

Digital GS number: 4202551

Image number: 00436

Collection: Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 18451958

DEATH: Irish Independent Monday, March 09, 1953

Page: 1

O'CONNOR (Moyvane, Co. Kerry) March

8, 1953, at her residence, Keylod,

Moyvane, Norah, relict of Patrick

O'Connor, deeply regretted. R.I.P. Remains

will be removed to Knockanure

Church this (Monday) evening at 4 o'c.

Funeral to Knockanure Cemetery tomorrow

(Tuesday) at 1 o'c.

SPELLING: Norah in Irish Independent death notice; Nora in civil record of her

death and in obituary of her son Patrick.

They had the following children:

9 M i. Fr. Michael Joseph O'Connor30049

was born about 1907/1908 in Kerry,


Jer Kenneally has:

Fr. Michael Connor. Ordained 1933. Born 1908. Ministered in Los Angeles.

+ 10 M ii. Patrick O'Connor30050

was born 1909 and died 14 Dec 2004.

11 iii. O'Connor30048

died before 1911.

12 M iv. Fr. John O'Connor30051

was born 02 Jul 1910 in Kerry, Ireland. He died 15

Dec 1993.

Jer Kenneally has:

Fr. John Connor. Ordained 1935. Died 1993. Ministered in Sacramento

Fr John Connor, Keylod, was on the Knockanure football team in 1934. See

SSDI: JOHN OCONNOR 02 Jul 1910 15 Dec 1993 95816 (Sacramento, Sacramento,

CA) (none specified) 546546516


13 M v. Gerald O'Connor30052

was born about Jun 1910 in Kerry, Ireland.

14 M vi. Fr. Con O'Connor30845

was born about 1910/1920. He died 1989.

Jer Kenneally has:

Fr. Con Connor. Ordained 1945. Died 1989. Son of Patrick Connor and Nora Pierce.

Born 1910.

Was he a late vocation or is the birth date wrong?

15 F vii. Sr. Conception O'Connor30851

was born after 1911.

16 F viii. Sr. O'Connor30852

was born after 1911. She died before 2004.

04 Mar 2009 Descendants of John O'Connor10724

Page 7

Fourth Generation

10. Patrick O'Connor30050

(Patrick, Michael, John) was born 1909 in Kerry, Ireland. He died 14

Dec 2004 in Kerry General H., Tralee, Kerry, Ireland and was buried 16 Dec 2004 in Knockanure,

Kerry, Ireland.

According to Jer Kennelly (12 Oct 1997, 18 Oct 1998), the O'Connor (Connors)

family in Kealid then consisted of a 91yearold

Patrick (Paddy), presumably

grandson of Michael O'Connor and Johanna Molyneux, his 81yearold

wife, three

sons including Richard and a daughter. The father had three brothers who are

priests and two sisters who are nuns.

The priests were undoubtedly the following listed by Jer at


Fr. Con Connor. Ordained 1945. Died 1989. Son of Patrick Connor and Nora Pierce.

Born 1910.

Fr. John Connor. Ordained 1935. Died 1993. Ministered in Sacramento {brother of


Fr. Michael Connor. Ordained 1933. Born 1908. Ministered in Los Angeles.

{brother of above)


Name: Patrick O'Connor

Registration district: Listowel

Record type: MARRIAGES

Registration date quarter

and year: Jan Mar

1951 Estimated birth year: Age:

Mother surnames:

Film number: 0257850

Volume: 5

Page: 205

Digital GS number: 4202547

Image number: 00274

Collection: Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 18451958

Name: Margaret Francis

Registration district: Listowel

Record type: MARRIAGES

Registration date quarter

and year: Jan Mar

1951 Estimated birth year: Age:

Mother surnames:

Film number: 0257850

Volume: 5

Page: 205

Digital GS number: 4202547

Image number: 00262

Collection: Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 18451958



O'CONNOR, Patrick 14th

December 2004 [

Keylod, Moyvane, Co. Kerry]

(Peacefully), at Kerry General Hospital, Patrick.

Personal Details

Deeply regretted by his loving wife Margaret, sons Pat, Micheal and Richard,

daughter Bernadette, sister Sr. Conception, soninlaw,



children, brothersinlaw,


nephews, nieces, relatives,

neighbours and friends. R.I.P.

Other Details

Removal on this (Wednesday) evening at 8 p.m. from Lyons' Funeral Home, Derry,

Listowel to The Corpus Christi Church, Knocknaure. Requiem Mass on tomorrow

(Thursday) at 12 noon. Funeral afterwards to the old cemetery, Knocknaure.

04 Mar 2009 Descendants of John O'Connor10724

Page 8



Kerryman 23 Dec 2004

A quiet man who worked diligently

Patrick O'Connor


OBITUARY: Patrick O'Connor, of Keylod, Moyvane - who died on Tuesday, December

14, at Kerry General Hospital following a short illness - was a fulltime


since the early 1920s. He was 95 years of age.

OBITUARY: Born to Patrick and Nora in 1909, Mr O'Connor was raised on the

family farm at Keylod - a location from which he rarely felt the need to move.

OBITUARY: After completing his national schooling he devoted his energies full

time to the development and maintenance of the dairy farm, work he always


OBITUARY: As a full-time farmer

from the early 1920s, Mr O'Connor witnessed much change in his home area but

none so dear and personal as his marriage to Margaret Francis, of Ballydonoghue

Parish, in 1951. She lovingly entered the life of the O'Connor farm and the

couple had four children - sons, Patrick, Richard and Micheál and daughter,


OBITUARY: Many happy decades were spent in that environment by all the family.

