CENSUS of Agriculture will beheld on June 1st 2010, the census was held every year from 1847 to1953, they were taken every five years from 1960 to 1980, the census is nowtaken every 10 years, the questionnaire this year is eight pages long.






Some Local Irish Speakers 1901Census Pat Kennelly aged 67, Ellen Kennelly aged 56. Michael Connell aged 72 , Nora Connell aged 70 .Pat Nash aged 67, Joan Nash aged 69 . Michael Stack aged 46 ,Nora Stack aged 80.Jer Buckley aged 65, Joan Buckley aged 63, Pat Buckley aged 55. Catherine Scanlon aged 64.David Riordan aged 54.Batt Stackpoole aged 80 ,Pat Stackpoole aged 30,Mary Stackpoole aged 32. Joan Windle aged 70. Margaret Neville aged 75.James Callaghan aged 61. James Molony aged 52, John Molony aged 26, Catherine Molony aged 23, Mike Molony aged 20, Pat Moloney aged 6. John Nash aged 60, Kate Enright cannot Read aged 94, Mary Eagan cannot Read aged 79, Mary Mulvihill aged 60, Johanna Mulvihill aged 70, Dan whyte aged 53, Mary Whyte aged 49.Tom Mulvihill aged 80, Mary Mulvihill aged 70, Bridget Mulvihill aged 82. John Dunford aged 74, Dan Dunford aged 22. James Flavin aged 70, Johanna Flavin aged 50.
Trien Knockanure
Costelloe Family, Tom aged 60,Mary aged 50, anne aged 24, Tom aged 19, James aged 13,Michael aged 12.Denis Brosnan aged 21. Mgt Horan aged 79, Michael Herbert born co Limerick aged 55yrs.
Trieneragh Duagh Kerry 1901 Irish Speakers. Ned Lynch aged 40, Nano Lynch aged 41. Michael Horan aged 70, Bridget Horan aged 60, John Enright aged 66. Con Halpin aged 61, Nora Halpin aged 58. Tom Mc Elligott-,Mary Mc Elligott aged 55. Mgt Sheehy aged 72. Denis Keane aged 66, Eliz Keane aged 79, Jer Griffin weaver aged 54. Pat Langan aged 21. John Keane aged 75. Tim O Brien aged 60. Dan Ambrose aged 36, Mgt Ambrose aged 48. Pat O brien aged 40, Ann O Brien aged 42. Dan Collins aged 65.James Lynch aged 80 Mary Nolan aged 68 and her Daughter Mary Nolan aged 30.


Census c1680
ALSO 1901


Kilfergus Glin Alderman Hunt.

Gortdromagowna 8, Carrueragh 19, Kilmeaney 20 Irish & 2 English, Glenalappa 23 Irish & 2 English, Moyvane 26 Irish & 9 English, Aughrim 13, Leitrim 25, Kilbaha & Gortdromasillihy 76 held by Richard Mc Elligott,

Asdee John & Edward & John Hill 5 English & 18 Irish,

1901 Census Sample
Pilgrim Hill
Nora Stack, James Roche, Matt Mc Mahon, Kate Barry, John Walsh, Dan Scanlon, David Lane, Tim Brosnan, Jer Brosnan, James Mc Carthy, David Dillon, Con Keeffe, Tim Keane, Con Keane, David Barry, John Lyons, Pat Sullivan.

Con Keeffe a51y, Julia a40y wife, Children Joe a11years, Kate a10y, Julian a8y, Nora a6y, John a3y, Lizzie a8Mnts.

Jer Connor, William Connor, Pat Connor, Nora Connor, Michael Connor, John Twoomey, James Dower, Margaret Harnett, Jer Mc Carthy, Mary Ferris.

Hanora Dower a 58y Widower, Children Bridget a8y, William a10y.

Mary Ferris a80y could speak English & Irish.

James Dower a44y , wife Bridget a 46y, children Pat a18y, William?, Tom a15y, Richard a9y, John a10y, Esther a8y, Catherine a7y, Mick a5y, James?, Nora a1y+ 8Mnts.
Martin Flynn, Denis Buckley, Pat O Connor, John Clifford, Maurice Fitzgerald, Mary Flannigan, Ellen Connor.

Martin Flynn 62y, wife Mary a64y, Pat a36y Rate Collector, Margaret a27y daughter in law, Dan a24y, Margaret a22y, Ellen Brosnan 11y born Australia, Mary Brosnan a9y born Australia, Robert Stack a17y Servant.

Tom Broder, Dan Brosnan, Tom Heiffernan, Pat Lane, Hanoria Brosnan, Tom Connor, Con Mc Auliffe, Jer Brosnan, Francis Carroll, Johanna Hennessy, Jer Brosnan, David Dillon, John Mc Elligott.

