Ellis Island



a Eulogy of the Ancestors....

Let us praise illustrious people

Our folk in their successive generations.

The Lord gave them glory

And showed his greatness in them from the beginning.

Some ruled their kingdoms and were renowned for their achievements,

Others directed their people by their advice,

By their understanding of the popular mind

And instructed them with the wise words of their teaching.

All these were honoured by their contemporaries

And were the glory of their day.

Some cultivated music and poetry....

The names of some lived on and people still praise them today

While others left no memory

And disappeared as though they had not existed.

Here is a list of generous people

Whose good works have not been forgotten.

In their descendants there remains a rich inheritance born of them....

Their offspring will last forever.

Their glory will not fade.

Their bodies have been buried in peace.

And their names live on for all generations.

People will speak of their wisdom;

And the assembly will celebrate their praises.(Ecclesiasticus 44:1-15)





The American Immigrant Wall of Honor® - Search Results, sample

1. Catherine Brady Kennelly County Caven, Ireland 220
2. Catherine Kennelly Murphy Ireland 306
3. Eileen Curran Kennelly Ireland 688
4. Ellen Nellie Kennelly McGonigal New Town Sands, Kerry, Ireland 285
5. George Francis Kennelly County Kerry, Ireland 220
6. Honorah Kennelly Conley Ballybunion,Co. Kerry, Ireland 500
7. Johanna Kennelly Baranigue, Limerick, Ireland 220
8. John Joseph Kennelly Ballyhaigue, Ireland 220
9. John Joseph Kennelly County Limerick, Ireland 220
10. John Kennelly Ireland 220
11. Margaret and Michael Kennelly Ireland 663
12. Maurice and Margret Kennelly Ireland 526
13. Michael Kennelly Limerick, Ireland 220
14. Nell Kennelly Blackwell Ireland 43
15. Stephen Kennelly Ireland 688
16. Ted Kennelly Ballylongford, Kerry, Ireland 220

Arthur John Stack, Sr. Ireland 419
16. Catherine A. Stackpole Connelly Ireland 500
21. Cornelius J. Stack Ireland 419
22. Daniel Stack Ireland 419
24. Delia Mullin Stack Ireland 565
27. Eileen Phelan Stack Ireland 419
28. Elizabeth Mullins Stack
35. James F. Stack Ireland 419
39. John J. and Eileen Phelan Stack Ireland 419
40. John Oliver Stack Ireland 419
50. Katherine Stack Ireland 419
52. Katie Stack Ardfert, Ireland 419
53. Mae Curtin Stack County Kerry, Ireland 419
36. James Joseph Stack
55. Mary E. Stack Cordon Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland 89
57. Mary Jane Stack Bartley Ireland 489 58.
Mary O'Connell Stack Ireland 419
59. Mary Stack Clark Ireland 82
62. Maura O'Neill Stack Ireland 419
63. Michael Francis Stack Ireland 641
64. Michael J. Stack County Limerick, Ireland 641
66. Nora McElligott Stack County Kerry, Ireland 419
67. Nora Stack Duall, Co., Kerry, Ireland 641
68. Nora Stack O'Shea Ireland 320
69. Patrick J. Stack Ireland 419
70. Patrick Stack County Kerry, Ireland 419
79. The Ellen Stack Family Ireland 419
80. The Patrick and Anna Stack Family Listowel,County Kerry, Ireland 565
81. The Stack Family Duagh, Ireland 737
85. Thomas Patrick Stack County Kerry, Ireland 419


13. Catherine Griffin Ballybunion, Kerry, Ireland 605
90. Patrick and Ellen Griffin McKenna Rusheen County Kerry, Ireland 735
91. Patrick and Ellen Griffin O'Leary Ballyheigue, Co.Kerry, Ireland 668
115. Thomas J. Griffin Askeaton,Co. Limerick, Ireland 605
116. Thomas J. Griffin County Limerick, Ireland 605
140. Nora Daly Leahy Knocknagoshel, Ireland 248
20. Margaret Carmody Wren County Kerry, Ireland 473
23. Mary Carmody Giuffo Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland 515
25. Mary Ellen Carmody Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland 590
5. Bridget Mulvihill County Kerry, Ireland 306
7. Daniel J. and Mary A. Mulvihill Co. Kerry, Ireland 668
19. Patrick Joseph Mulvihill Ballylongford, Kerry, Ireland 306
20. Anne O'Connor Smith Tarbet, County Kerry, Ireland 412
35. Bridget Curtin O'Connor Knocknagoshel,Co.Kerry,Ireland 545
189. John Joseph O'Connor Bally Heigue, Kerry, Ireland 318
240. Margaret O'Connor Brosna, County Kerry, Ireland 545
316. Michael and Ellie O'Connor Causeway, Co. Kerry, Ireland 626
405. The Kerry O'Connor Family Brosno County Kerry,Ireland 545
423. Theresa Connors Lane Listowel,County Kerry, Ireland 244
442. Timothy and Mary O'Rourke O'Connor Knocknagoshel, Ireland 721
445. Timothy Joseph O'Connor New Castle West, Ireland 318

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In June 2008, a gold cup, thought to have originated in ancient Persia, sold at auction in Dorchester for £50,000. The seller - who had taken pot shots at it with an airgun as a boy - had been given it by his grandfather, a scrap-metal dealer.

• In the 1960s an Oxford librarian bought a pair of old paintings as part of a job lot in a cardboard box, and hung them in her spare room. In 2006, they were discovered to be lost panels from a Fra Angelico altarpiece from the monastery of San Marco, in Florence. They fetched £1.7m at auction.

• A painting described as "18th-century continental school, half-length portrait of an aesthete" was sold at auction in Leicestershire in 2007, with an estimated value of £150-200. It in fact sold for £205,000, although it is thought by experts to be a Titian and its true market value several million pounds.

• In July, the metal detectorist Terry Herbert unearthed the "Staffordshire Hoard" - which at 1,500 pieces, is the biggest cache of Anglo Saxon metalwork ever discovered.