OBITUARY: When he wasn't farming, Mr O'Connor liked to follow certain sports -

on the radio, and later on television.

OBITUARY: Cycling and boxing were particular favourites and he took a great

interest in the fortunes of Kerry cyclists whose careers took them beyond the


OBITUARY: He was also a keen handball player and regularly played at the local

handball alley in Moyvane on Sundays.

OBITUARY: Mr O'Connor had a great love of horses and rarely failed to tune into

the major horseracing occasions as they were televised around the world.

OBITUARY: He often attended the Listowel races but he was never a betting man -

he loved the sport simply for the magnificence of the animals.

OBITUARY: A quiet man who worked diligently all his life, Mr O'Connor will be

greatly missed by all in his community.

Patrick married (MRIN:10979) Margaret Francis30846,

daughter of Patrick Francis30853


Hannah Pierce30854

(MRIN:11193), about Feb 1951 in Kerry, Ireland. Margaret was born about

1919. She died 20 Mar 2005 in Kealid, Kerry, Ireland and was buried 22 Mar 2005 in Knockanure,

Kerry, Ireland.

See Moyvane Notes, Kerryman, 24 Mar 2005

The death took place recently of Margaret O'Connor, Keylod. Her remains were

removed to Knockanure Church on Monday, she was buried in the Old Cemetery

Knockanure following requiem Mass on Tuesday. She is predeceased by her husband

Patrick. She is survived by her sons, daughter, grandchildren, relatives and

friends. Sympathy is extended to the bereaved



html Also a

briefer mention in the Knockanure Notes on the same date: Recent deaths: John

Flaherty Gortdromagowna and Margaret O Connor nee Francis of Keylod and Joe

Hilliard of Cahirdown.



DEATH: O'CONNOR (nee Francis ) (Keylod, Moyvane and late of Lanashera,

Ballybunion, Co. Kerry) March 20, 2005 (peacefully), at her residence, Margaret;

04 Mar 2009 Descendants of John O'Connor10724

Page 9

beloved wife of the late Patrick; deeply regretted by her loving sons Pat,

Michael and Richard, daughter Bernadette, sister Fintan, brothers Tom and Seán,



grandchildren, sistersinlaw,

nephews, nieces,

relatives, neighbours and friends. R.I.P. Removal on this (Monday) evening at 7

o'c from Lyons Funeral Home, Derry, Listowel to the Corpus Christi Church

Knockanure. Requiem Mass on tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1 o'c and funeral afterwards

to the Old Cemetery, Knockanure.

OBITUARY: By Jer Kennelly from Death of Margaret O

Connor nee Francis of Keylod, her husband Patrick, sisters Hannah May and Mary

and brother Paddy predeceased her, Margaret is survived by her daughter

Bernadette, sons Michael, Pat and Richard, brothers Sean and Tom and sister Sr.

Fintan (Nora Francis). Requiem Mass for Margaret was celebrated at Corpus

Christi Church Knockanure on Tuesday 22nd of March 03 by Fr John Lucid assisted

by Fr Tom McMahon, Yvonne Buckley sang the hymns and Stephen Donegan played the

Organ. Margaret O Connor was laid to rest beside her husband Patrick who died

last December at Old Knockanure Churchyard. Margaret was born at Lisselton to

Patrick Francis and Hannah Pierce.

They had the following children:

17 M i. Patrick (Pat) O'Connor30847.

18 M ii. Richard O'Connor30848.

19 M iii. Micheál O'Connor30849.

20 F iv. Bernadette O'Connor30850.

04 Mar 2009 Descendants of John O'Connor10724

Page 10


Name ID Page Name ID Page

Connor, Michael John (b.1877) 8 4

Curtin, John 6S 1

Francis, Margaret (b.1919) 10S 8

Leahy, Timothy 5S 1

Molyneaux, Johanna H (b.1847) 2S 3

O'Connor, (d.1911) 11 6

O'Connor, Bernadette 20 9

O'Connor, Catherine 6 1

O'Connor, Cornelius 4 1

O'Connor, Fr. Con (b.1910) 14 6

O'Connor, Fr. John (b.1910) 12 6

O'Connor, Fr. Michael J (b.1907) 9 6

O'Connor, Gerald (b.1910) 13 6

O'Connor, John (d.1874) 1 1

O'Connor, John 3 1

O'Connor, Mary 5 1

O'Connor, Michael (d.1876) 2 12

O'Connor, Micheál 19 9

O'Connor, Patrick (b.1875) 7 45

O'Connor, Patrick (b.1909) 10 67

O'Connor, Patrick (Pat) 17 9

O'Connor, Richard 18 9

O'Connor, Sr. (b.1911) 16 6

O'Connor, Sr. Conception (b.1911) 15 6

Pierce, Norah (b.1878) 7S 5



From: "Bart Brassil" <>
Subject: Unidentified subject!
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 17:56:43 -0400


Please contact me if you have any ENRIGHTS in your line in/from Listowel,
Co. Kerry.