Con Mc Auliffe a28y stationmaster, wife Mary a25y, son William a2y born Clare,

John Mc Elligott a34y Carpenter, Nora a33y wife, Daughter Johanna a2y

Tom Heiffernan a62y Shopkeeper Nora a60y wife, Maurice a25y, Nora a22y, & Mary Lyons a5y a scholar.
Pat Lane, Wife Mary, Michael Lane, John Burke boarder a16y Creamery Assistant, Bridget Keeffe 14y Servant Nurse, Mary Flannagan Dairy Maid a25y born Limerick boarder.
Johanna Hennessy a70y Widow, Pat O Connor 60y border.

Sluice Quarter
John Horgan, Michael Doody, Margaret Moloney, Denis Connell, John Moloney, William Collins, Michael Dillon, Dan Lane.

John Moloney a52y, wife Margaret a50y of Kilbaha, children John a24y, Nora a21y, Mary a13y, James a12y, Hanoria a9y, & Jer Hudson a37y a cousin.

Maurice Neligan a74y Labourer, wife Catherine a59y, son ? a36y Railway labourer.

William Behane a82y, his brother Tom a60y, Rose Behane a40y, Julia Walsh a50y niece housekeeper, William Behane a20y nephew, John Behane a15y nephew, Mary Behane a13y niece, Julia Behane a11y niece.

George Connor a44y, John Griffin a28y servant

Catherine Anglin a58y widow housekeeper, son Batt a28y labourer, Pat son a20y labourer.

Patch Duagh
Pat Galvin a43, wife Mgt a40, Children Tim a13, Ellie a8, Mgt a7, Denis a6, Hannah a3, Pat aged 9mnts, also in house Michael Lyons a20 servant, Pat Lyons do a21, ? Howard? a19 servant,

William Galvin a53 widower, children John a17, Tom a16, Jer a15, Hanora a12, Mary a9, James 10, Also Mary Galvin mother widow a75, Mary Mc Carthy servant a20.

Tour Duagh
Tom Mc Carthy, John Connor, John Mc Namara, Dennis Kelliher, Pat O Keeffe, William Stack, James Stack, Tom Foley, Michael Cronin, Johanna Cronin, Pat Cronin, Denis Moloney, Dan Stack,

Toureen Duagh
Dan Lyons, Pat Mc Elligott, Nora Cronin, Michael Cronin, John Foley, Dan Donoghue,

? Duagh
Jer Griffin a54 widower, Jer Griffin a50 unable to read.
Nora Mc Carthy a45 dressmaker widow, son James a12, daughter Nora a9,
Michael Landers a56 Smith, Mary wife, Garrett Landers a20 Smith Nephew,

Duagh Martin Kennelly Graigue wife Bridget children Joan, Bridget, Michael,
Con Keeffe a72, also Kate, William & Con,
Geoffrey O Donoghue a44 wife Mary Farmer Children Hanna Maria, Pat, Mary Anne, Denis, Michael,
Denis Foran a65, also Mick, Mgt, Ellie,
Dan Donoghue a57, wife Margaret a54, children Michael, Con, Maurice, Mary a12,

Kilmeaney 1901

Mary Brosnan a35 farmer, children Denis a9, James a8, Margaret a6, also Mary Barry a18 servant, Pat Keane a20 servant, Willie Lyons a36 servant, John Lyons a14 servant,

Denis Brosnan a80 widower, Hanora Greaney a17 grand daughter Bridget Greaney do a8,

Tom Kelly a66 farmer, wife Margaret a68, son Pat a32, Francis a21, daughter Ann a23,

Joe Meade a66 farmer, wife Bridget a50, son James a22, also a sister Margaret a55, Bridget Keane a22 servant, Tom Lyons a22 servant, James Sullivan a14 servant,

Tom Kelliher a27, wife Mary a26, children Mary a4, John a3, Ellen a1, Jer a6, also John Roche a69 father in law, Bridget Roche a14 niece,

John Mc Mahon a58, Bridget a56, Martin a20 Creamery worker, Alice a17 Seamstress, Bridget a13, Pat Enright a17 boarder,

Tom Broder a64 plate layer on railway, Catherine a64, Tim a22, Hanora a20 ,

Pat Nash a59 teacher, Hanora wife teacher a52, Mary Anne a23 teacher, Pat a19, Nora a17, Tim a14, Han a12, Jane a10, Ellen a8, ? Aged 7,

Maurice Barry a50, Wife Johanna a50, Mary a10, Also Lizzie Barry a relative a7,

John Moloney a60 farmer, Ellen a58, Pat a18, Han a16, James a14, Kate a3 grand daughter, Nora Downey beggar a50 could speak Irish & English,

James Moore, Michael Rowan, Michael Connor, John Stack, Tim Scanlon, Margaret Quinlan, Dan Kelly, Charles Montserrat, Michael Murphy, Pierce Wall,

Michael Bowan a34 caretaker could speak Irish & English, Kathleen Bowan a29,

Michael Connor a60 carpenter, wife Bridget a60,

Charles Montserrat a29 land agent, Mary Anne Quinn servant a28,

Pierce Wall a57 steward born Wicklow, wife Julia a54, Mary a23, Bridget a17 born Tipperary,

James Moore a77 farmer, Mary a68 wife, William a40, Bridget a29, Margaret a26, also Pat Keane a24,

Carrueragh Kilmorna
Michael Mulvihill, Pat Enright, Jer Doody, Jas Fitzmaurice, Tim Moloney, John Moloney, John Creed at Moloney's, Mary Sheahan, Jack Dore, Pat Lynch, William Stack, Bill Keane, Pat Sweeney, Con Nolan, Tom O Brien, Tom Cahill, John Sheehan, Jim Barrett, William & James Hunt, Pat Madigan, Ahern, Pat Flavin, Dan Carroll, Bridget Pierce, Maurice Stack, Kate Nolan, Maurice Tom Stack, Garrett Stack, Bob Stack, William Leahy, John Larkin, John Murphy, Dan P Keane,

Margaret Moloney a23, Richard Collins a96 a visitor, James Ryan a26 boarder creamery engineer of Tipperary, Mary Ryan a26 boarder of Tipperary,

Dan Carroll a78 widower, Mary Cullinane a56 Daughter & widow, John carroll son a47, Mary Cullinane a23 grand daughter,

William Lane retired a68, Margaret a57, Mary a25 grocer, John a23,

Pat Sweeney a35, Catherine a80 mother, Johanna a50 sister & dairy maid, Ellie Carmody a20 domestic, Katie? Aged 3,

Pat Keane, Tom Fitzgerald, Tim Connors, Pat Enright, Dan Sullivan, Dora Sullivan,

Pat Keane a30 Shepherd, Ellie a16 sister, Maggie a16 sister,

Tom Fitzgerald a80 , Mary wife a74, Nora a28 daughter,

Tim Cronin a43, Nora Cronin a80 mother & widow,

Dora Sullivan a80 widow born Limerick, Pat a45 son, James a40, John a55, Maggie Leahy house keeper, Hannie Keeffe a17 servant,

Maurice Griffin a58, Maurice a18 son labourer,
Bessie Mc Cormack a70,
Maurice Dore a20, Mary Dore a25,
Michael Barry a32, Wife Bridget a23 & 4 children,
Jer Carroll a42, WIFE Mary Gorman a35,
Julia Kelly a50, Ellie Kelly a47, Mary Kelly a28, Jer Nolan a26,
Tom Cronin a45, wife Margaret a42, son James a17,
Michael Finucane a85 retired farmer, wife Mary a80, son James a45, grand son William a12, and grand daughter Margaret a10,
Michael Kelliher a60, wife Nora 53, son Tom a18,
Tom Mc Mahon a49, wife Kate a41, son Dan a7,
Catherine Mc Mahon a60 dressmaker & Ellie Mc Mahon a27 dressmaker,
Jer Horgan aged 1Year with his parents,
Tim Leahy a72 farmer, & 4 children & 8 servants & Barton child a3yrs,

James Kennelly a66, son Matt a9, James a25, Mary a23,

Pat Kennelly a55, Wife Ellie Dore a45, son Jer a17, Bridget daughter, Ellen a13 daughter, Bessy a12 do, Molly a10 do, Pat a19 nephew, Mary niece a18,
Servants Margaret Stack & Michael Horgan a12,

Pat Broder a40,
Pat woulfe a47, wife Elizabeth a39, children include Elizabeth a19 and Dan a7, etc,
John Buckley a50,
Robert Hunt a60, James Hunt a28, etc,
John Stokes a38, Joan a64, etc,
James Connor a62, wife Mary a51, son Jeremiah a13, etc,
John Flaherty a54, Tim a12, James a8, etc,
Margaret Lynch a65,
Matt Costelloe a60, wife Margaret a50, son John a30,
James Sexton a50, wife Ellie a38, Denis a4 son,

John Hanrahan agricultural labourer a67, wife aged 60, children Margaret a24, William a19,

John Kennelly a60 labourer, wife Joan a58, son aged 20, etc,

Pat Moran a57, wife Mary Hanrahan a48, son Pat a19, Mary a20, John a16, Catherine a18, James a12, Stephen a10, Tim a8, Edward a6, Con a4,

Deborah Murphy a66, etc also Con & John Healy ? Grandsons,

Maurice Nash a55, Paddy a20, etc,
Michael Barry a60, wife Mary a60, son Tom etc and 6 Mc Carthy children lodgers,

Hugh Golden a50, wife Bridget a45, son John a15, etc,

Martin Enright a60, wife Joan a56,

Jeremiah Enright a73, son Dan a27,

Maurice Casey a48, wife Bessy a51, son Sylvester a19 etc,


James Shanahan widower a80,

Richard Shanahan a50 & Wife Catherine etc,

Edmond Stack a54, wife Mary a46, sons Dan, William, Edward etc,

Michael Sullivan a29, Bridget a26 wife, his mother Bridget a60 born Co Limerick, etc,
Tom Sheahan a30, wife Mary a23, son Tom 1year, his mother Ellen a63 Irish & English, Margaret Hudson a13 visitor and cousin, etc,