I am trying to find relatives of a Margaret ENRIGHT that married a Paul

Does anyone have any Listoowel directories that could help me? - time
periods = 1850-1890's???

all info below on my Margaret


I also have the following Enrights living at 242 1st Street in Hoboken NJ
from the 1891 Jersey City Directory

James Enright
James Enright Jr. - a porter
Timothy Enright - Liquor (this may very well be the Timothy who was the
witness to my G GM's wedding)
Michael Enright - Bartender


Descendants of Margaret Enright

Generation No. 1

MY_BEST_GUESS_AT_THIS_POINT1) was born Bet. 1820 - 1840 in Listowel, Co.
Kerry, Ireland, and died Bet. 1900 - 1920 in Unknown town, unknown county,
Ireland. She married JOHN JONES Unknown in Unknown town, unknown county,
Ireland, son of PAUL JONES and ELLEN SULLIVAN. He was born Abt. 1818 in
Unknown town, unknown county, Ireland, and died Abt. 1914 in Unknown town,
unknown county, Ireland.

Would have used St Michaels in Ballylongford to baptize the kids.

Daisy (nee Walsh) Mulvihill (daughter of Bridget Jones) seems to recollect
the following:
(she is about 94 and her memory is starting to fail or get convoluted a bit)

The marriage may have happened in Listowel as that is where her family is
They also were from a family of shoe makers (cobblers) and the descendants
of her family still may run a shoe store called "Whelans" in Listowel.

My hunt for the Whelans:
I called Whelan's (068 21359) and they had no idea of a connection.
She did give me a Pat Whelan's # who may help - 086 21797
the line he gave me was as follows but believes his GF was from Co. Clare
Patrick Enright + Bridget(?) Dillon had Margaret Enright who married Jack
they had pat and his sister Beta (any more - not needed at this point)
he gave me his sisters number in Dublin and i will call her - Beta Whelan
((Whelan B M 71 Bird ave 14 01-2697229))


John JONES was married to a Margaret ENRIGHT somwhere in Co. Kerry Ireland.
(family lore)
(mar circ. 1825-1845)

Their daughter Ellen JONES (bc Nov 1864) (or Thomas DENNEHY) was living at
202 Montgomery Street, Jersey City, NJ on Jan 19/1890.
She married a Thomas DENNEHY (bc 1865) son of Jeremiah DENNIHY(DENNEHY)&
Elizabeth CAHILL.
They then moved into NYC and he was a "Coachman" but died in 1898.
They had 4 children.
John J, Mary Margaret, Thomas, Jeremiah Thomas (my gf)
John J and Thomas both die before the age of 10.

Ellen JONES DENNEHY remarries a Daniel McAVOY and lived near 116 st in NYC
She eventually dies in 1908. He was a labarouer.
They had one child Daniel jr who dies at about 1 years old.


Two people in the St. Peter's marriage register as witnesses were a Mary
JONES and W. Timothy ENRIGHT.
I am unsure of the exact relationship of the last two people.
((( I know think this Mary is the Mary Jones that married John Greer)))

An extra fact that was not part of the marriage notice.
I also know that Ellen had a sister Margaret JONES (bc 1872) who married a

If you have any knowledge of any of these people or surnames in Jersey City
NJ from 1880-1900,
or anywhere) please contact me.


I also have the following Enrights living at 242 1st Street in Hoboken NJ
from the 1891 Jersey City Directory

James Enright
James Enright Jr. - a porter
Timothy Enright - Liquor (this may very well be the Timothy who was the
Michael Enright - Bartender


John J Enright at 31/2 5th St Jersey City - a clerk

Broderbund Family Archive #188, Ed. 1, Index to Griffith's Valuation of
Ireland, 1848-1864, Date of Import: Aug 30, 2001, Internal Ref.

Individual: Jones, Margaret
County: Kerry
Parish: Aghavallen
Location: T/Ballylongford

Fact 1: County: Kerry1
Fact 2: Parish: Aghavallen1
Fact 3: Location: T/Ballylongford1
Fact 4: Comments:1

Notes for JOHN JONES:
I was told by Helena Johnston that her mom Daisy thought there were 10 kids
to these parents.

Was he a shoemaker as well or another trade?

From Mary (O'Neill) Walsh June 18, 2000:
5) JOHN. He died aged 96 years but I haven't his date of death. There is a
question mark around 1914 but nothing definite. He married MARGARET ENRIGHT
( Margaret died aged 69years but I don't have her date of death).
She lived in a house in Listowel near our local hospital - but whether she
lived there after her marriage, I'm not sure. Daisy would know but her
memory has begun to fail. She really had a sharp and retentive mind up to 3
or 4 years ago. MARGARET had 2 brothers MAURICE
& PATRICK but I have no information on them or on Margaret's parents.

His brothers and sisters (or sister in-laws) show up in Griffiths Valuation.

In the Slater's Directory the Jones show up as Shoe/boot makers
1870 - Edmond, John & Paul Jones are all listed as Boot & Shoe Makers
1881 - Edmond Jones is listed as Boot & Shoe Makers


Interestingly - the JONES shoemakers (on my maternal line) probably made
shoes for my BRASSIL ancestors (on my paternal line) as they lived in the
Balylongford area during the same timeframe. (and still do)

i. JOHN4 JONES, b. Bet. 1855 - 1875, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland; d.
Unknown, Unknown.

Notes for JOHN JONES:
Was a teacher in America and was Daisy (nee Walsh) Mulvihill's godfather

Was he ever married?