William Connor a56, farmer, wife Joan a55, children John a22, Edward a21, Michaela19,

Richard Hudson a50, wife Margaret a46, children Nora a20, John 19, Richard 18, James a16,

William Hudson a50, wife Joan a40, married Co Limerick, children Mary, Edward, Bridget , William, John, Richard, Joan, Eileen, all aged from 3 to 22years , also Tom Power servant,

Dan Carney farmer a45, wife Ellen a35, Joan & Con Kennelly servants, etc,

James Cunningham a38, wife Hannie aged 28, children Brian, Edward, Catherine, James, also Maurice a34 & Margaret a29 brother and sister,

Richard Cunningham a42, wife Bridget a40, children Brian a6, Hannie a5, Margaret a3, Ellie aged 1, servants Michael Power & Sarah Nash a24,

Pat O Connor a67, children Tom a31, James a36, Mary a28, Nora a22, John a19,

James Harrington a70, wife Johanna, son James , Mary his daughter in law their children Pat & Hanora, Servants Edward Moloney & Margaret Dunn,

Dan Kennelly a76 retied shopkeeper, can speak Irish & English cannot read his mark +,

Dan Kennelly a57, wife Kate a48, Bridget Kirby Kennelly his Mother a79, children Mary a19, Bridget 21, James a17, William etc,

Leitrim Moyvane
Dan Mulvihill a75 farmer, Bridget a65 wife, Bridget a20 daughter,

John Connor a62 Farmer, Joan? A68, Pat a25 son, Dan a19 son, Mary a23 daughter,

Johanna Scanlon a53 retired publican, John 16, Pat Hanrahan 41 servant, Jane Hanrahan a39 servant,

Tom Cronin a69 farmer, Joan a60 wife, Tom a21, Margaret a16, Dan a19,

James Mahony farmer a42, Catherine a41 wife, Bridget Kennelly a5 niece,

Mahony a58 Head of house, Tom Mahony a 28 son, Mary a26, Martin a24 son, Kate a22 daughter, Margaret a20, Pat a19,

Dan Brandon a60 farmer, Mary a50, Mary a21, Nora a15, Joan a13, Alice Brandon a70 sister,

Denis Mulvihill a45 farmer, Ellen a42, Mary a12, Bridget Mulvihill a65 widow & mother,

Leitrim West

Michael Kennelly a90? , Willie a30, Michael a22, Hanora a26, also Mary Burke,

James Kennelly a34 farmer, Catherine a37 wife, Joan his sister, John Holly a22 servant,

Lehane widower a49 born Cork, Mary his daughter,

John Enright a66 Tailor, John Walsh assistant, Dan Walsh a10 grand son,


Tim Flaherty, Richard Collins Dan Scanlon, Mary Shanahan,

Flaherty a40, ???? Ellie, Lizzie, Morgan a5, O Connor a32 servant, ??

Richard Collins a73 farmer, Hanora a65 wife, William a35,

Dan Scanlon farmer a63, Mary a54 wife, Dan a22, Nora a22, Katie a18, Maurice a16, Maggie a3, Pat a?,

Mary Shanahan a42 widow, Katie a21 daughter, Ellie a19 do, John Nolan a59 servant,

Pat Barrett a65, Mary a50 wife, John a20, Tom a17, Maggie a13, Pat a10,

Margaret Hanrahan a46 widow, Jerry a17 son, Mary Ahern a25niece, James Quinn a21 servant,

Martin Kennelly a30 labourer, wife Nora a30,

Michael Kennelly a46, wife Mary a40,

Catherine Foran a70,
Mary & Pat Dore born Co Limerick Domestic Cook, children Michael, Sarah, born Kerry.

Tom Mulvihill a80, Mary a70 Wife, Bridget a82 sister, Dan a36 ex NT, Bridget O Grady a34 daughter, Pat O Grady a34 son in law, Tom O Grady a3 grand child, Also Mary & Dan O Grady grandchildren,

John Dunfort a74 & son Dan a22,

James Flavin a70, Nora a60 wife, Margaret a25 Daughter, Johanna a50 sister,

James Moloney a52, sons John a26, Mike a20, Pat a6, Tade a5, daughters Catherine a23 & Mary,

John Nash a60, son John a30, daughters Ellen a25, Kate a23, Charlotte a21,

Kate Enright a94, Mary Egan a79 boarder, both receiving outdoor relief,

Mary Mulvihill a60, Joan a70 sister in law , John son a28 stone mason, Tim a25 son, Ned a17 son, Margaret a20 daughter, Mary Conway a22 daughter married, Edward Conway a1 grandson born America,

Dan Whyte a53, Mary a49 wife, Pat son a24, John a18 Rural Postman, Con a11 son, Mary a15 daughter,

Tim Neville a38, Mary a35 wife married Co Limerick, Margaret a75 mother, Pat a9 son, Philip a7 son, Jer a5 son, Michael a4 son, Margaret a3 daughter,

James Callahan 61, Nora a57 cannot read, James a31 son, Ellie a26 & Nora a15 daughters,

Batt Stackpoole a80 born Co Limerick, Pat a30 son, Mary a32 daughter,

Richard Windle a34, Mary a27 wife, Johanna 70 Mother & widow, Henry a11mnts,

Arthur Clenderman a50, Elizabeth Margaret, Adam, Christee, Hannah,

Jer Buckley a65, Johanna a63 wife, Mary a23 daughter Michael a21 son, Batt Buckley a55 brother,

Catherine Scanlon a64, Mike a25 son, Molly a22 daughter,

David Riordan a54, Ellen a50 wife, Sons John a18 & Tom a11 & Dan a9, daughter Bridget,

David O Connell a32, Mary a30 wife born Co Limerick, Michael a5 son, daughters Mary a7 & Johanna a9mnts,

Pat Nash a67, Johanna a69 wife born Co Limerick, Michael a33 son, Lizzie Nash a26 daughter in law,

Michael Stack a46, Julia a40 wife born Co Limerick, daughters Mary a17 & Nora a13, son Richard a18, Hanora Stack mother in law & widow a80 could speak Irish & English,

William Collins a34, Mary a35 wife of Co Limerick, sons John a5 & Pat a2.5, daughters Margaret a4 & Mary a1.5, servants Michael White a25, Tim Dunfort a20, Mary Mackessy a23,

Edward Mulvihill a23, Margaret wife, Servants Ellen Mulvihill & John Mulvihill a32,

Michael O Connell a72 & Nora a70 his wife,


Some Local Greyhound Owners c1920.
Tom Allen Ballybunion. D J Bailey Tralee. John Barrett Kilflynn. John L Barry Listowel. Wm. J Behan Ardfert. Dan Boland Lisselton.
John Brassil Tralee. Wm. D Broderick Listowel. Con Brosnan Listowel. Tim Brosnan Kilmorna. Jer Buckley Lixnaw. John Bunyan Lisselton. Jim Carmody Kilflynn. Frank Casey Ballyheigue.Jim Clarke Ballybunion. Dan Cleary Shanagolden. Dick Colbert Abbeyfeale. Dan Collins Templeglantine. Wm. R Collins Abbeyfeale. Wm. Coolehan Tarbert. Tom Corridan Abbeyfeale. Wm. Corridan Ballylongford. Dan Costelloe Lixnaw. Jas Costelloe Ballybunion. Jack Cremins Lisselton. Mick and Tim Cronin Lixnaw.Jim Crowley Listowel. P J Curtin Glin. Wm. Diggins Causeway. Jas Dillon Lisselton. Wm. Dillon Finuge. Martin Dinneen Causeway. Willie Dowling Woodford.Wm. Dunne Abbeyfeale. Eugene Ferris Tralee.
Henry and Wm. J Fitzell Ardfert.Jim Fitzgerald Foynes. Tom Fitzgerald Athea. Ted Fitzgibbons Listowel.Pat Flynn Kilmorna. S W Fuller Glenoe. Wm. Fuller Odorney. Kit Galvin Finuge. Ml Galvin Duagh. Mort Galvin Lixnaw. Jas Griffin Causeway. Jack Griffin Castleisland.John A Griffin Newcastlewest. John Halloran Ardfert. J C Harnett Abbeyfeale. John D Harnett Tournafulla. Ml W Harnett Abbeyfeale. Jim Harty Causeway. Jim Healy Ardfert. E Horan Castleisland. Guard Hurley Rathkeale. Denis Hussey Castleisland. Moss and William Keane Causeway.Bill Keane Ballygrennan. Jack Kearney Ballyheigue. Paddy Kelliher Rathea. Andy Kelly Kilmallock. Pat Kelly Tanavalla. J R Kissane Ballylongford. Pat Lawlor Lixnaw. Con and Pat Leahy Abbeyfeale. Jim Liston Knockaderry. Pat Liston Tralee. Jim Lynch Lixnaw. Denis Pat Lyons Abbeyfeale. Tom Mahony Abbeydorney. Austin Martin Tralee. Ml M Moloney Church St Abbeyfeale. J P Moriarty Ballyheigue. Jack Mulcahy Newcastlewest. Ml M Mulcahy Strand.Tim Mulcahy Tournafulla. Tom Mulcare Shanagolden. John Murphy Listowel.Wm Mc Auliffe Templeglantine. Bill Mc Auliffe Abbeyfeale. John Mc Carthy Ardfert.J Mc Donnell Ballyduff. Henry and Maurice Mc Elligott Lixnaw.Jack Mc Ellistrum Edenburn. Jer Mc Ellistrum Tralee. Jack Mc Grath Ardagh. Jim Mc Mahon Shanagolden. Joe Mc Mahon Rathkeale.Eugene Mc Namara Ballyduhig. J Mc Namara Abbeyfeale. Bill Nash Ardagh. Wm. Nolan Lyrecrompane.Tom O Brien Tanavalla. Ml O Carroll Ballyheigue. Tom Carroll Pallas. John Connell Lixnaw. Tom J Connell Listowel. Tom J P Connell Abbeyfeale.Chris O Connor Ennismore.Denis O Connor Listowel.James Connor Glin. John Connor Duagh. Tim Connor Glin. Jas O Donnell Newcastlewest. P E Driscoll Ardfert. Mick Flaherty Ardfert. Wm. Flaherty Tanavalla. Bertie Gorman Foynes. Jer Keeffe Abbeyfeale. J L Keeffe Meenscovane. Owen Leary Finuge. Wm. Leary Listowel. Dan P Rourke Tralee. Charles Shaughnessy Askeaton. D M Sullivan Knockaderry. John Sullivan Tarbert. Jack Sullivan Lixnaw. J Sullivan Abbeyfeale. T D Sullivan Listowel. T Sullivan Ballyduff. Wm. Sullivan Tournafulla. Jim Dower Duagh. Dick Power Ballylongford. John Price Tralee. Pat Quill Causeway. Jim Regan Kilmoyley.John Regan Lixnaw. D J Reidy Castleisland.J J Rice Abbeydorney. J A Roche Ardagh. Mick Roche Lixnaw. John Ryan Abbeyfeale. Pat Ryan Askeaton. Jer Ryle Ardfert. Dick Savage Finuge. ? and Wm. Savage Ardfert.John Scannell Abbeydorney. Denis Shanahan Ardfert. Ml Shanahan Kilflynn. Dan Sheehan Finuge.T F Sheehan Kilflynn. J P Sheehy Duagh. J B Silles Lixnaw. Jim Somers Shanagolden. Jack Stack Coolkeragh. Denis Sullivan Kilflynn. P J Trant Listowel. David Walsh Tralee. Jer J Walsh Tralee.J R Walsh Listowel. Tom Walsh Tralee. Davie Ward Abbeyfeale. David Fitzgerald Abbeyfeale.T D Warren Abbeyfeale. Paddy White Bedford. Peter Williams Ardfert.M Woulfe Finuge. Ml Woulfe Listowel. J Mc Carthy and M Collins Ardfert.Pat Sheehy Duagh.Ed Sheehy Tralee. Dick Woulfe Kilteen. Fitzmaurice Duagh.