"Mary Walsh" <> 06/24/2000 07:15 PM
JOHN was married and had children but they all died of T.B. (I have no

ii. MAURICE JONES, b. Bet. 1855 - 1875, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland;
d. Unknown, Unknown town, unknown state, U.S.A..

Was single?
Lived in America. (if so where?)

"Mary Walsh" <> 06/24/2000 07:15 PM
MAURICE I have no information just that he was a batchelor.

this may or may not be him
Search Terms: MAURICE (267), JONES (984)
Database: Brooklyn, New York Directories, 1888-1890
Combined Matches: 1
Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year
Maurice Jones clerk 138 Kent avenue Brooklyn NY 1889, 1890

Search Terms: MAURICE (28), JONES (2251) Database: Utica, New York
Directories, 1887-91
Combined Matches: 4

Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year
Maurice J. Jones law student 79 Fayette Utica NY 1887
Maurice W. Jones clerk 20 Hobart Utica NY 1887
Maurice W. Jones clerk 20 Hobart Utica NY 1890
Maurice W. Jones clerk boards 20 Hobart Utica NY 1891

iii. PAUL JONES, b. Bet. 1855 - 1875, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland; d.
Bet. 1930 - 1940, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland; m. CATHERINE BUNCE,
Unknown, Unknown; b. Unknown, Moyvanne, Co. Kerry, Ireland; d. Bet. 1930 -
1940, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Notes for PAUL JONES:
This Paul Jones was the uncle of Daisy Walsh Mulvihill.

The following names show up for Jones in the following location
County: Kerry
Parish: Aghavallen
Location: T/Ballylongford

Bridget Jones
Edmond Jones
Margaret Jones
Paul Jones

County: Kerry
Parish: Aghavallen
Location: Aghanagran Middle

Edmond Jones
Paul Jones


In the Slater's Directory the Jones show up as Shoe/boot makers
1870 - Edmond, John & Paul Jones are all listed as Boot & Shoe Makers
1881 - Edmond Jones is listed as Boot & Shoe Makers

June 13, 2000 - John Joe Carmody of Ballylongford provided much of the Jones
info here from his memory. He corrected the fact that Daisy Mulvihill's
maiden name was Walsh and her mom's maiden name was Jones. he was able to
put me into contact with The Enrights whcih then led me to Daisy's daughter.

June 20, 2000
Was the constable and he was murderd (a story that Genie Bergen had heard)
Genie also said that Daisy said that he had died of a heart attack. We are
unsure which is true.
Honey has the mass cards.

"Mary Walsh" <>
06/24/2000 07:15 PM
PAUL was a shoemaker and he married CATHERINE BUNCE. They had 5 children :
KATIE who married MARTIN FLAHERTY , RITA who married JIM STRUBLE, MARY who
married GEORGE CRELLEY, JOHN who died in the First World War, and PAUL who
died of peritonitas at the age of 21years.

iv. TIMOTHY JONES, b. Bet. 1855 - 1875, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Not sure if this was a true child or not.
Can anyone confirm this?

TIM( could be known as TAIDGH) I have no information just that he was a


v. ELLEN JONES2, b. November 1864, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland3; d.
October 15, 1905, New York, New York, U.S.A.4; m. (1) THOMAS DENNEHY,
January 19, 1890, Saint Peter's Church, Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.A.5; b.
1855, Unknown town, Co. Cork, Ireland5; d. December 09, 1898, New York, New
York, U.S.A.6; m. (2) DANIEL MCAVOY, August 20, 1899, Unknown church, New
York, New York, U.S.A.; b. January 1866, Unknown town, unknown county,
Ireland7; d. Unknown, Unknown town, unknown state, U.S.A..

Notes for ELLEN JONES:
Ellen was living at 115 west 53st and was 33 when she remarried Daniel
McAvey, 29 yrs old and was living at 115 West 53st.
The clergeman was living at 460 Madison Avenue - This may be a chuch
location for a church to investigate.
They have 1 child together about 1 year later and he dies within a year old;
This is Daniel Jr.
The 2nd son of the 1st marriage then dies in 1903 - Thomas Jr. (my great
Ellen (or Nellie - too close to Helen to be mistaken for anything else) then
dies in 1905

That must be when GP Jerry & GA Sis are taken away to live with the

I can now do the following:
Find death certificates for 1 yr. old Dan, 9 year old Thomas & Ellen McAvoy
or Helen Jones.
vi. MARY JONES, b. March 15, 1866, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland; d.
Unknown, Unknown; m. JOHN GRIER, Unknown, Unknown; b. Unknown, Unknown; d.
Unknown, Unknown.

Notes for MARY JONES:
No known children that anyone knew but maybe htere are.
She went to america and met John Greer there got married and then moved back
to Northern Ireland. Cookstown Donganon - maybe
This was probaly the Mary that was the witness to my Great Grandmothers
wedding. (Ellen Jones + Thomas Dennehy)

MARY married JOHN GRIER and they had 3 children but I only have the names of
2 :BRID and MARY (or MURIEL). They lived in Northern Ireland.

maybe this is john????
Jersey City, New Jersey Directories, 1891-93
Viewing records 1-4 of 4 Matches

Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year
James Grier 129 Pearsall avenue Jersey NJ 1891
John Grier polisher 155 Jefferson H Jersey NJ 1892
John T Grier 123 Storm avenue Jersey NJ 1892
John T Grier 123 Storm avenue Jersey NJ 1893


Sex: F

Birth: 15 Mar 1866
0560, Ballylongford, Kerry, Ireland

Father: John JONES
Mother: Margaret ENRIGHT
Source Information:

Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
C701285 -1866 0101124 Film


Notes for JOHN GRIER:
Are any of these him?