Some Landowners c 1870



Laurence Butterly, Reps. of, address Listowel,
owned 1,052 acres

Patrick Carmody, address Larha, Ballylongford,
owned 134 acres.
Stephen Edward Collis, address Tierdclea, Tarbert, owned 3,598 acres.
1. John (Day) Connor, address Knocknagashel, West,
owned 24 acres.
2. Michael Connor, sen., address Larha, Ballylongford, owned 75 acres.
3. Michael Connor, jun., same address, owned 27 acres.

6. John Coughlan, address Larha, Ballylongford, owned 74 acres.
7. Francis and John Creagh, address Tarmons, Co. Kerry, owned 394 acres.

18. Daniel Dalton, address Ballyoneen, Ballylongford, owned 124 acres.
19. Maurice Dalton, jun., same address, owned 43 acres.
20. William Dalton, address Co. Clare, owned 66 acres.

William DeCourcy, address Dooncaha, Tarbert, owned 312 acres.
David Dillane, address Larha, Ballylongford, owned 150 acres.

Alexander Elliott, address Tarmone, Tarbert, owned 435 acres.
Mary Elliott, address Tanavalla, Listowel, owned 557 acres.
Laurence Enright, address Ballybunnion, owned 5 acres.

Michael Fenaghty, address Moybella, Ballybunnion, owned 21 acres.
Roger Fenaghty, same address, owned 2 acres.
Thomas Fenaghty, same address, also owned 2 acres.

Rev. Richd. Fitzgerald, address Ballydonohoe, Tarbert, owned 1,349 acres.
Rev. G. Fitzmaurice, address Bedford, Listowel,
owned 115 acres.
Maurice Fitzmaurice, address Duagh, owned 12 acres.

Timothy Fitzmaurice, address Moybella, Ballybunnion, owned 21 acres.
Daniel Foley, address Larha, Ballylongford, owned 81 acres.
Maurice Foley, address Moybella, Ballybunnion,
owned 32 acres.
Timothy Foley, address Moybella, Ballybunnion,
owned 31 acres.
Eliza Forhan, address Listowel, owneed 62 acres.
Goodman Gentleman, address Ballyhorgan, Listowel, owned 741 acres.
Timothy Hanrahan, address Ballybunnion, owned 4 acres.
William Harnett, address Kilcreen, Listowel, owned 813 acres.
Francis Healy, M. D. address Listowel, owned 79 acres.
Edward Hennessy, address Laherdane, Ballybunnion, owned 108 acres.
Patrick Hennessy, same address, also owned 108 acres.
Wm. C. Hickie, address, Kilelton, Ballylongford,
owned 3,368 acres.
Robert M. Hilliard, address Billerough, Listowel,
owned 120 acres.
Edward Hudson, address Strand-street, Tralee,
owned 456 acres.
Arthur Johnston, address Ahima, Ballybunnion, owned 47 acres.
Ellen Johnston, address Kilmullhane, Ballybunnion, owned 3 acres.
James Johnston, same address, also owned 3 acres.
Robert Johnston, address Ahima, Ballybunnion, owned 57 acres.

Cornelius Keane, address Barraduff, Ballybunnion, owned 128 acres. John Kennedy, address Dromin Cottage, Ballybunnion, owned 122 acres.
Margaret Kennelly, address Blennerville, owned 2 acres.
James Kissane, address Moybella, Ballybunnion,
owned 23 acres.

Michael Kissane, address Moybella, Ballybunnion, owned 23 acres.
Patrick Kissane, same address, owned 74 acres.
Richard Kissane, address Larha, Ballylongford,
owned 80 acres.
Richard Kissane, address Ballyoneen, Ballylongford, owned 52 acres.
Thomas Kissane, same address, owned 56 acres.
Blakeney Kitson, address Derry, Listowel, owned 459 acres.

Daniel Lavery, address Larha, Ballylongford, owned 20 acres.
John Lavery, same address, also owned 20 acres.
Daniel Leonard, address Listowel, owned 377 acres.
Maurice Leonard, same address, owned 1 acre.

William Leonard, address Billerough, Listowel,
owned 102 acres.
Robert Leslie, address Tarbert House, Tarbert,
owned 1,747 acres.
Earl of Listowel, address Convamore, Mallow,
owned 25,964 acres.
Loughnane, (first name not given), Reps. of, address Ballyhorgan, Listowel, owned 204 acres.
Denis Lynch, address Moybella, Ballybunnion, owned 22 acres. William M'Elligott, address Ballyoneen, Ballylongford, owned 46 acres.
Patrick M'Namara, address Moybella, Ballybunnion, owned 36 acres.

Geo. P. Gun Mahony, address Kilmorna, Listowel,
owned 5,020 acres.
Jeremiah Molyneaux, address Larha, Ballylongford, owned 27 acres.
Patrick Mulcare, address Ballyoneen, Ballylongford, owned 122 acres.
Patrick Mulvihill, address Moybella, Ballybunnion owned 32 acres.
Cornelius Nolan, address Moybella, Ballybunnion,
owned 3 acres.
Michael Nolan, same address, owned 29 acres.
Patrick Nolan, same address, owned 2 acres.

Gerald O'Callaghan, address Listowel, owned 432 acres.
Thomas O'Connell, address Deerpark, owned 611 acres.
Ellen O'Connor, address Knockane, Listowel, owned 66 acres.

Thomas O'Connor, address Beal, Ballylongford,
owned 366 acres.
T. C. O'Connor, address Rahoonagh, Ballybunnion,
owned 209 acres.
John O'Leary, address Glin, Co. Limerick, owned 127 acres.

James Raymond, address Dromin, Listowel, owned 272 acres.

John Rice, address Ballyloughrin, Ballybunnion,
owned 284 acres.
George Sandes, address Listowel, owned 803 acres.

Thomas Sandes, address Sallowglin, Tarbert,
owned 7,147 acres.
Wm. Gough Sandes, address Greenville, Listowel,
owned 449 acres.

Thomas Scanlan, address Moybella, Ballybunnion,
owned 32 acres.
Thomas Shea, address Clountubrid, Listowel, owned 82 acres.
Edward Sheehy, address Listowel, owned 95 acres.

John Henry Trant, no address given, owned 87 acres.
"Trinity College," Dublin, owned 10,341 acres.

Edmond Walsh, address Larha, Ballylongford, owned 37 acres.
Eliza Walsh, address Moybella, Ballybunnion,
owned 27 acres.
Thomas Walsh, address Larha, Ballylongford, owned 142 acres.



Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - Knockanure, County Kerry

Buckley John Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Buckley Laurence Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Buckley Patrick Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Byrne John Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Byrne Patrick Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Callahan John Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Carroll Daniel Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Carroll Jeremiah Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Carroll John Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Carroll John Trien Knockanure Kerry
Carroll Mary Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Casey Sylvester Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Connell Patrick Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Connors Bartholomew Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Connors Bartholomew Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Connors Catherine Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Connors Cornelius Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Connors Honoria Beennanaspuck Knockanure Kerry
Connors James Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Connors Jeremiah Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Connors John Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Connors John Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Connors Mary Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Connors Maurice Beennanaspuck Knockanure Kerry
Connors Michael Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Connors Michael Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Connors Thomas Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Connors Thos. Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Corridon Thomas Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Costelloe Cornelius Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Costelloe Ellen Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Costelloe John Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Costelloe Thomas Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Cronin Daniel Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Dillane Edmond Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Dillane Jeremiah Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Dillane Mary Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Doody John Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Dore James Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Dore Mary Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Dore Michael Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Enright Ellen Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Enright John Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Enright Martin Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Enright Mary Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Finucane Honoria Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Finucane Thomas Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Flaherty Timothy Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Flaherty William Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Flynn John Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Golden Hugh Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Golden Jeremiah Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Golden John Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Golden John Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Golden Michael Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Hanrahan Patrick Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Hunt Michael Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Hunt Robert, Jr. Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Hunt Robert, Sr. Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Hunt Timothy Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Jones Timothy Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Keane Patrick Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Keane Patrick Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Kelly John Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Kelly John Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Kelly Mary Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Kelly Patrick Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Kelly Thomas Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Kennely Jeremiah Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Kennely John Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Langan Thomas Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Larkin Ellen Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Larkin James Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Leahy James, Jr. Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Leahy James, Sr. Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Leahy John Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Leahy John Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Leahy Thomas Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Leahy Timothy Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Leahy William Beennanaspuck Knockanure Kerry
Leahy William Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Lindsay Catherine Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Lunham William Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Lunham William Shanacool Knockanure Kerry
Lynch William Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Lyons Cornelius Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Lyons Daniel Trien Knockanure Kerry
Lyons Denis Trien Knockanure Kerry
Lyons John Trien Knockanure Kerry
Lyons Thomas Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Madigan Timothy Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Mahohy Thomas Beennanaspuck Knockanure Kerry
Mahony Pierce, Esq. Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Mahony Pierce, Esq. Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Mahony Pierce, Esq. Trien Knockanure Kerry
Mahony Robert Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Mc Cormack Michael Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Mc Mahon Honoria Trien Knockanure Kerry
Mc Mahon Johanna Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Mc Mahon Terence Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Mc Mahon Timothy Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Moloney Timothy Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Moore Bridget Beennanaspuck Knockanure Kerry
Moore Mary Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Moore Michael Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Moore Thomas Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Moore William Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Moore William Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Moran John Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Mulvihill Ellen Beennanaspuck Knockanure Kerry
Mulvihill Ellen Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Murphy John Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Murphy Thomas Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Nash Michael Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Neville Maurice Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Nolan Daniel Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Nolan John, Jr. Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Nolan John, Sr. Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Nolan Mary Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Nolan Sarah Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Paradine Thomas Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Pierce Johanna Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Pope Stephen Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Relahan John Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Relahan John Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Relahan Michael Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Sandes John, Esq. Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Sandes John, Esq. Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Sandes Margaret Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Sandes William, Esq. Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Sandes William, Esq. Lissaniska Knockanure Kerry
Scanlan Michael Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Scannell John Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Stack Catherine Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Stack Garrett Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Stack Michael Kilmeany Knockanure Kerry
Stack Patrick, Jr. Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Stack Patrick, Sr. Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Stack Thomas Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Stokes Catherine Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Stokes John Beennanaspuck Knockanure Kerry
Stokes John Kealid Knockanure Kerry
Sullivan Daniel Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Sullivan Denis Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry
Sullivan Thomas Trien Knockanure Kerry
Sweeny Joseph Carhooearagh Knockanure Kerry
Woulfe Thomas Gortdromagownagh Knockanure Kerry




Don't settle for your lot in life. Matthew Henson was born in 1866 in Maryland. Before he would turn 7, both of his parents passed away, and he was sent to live with an uncle. Even at the tender age of 12, Henson knew he wanted more from life then the largely menial jobs available to African-Americans of the time. The young lad struck out for Baltimore and headed for the docks. He got hired on a ship as a cabin boy and sailed for China. Life on the ocean suited him well, and he spent the next several years of his life sailing all around the world, learning manly skills and the virtue of hardihood.

When Peary met Henson in 1888, he was duly impressed with this experienced seaman and his "greater than average intelligence and pluck." After the two spent some time exploring South America, Peary asked Henson to accompany him on their first Arctic expedition in 1891; Henson accepted.

Robert Peary's hunger for the Pole, and for fame, was insatiable. He made 7 grueling Arctic expeditions between 1886 and 1909. The only man who accompanied him on each of those expeditions was Matthew Henson. Together they faced the harshest of Arctic challenges and together they planted the American flag at the Pole.

"The Captain had gone, Commander Peary and I were alone (save for the four Esquimos), the same as we had been so often in the past years, and as we looked at each other we realized our position and we knew without speaking that the time had come for us to demonstrate that were the men who, it has been ordained, should unlock the door which held the mystery of the Arctic." -Matthew Henson

Crestfallen that he had to share the glory of the moment with 4 Eskimos and a black man, Peary immediately ceased to speak to Henson, the man who had saved his life on a previous expedition and had remained absolutely loyal to him for 22 years when every other member of the expeditions had left because of Peary's insufferable personality and demands. Unwilling to share the resulting fame, Peary forbade Henson to write, lecture, or grant interviews about the expedition. Henson had used his own camera to take 100 pictures on the trip and used his own money to develop them. Peary asked to borrow these pictures and then never gave them back.