Search Terms: GRIER (4), JOHN (21152)
Database: Jersey City, New Jersey Directories, 1891-93
Combined Matches: 3
Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year
John Grier polisher 155 Jefferson H Jersey NJ 1892
John T Grier 123 Storm avenue Jersey NJ 1892
John T Grier 123 Storm avenue Jersey NJ 1893

Search Terms: GRIER (2), JOHN (9003)
Database: Jersey City, New Jersey Directory, 1889-90
Combined Matches: 1
Surname Given Name Occupation Business Address Residence Comments Page
Grier John T manager h 44 Storm avenue 232

vii. BRIDGET JONES, b. Bef. 1868, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland; d. Bet.
1860 - 1880, Unknown.

There was suposedly a baby that died young.
Could this have been the first Margaret and then they had another baby that
they named Margaret?
Note the differnece in age and baptism data I have for Margaret Jones

"Mary Walsh" <>
06/24/2000 07:15 PM
Baby Jones who died in infancy was I think called BRIDGET too.

viii. MARGARET JONES, b. October 24, 1868, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry,
Ireland11; d. January 16, 1946, Piermont, New York, U.S.A.; m. JOHN
WESTCOTT, Bet. April 18, 1899 - April 19, 1900, Unknown; b. 1873, Unknown
town, England; d. February 15, 1931, Palisades, New York, U.S.A..

Took Care of my grandfather and Great Aunt "Sis" when my Great grandmother
died. they took The 2 children away from Daniel McAvoy, Ellen
Jones-Dennehy-McAvoy's 2nd Husband.

Dates off the tombstone from Sparkill NY

This may or may not be the same person
why the big discrepancy in the dates?
Maybe the first Maragret died and this is a second?

"Frey, Elizabeth A" <> on 03/23/2000 04:45 PM
To: "''" <>

Hi Bart,

I'm not sure whether you have this info, but after my last e-mail, I looked
through the Fam.History Resource File and found the following:

Margaret Jones b. Oct. 24, 1868
Bridget Jones b. Aug. 24, 1871

Place: Ballylongford, Kerry
Parents: John Jones and Margaret Enright

FHL Number 101179 and 255831

I think this is definitely a hit! Will look for more tomorrow.
Have a great evening!

Betty Frey


Date born 2: Bet. 1871 - 1872, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Dates off the tombstone.
According to the 1930 census, he immigrated in 1900

Could this be him? - no - see above.
Search Results
Search Terms: WESTCOTT (27), JOHN (21152)
Database: Jersey City, New Jersey Directories, 1891-93
Combined Matches: 1
Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year
John Westcott waiter 249 Newark avenue Jersey NJ 1891

ix. BRIDGET JONES, b. August 24, 1871, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland; d.
February 20, 1956, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland; m. MICHAEL WALSH,
Unknown, Saint Michael's Church, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland; b. 1860,
Quinn, Co.Clare, Ireland; d. February 13, 1945, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry,

Margaret Jones b. Oct. 24, 1868
Bridget Jones b. Aug. 24, 1871

Place: Ballylongford, Kerry
Parents: John Jones and Margaret Enright

FHL Number 101179 and 255831

She was in America but came back.
Where did she settle when she came back?

"Mary Walsh" <>
07/20/2000 06:25 PM
BRIDGET JONES died 20th February 1956 in Ballylongford, Co.Kerry. She
married MICHAEL WALSH who was born in Quinn, Co. Clare in 1860 and died 13th
February 1945 in Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.

He was the postmaster of Ballylongford.

x. ROBERT JONES, b. Bet. April 20, 1878 - April 19, 1879, Ballylongford, Co.
Kerry, Ireland; d. Unknown, Unknown; m. MARIA CORBERT, Bet. April 20, 1907 -
April 19, 1909, Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, Ireland; b. Bet. April 20, 1886 -
April 19, 1887, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.

He was a school teacher in Moyvane (Newtown Sandes)
Did they have children?

ROBERT was a teacher in Moyvane (or Newtownsandes). He was dismissed and
then went to America where he worked in a bank. He married MYRIA CORBETT and

I did find him on the census of 1910 living with the Westcotts in
Bernardsville, NJ - I have not seen him in the 1920 census though.
He immigrated in 1910 according to the Census.
It lists them as havign one child born at this point

Immigrated: Bet. January 01 - April 19, 1910, Unknown

Immigrated: Bet. January 01 - April 19, 1910, Unknown

Marriage Notes for ROBERT JONES and MARIA CORBERT:
Probably got married here - not definite yet.

Color-coded Family Tree

To understand more clearly our family heritage and precisely how we are connected to one another, I've devised a color-coded pattern, top-down, from oldest to most recent generations. Here's how it works. . . .

First Generation, the earliest we can trace

Second Generation, all born in Ireland, some emigrated

Third Generation, hardships in Ireland, many emigrated to U.S., some to Australia and Great Britain

Fourth Generation, many are in the U.S., most by birth, some by emigration

Fifth Generation, most were born in the U.S.; some emigrated from Ireland to UK, Australia

Sixth Generation, all acclimated in countries of birth-most are in U.S.

Seventh Generation, only current info we have is from U.S. families

Eighth Generation, only current info we have is from U.S. families

On July 5, 2008, I contacted Fr. Pat Moore, parish priest for St. Bridget's church in Duagh, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland, and indicated that Geoffrey and Bridget (O'Connor) O'Donoghue had at least one child who was born/christened in Duagh, Geoffrey O'Donoghue, July 15, 1932. Fr. Moore examined the records at St. Bridget's, and the next day I learned these results:

The marriage records for Geoffrey and Bridget (O'Connor) were not on file at the church, and no records exist prior to 1816. But the church did hold records of children that were born to the couple:

Geoffrey and Bridget (O'Connor) O'Donoghue:

Patrick O'Donoghue, born/christened March 14, 1824

Charles O'Donoghue, born/christened April 11, 1825

Michael O'Donoghue, born/christened October 4, 1827 [See attached sheets for family generations]

Joanna O'Donoghue, born/christened December 9, 1830

Jeffrey O'Donoghue, born/christened July 15, 1832 [See attached sheets for family generations]

Bridget O'Donoghue, born/christened September 28, 1834

If you regard Geoffrey and Bridget O'Donoghue (no records for their birth, death, or date of marriage) as the first generation we can clearly trace, their children, listed above, are the second generation.

We have much information on the Michael O'Donoghue branch, thanks primarily to the efforts of John Crawford. We also have accurate and organized information on Jeffrey O'Donoghue, thanks to the genealogical efforts of Nadine Donohue, married to descendant Jeffery Donohue, and their nieces.

The other four branches, however, are a mystery. We do know other O'Donoghues lived on the south side of Chicago. Likely they were relatives, but the exact relationship is unclear at this time.

-Sharon Donohue [wife of Kevin Donohue, fifth generation]




Descendants of Geoffrey and Bridget (O'Connor) Donoghue [through Geoffrey]

Geoffrey and Johanna (Moloney) Donoghue, married Jan. 11, 1861 in Moyvane, Listowel, Co. Kerry
Geoffrey born July 15, 1832 in Duagh, Listowel; died April 1916 in Chicago
Johanna born May 1836 in Coilagurteen, Moyvane, Kerry; died 1874 in Ottawa, IL
[After Johanna's death, Geoffrey married Katherine Duffy in 1876; lived in Ottawa & Chicago]
Timothy O'Donoghue, born 1862 in Co. Kerry, Ireland; married Agnes ____________
Jeffery M. Donohue, b. Aug. 28, 1864 in Ottawa, IL; m. Adelaide Mohor; d. Oct.29, 1949 in Ottawa
Jeffery M. Donohue, b. July 16, 1902 in Lacrosse, WI; m. Ruth Deneen; died June 1970 (age 70)
Francis J. (Dick) Donohue, b. 1904 in Lacrosse, WI; m. Lenora Bussan; died 1972 (age 68)
Patricia m. John Longtin
Greg Longtin
Eric Longtin
Jeff Longtin
Mary m. Ronald Levens
Scott Levens
Ronda Levens
Michael Levens
Timothy Donohue, b. about 1907 in Lacrosse,WI
Katherine Donohue, b. Nov. 29, 1908 in Galena, IL; died July 19, 1990 in Minneapolis (age 81)
m. Peter Cordell (d.1949); m. Harry Linenfelser in 1949
Adelaide Margaret Donohue, b. Sept.12, 1912 in Galena, IL; m. John O. O'Rourke 9/22/1932
d. May 14, 1964 in Dubuque, IA (age 62)
Jeffery Marlin Donohue, b. June 19, 1931 in Madison, WI
m. Marilyn Lundy; m. Nadine Gorman Miller, Mar. 3, 1982
Adelaide Geraldine, b. April 15, 1933 in Vinegar Hills, IL
m. Joseph G. Middendorf; m. Henry Scott Clark
Geraldine A. Middendorf, b. Aug. 9, 1956 in Dubuque, IA; m. John Bades
Daniel J. Middendorf, b. Nov. 1957 in Dubuque, IA;
Edward J. Middendorf, b. June 1, 1959 in Dubuque, IA;
Timothy Shawn Middendorf, b. Oct. 11, 1960 in Dubuque, IA;
Toni Marie Middendorf, b. Dec. 6, 1961 in Hazel Green, WI
Patrick J. Middendorf, b. Nov. 27, 1965 in Hazel Green, WI
Denise Jo Middendorf, b. Oct. 23, 1967 in Galena, IL
John Joseph O'Rourke, b. Aug. 15, 1937 in Vinegar Hills, IL
Dennis O'Rourke, b. Sept. 29, 1969
Robert O'Rourke, b. March 2, 1971
John James O'Rourke, b. Nov. 27, 1973
Dennis O'Rourke, b. Aug. 16, 1940 in Vinegar Hills, IL; d. March 2, 1955 in Galena, IL
John Joseph Donohue, b. Oct. 17, 1914 in Galena, IL; d. July 3, 1967 in Chicago (age 52)
m. June E. Smith in 1934; m. Gloria Chiappetti in 1949
Dennis Donohue, b. 1935 in Chicago; died 1935 in Chicago
Sylvia Joy, b. Aug. 15, 1938 in Chicago, d. Oct. 7, 2007 in Warrenton, OR
m. Cleland Orin Hancock in 1960; m. Joseph McCaffery in 1983
Tonya Hancock Case, b. Dec. 29, 1960; m. _______ [3 children]; m. Philip Case
Adam __________
Cody Wilson
Katie Wilson
Julie Hancock Sriram, b. Feb. 15, 1964; m. _______ [2children]; m.Vinay Sriram
Brian __________
Tia ____________
Govind Sriram
Anand Sriram
John Anthony Donohue, b. Jan. 12, 1951 in Oak Park, IL; d. June 16, 1996 Lexington, KY
Gloria Gay Donohue, b. Jan. 11, 1952 in Oak Park, IL; d. Feb. 10, 1959 in Chicago (age 7)
Kevin Dominic Donohue, b. April 19, 1958 in Oak Park, IL; m. Sharon Johnson in 1983
Lives in Lexington, KY; Kevin is a prof in EE at University of KY
Katherine (Katie) Janae, b. Jan. 30, 1989 in Upper Darby, PA
Maurice Donohue, b. June 30, 1917 in Galena, IL; d. July 31, 1990 in Savannah, IL (age 73)
Edward Donohue, b. about 1919 in Galena, IL; d. June 6, 1944, Omaha Beach, Normandy invasion
Katherine, b. July 27, 1866 in Ottawa, IL; m. Maurice O'Connor Dec. 6, 1982 in Chicago;
d. April 19, 1951 in Chicago, IL (age 84), buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetary, Chicago
William Charles O'Donohue, b. Oct. 30, 1867 in Ottawa, IL
John W. O'Donohue, b. about 1869; buried Dec. 31, 1905 in Mt. Olivet Cemetary, Chicago
Agnes Bridget O'Donohue, b. March 10, 1872 in Ottawa, IL; d. May 31, 1945 in Chicago (age 73)
Graduated from University of Chicago; taught 40 years in Chicago
Taught at Calumet High School from 1922 - 1940


Geoffery/Jeffrey O'Donohue (widowed) married Katherine Duffy on Jan. 6, 1876 in Ottawa, IL
Katherine died in 1906 and was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Chicago
Mark Jeffrey O'Donohue, b. Feb. 26, 1877 in Ottawa, IL; d. April 2, 1965 in Chicago (age 88)
Buried in St. Mary's Cemetary, Evergreen Park, IL
m. Augusta Hartnett (born about 1881 in TX)
Jeffrey M. O'Donohue, b. about 1908; buried July 14, 1941 St. Mary's Cemetery, Evergreen Park
John W. O'Donohue, b. about 1906; buried Oct. 17, 1956 in St. Mary's Cemetery, Evergreen Park
m. Catherine Monaghan, b. about 1913; buried May 11, 1998, St. Mary's C.
John M. O'Donohue, buried Dec. 7, 2000
Rita O'Donohue, b. about 1942; buried Jan. 27, 2004 in St. Mary's Cemetery in Chicago
James O'Donohue
William O'Donohue, b. Oct. 19, 1946 in Chicago; m. ____ Davis; d. Jan. 20, 1991, Chicago
Christene Patrichia O'Donohue
Thomas O'Donohue, d. before 2000





Descendants of Geoffrey and Bridget (O'Connor) Donoghue [through Michael]


Michael and Johanna (Laughlin or Loughnane) O'Donoghue married in 1850s, had six children:
Geoffrey, son of Michael (G-Gfather Geoff's brother) had nine children, three died as infants:

Hannah /Johanna the oldest, born in Duagh Dec. 19, 1897; emigrated to Chicago in 1920
She married George Welbourn, lived in Chicago, Astoria-NYC, Valparaiso
George died Aug. 31, 1962; Hannah died May 2, 1977
Annette lives in Valparaiso, IN; keeps in touch with w/ cousins Nelli, Mary Ann, Kitty
George Welbourn, Jr., born Nov.17, 1927; married Ethel Grossinger; died Nov.24,1974
Patsy married Chic Shaddox
Michelle married Kieran McAleer (from Co Tyrone, Ireland) in Chicago
She studied at Art Institute in Chicago, is a free-lance designer
Amy married Brandy Mays
Michael Lee
Elissa Lee


Patrick O'Donoghue married Katherine Dillon, inherited the farm in Duagh, died Sept.,1974
Katherine died in March 1983

Geoffrey O'Donoghue, born in 1938?, lives in Duagh, runs the farm
Mary (nun), living in Queensland, Australia
Mike O'Donoghue emigrated to Great Britain, managed construction for a hotel chain
Margaret (nun), living in Queensland, Australia
Kathy/Kathleen, nurse, living in N.J.; married Karl Loftberg; live in Cresskill, NJ
Karl is a prof in economics/business at New York University
Dennis O'Donoghue married Hannah Molyneaux, eventually emigrated to Pittsburgh in 1960s
Tom O'Donoghue emigrated to Pittsburgh 1950s, very successful in restaurant business
His success led his parents & siblings to emigrate to Pittsurgh in '60s
Famed restaurant is Blarney Stone in Etna, PA (Pittsburgh suburb)
Organized cultural heritage activities; a promoter in national politics
Tom died in 1974, survived by a number of children . . .
Dennis O'Donoghue, born in 1958, graduated from U.S. Naval Academy

Chief test pilot, now VP for Boeing, lives in Issaquah, WA
Mary Theresa married ____________ and lived/lives in Pittsburgh
Dee (Bridget) married James Horgan and lives in Marietta, GA
Eileen married James Curran; they live in Pittsburgh
Birdie O'Donoghue is a nun and lives in Great Britain (only sibling not in the U.S.)
Eileen married __________ Curran
Joan married Matthew McMahon, lived in Chicago in 1978, died April 25, 1997
Was a nurse at Bethany Methodist Hospital, mother of seven, husband died in 1997
Eileen married Scott Shanahan; they live in Mt. Prospect, IL (Chicago suburb)
Sean McMahon lives in Naperville, IL (Chicago suburb) has a software business

Michael O'Donoghue, born Jan. 7, 1901; ordained June 13, 1926; died May 7, 1932
Fr. Michael served as a missionary priest in Nevada 1926 - 1932

Mary Ann married Cornelius McCarthy, remained in Listowel, Ireland

Mary Ann
______________ (son)

Wrong info?: Geoffrey ? "Married an O'Connor & remained in Ireland"-that was Geoff, father of Michael
[named by John Crawford, but not named by Geoffrey in Duagh when listing father's siblings]


Patrick married Margaret (Maggie) (in US or Ireland?) came to Chicago, lived on Van Buren St.

John [Donohue or O'Donoghue?] died in 1933, a young man
Harry Donahue (sp?) died in __________
Barbara married a Pehlke, lives in Phoenix
Michael Donohue married Catherine Kelly (she was born Mar.14,1909 in Co.Leitrim
[Catherine was youngest of eight, came to U.S. in 1925 at age 16]
Michael died in 1954; Catherine died in 1996
John/Jack Donohue, born March 15, 1930; married Nancy Healy; remarried, had a son;

Was VP for Stud. Dev at Oakton Com Col, Niles, IL in 1997; died in 2000

Ellen (born to Jack and Nancy)
Edward (born to Jack and Nancy)
David (born to Jack and ______________)

Michael Donohue, Jr., born April 17, 1933, married Mary Gallahan

An educator, was Dem Party chair in DuPage, retired in Galena
Joanne (born in 1956?) married Jeff Stanly (sp?) and lives in Seattle
Michael Donohue (born in 1957? married Mary McNulty, in Arlington Heights
Emily, born in 1999?
Michelle, born in 2002?
Cathy (born in 1959?) married Kyle Long; they live in Littleton, CO
Colleen, born in 1991?
Kevin Donohue, born Jan. 21, 1964, died January 8, 1994 (auto accident)
Julie (born in 1972?) married Brad Steckwine; she's teaching at U. of Pittsburgh
Emma, born in 2002?
Helen, born March 31, 1937 married Leonard (Bob) Foote (sp?)
Mary Beth Foote, graduated from DePaul, is a CPA
Tom Foote married _______________ and lives in Kansas City
Bob Foote, Jr. is a teacher in Chicago
Leonard lives in Chicago

Helen married Joe Walsh (Helen was close to cousins Mae & Jo, tho 10 yrs younger)
Bill Walsh married Jeanne (Chicago police, died 1981, age 54) [Jeanne in Sun City, AZ]
____________ married Patrick Lusk (her cousin Rita's brother-in-law)
Joe Walsh Jr. married _________
___________ (son in Chicago police dept)
Marilyn married Bill Breshnahan
Rita married Peter Lusk, lived in Naperville, then AZ
Carol married ________ Griego, lives in Paradise Valley, AZ
Dave (Pittsburg Pirates [AA] pitcher in 1980s; Readers Digest, June 1989)
Bridget came to US w/ siblings, married David Windle in Philly, moved to Chicago, Congress St.

Born March 9, 1873 in Ardydonegan, Duagh, Co. Kerry; died Feb. 11, 1935 in Chicago
Success with a tavern business enabled the couple to buy a four-flat, which served family well
Mae married George Egan (he was a Chicago policeman); both died in 1938, four daughters
They raised their family in her parent's four-flat on Congress St.:
________________ born in 1924
Josephine/Jo married John J. Crawford 2/8/22, raised family in parent's four-flat, Congress St.
[four daughters, two sons; John was born April 15, 1894, died Oct. 26, 1985]
John Crawford married Mary _____________
Joseph Crawford, lives in River Forest (Chicago suburb)
________________ living in Chicago region

________________ living in Chicago region
________________ living in Chicago region
Jeanne, lives in Tucson, AZ [Assigned to Embassy in Paris in the 1950s]
John was born approx 1895, remained single, died about 1960, at age 65
Helen/Nell (remained single) came to U.S. w/ siblings
Mary (remained single) came to U.S. w/ siblings
Catherine/Kate (remained single) came to U.S. w/ siblings




The picture attached is Jeffrey and Adelaide (Moher) Donohue (O'Donoghue in
Duagh) and their children and children's spouses. Jeffrey is the son of
Geoffrey and Johanna (Moloney) O'Donoghue (he was born 1832 in Duagh).
Geoffrey O'Donoghue is the son of Geoffrey and Bridget O'Donoghue. Geoffrey
and Bridget had six children, all born in Duagh in the 1820s and 1830s (see
first document attached). Do you know anything about those siblings of
Geoffrey's or about his parents (Geoffrey and Bridget [O'Connor]