Leane Olympics






The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Sat 15 Mar 1952 Page 10


Leane's Task in Decathlon


Pat Leane must score 2900 points in the remaining events in the Victorian- decathlon


championship at Olympic Park today to better the Australian record total of 6678, set by


Peter Mullins in 1948. Leane scored 3779 in the first five events last Saturday. Today's events are harder, for him and he will be lucky to amass a comparable total. Today, he will compete in the


110 metres hurdles, 1500 metres run, pole vault, discus throw and javelin throw.




The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Wednesday 23 July 1952 p 13 Article


Injury Dogs Leane-- From RON CARTER in Helsinki, Tuesday


A bruised heel may force Victorian Pat Leane to withdraw after the second event of the Olympic decathlon, which begins on Friday.


Leane threw off the injury when it troubled him three weeks ago, but a desperate third leap to


qualify in the Olympic broad jump yesterday brought it on again. He is now in pain as soon as pressure is applied to the heel. In the decathlon, the broad jump is the second event.


Death knock'


To a competitor in this a bruised heel is considered the "death knock."


The injury will also prevent Leane doing his best in five other field events.


It first occurred in March, when Leane was trying to qualify for the Australian broad jump


standard. He completed a decathlon trial in Melbourne, but said today "I couldn't go through those


ten events with it again."


However, he  will not withdraw from the decathlon until after competing in the first event


the 100 metres sprint and the broad jump.




Sporting Globe (Melbourne, Vic. : 1922 - 1954) Sat 20 Mar 1954 Page 10


Leane gets five wins


Pat Leane Australian Olympic representative, today won five events of the ten event Decathlon contest at Olympic Park. Leane won each event by clear margins.


Progress points after today's five events (five tomorrow) : — Leane 3944, Liddy 3031. Grant 2964,


Preusker 2834. Fredricksen 2484. Bartlett 2230. Leane appears likely to threaten the Australian


Decathlon record when the tile series are completed at Olympic Park tomorrow afternoon.


Leane’s performances were best in the four events and save him a total of 3221 points.


He was 2/10 sec. better than the next best in the 100 metres run, two feet better in the long jump,


and 6ft. 6in. better in the shot put, and four inches better in the high jump.


Ray Weinberg, last year's decathlon champion, did not defend his title through lack of preparation.


Leane won in 1952 but did not defend last year.






The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995) Tue 29 Nov 1994 Page 22


Leane extends his dominance


Cross-country representative Adam Leane continued his dominance of the middle-distance events during the sixth round of the interclub athletic premiership at the Australian Institute of Sport on Saturday. Leane (North Canberra), trained by Olympian Shaun Creighton, recorded 3min 59sec for the 1500m to defeat former Olympian Gerard Barrett (South Canberra Tuggeranong).










By Inés San Martín, Rome Bureau Chief




ROME (Crux) — What does a librarian in his late 60s, several monsignors, a nun, a survivor of modern-day slavery, and a pharmacist have in common? They are all members of Vatican Athletics, which will be participating in Saturday’s Games of the Small States of Europe.




The games that will be held in San Marino are organized by the national Olympic Committees of nine European small states since 1985.




Spanish Msgr. Melchor Jose Sánchez de Toca y Alameda, head of the Vatican’s sports department in the Council of Culture told Crux that the athletes who will be going have been training several times a week, both on the track and in the gym, explaining that although they don’t have the highest expectations of winning a medal, they’re not going “to make a fool of themselves.”




“The group is clearly amateur, even though some of the youngsters have high potential,” he said. “We are going to compete with dignity, and the preparation of our athletes has been the same as any national team preparing for an international competition.”




There are over 100 people who are formally part of the Vatican’s athletics team, created about two years ago when several employees and citizens of the world’s smallest state literally continued to run into one another on the shore of Rome’s Tiber River or at the magnificent Villa Pamphili.






The ‘MIC Foundation – Awards for Excellence’ scholarship scheme is open to all full-time undergraduate MIC students who have successfully completed their first year of study. Applicants have to demonstrate excellence in sports, music or the arts while maintaining a commitment to their academic studies.




Deirdre Kennelly, MISU General Manager, outlined how these awards form an integral part of the recently launched MISU Strategic Plan, which will govern the activities of the College’s students’ union for the next four years.






Sept 2020;

Malin to Mizen Cycle by Denny Mulvihill


 3rd to 6th September 2020


Just want to thank everyone who sent best wishes to me for my Malin to Mizen cycle last weekend, and to everyone who donated for Cystic Fibrosis and to those who took Sponsorship Cards from me for the event.




The 1st day Thursday, it took me 7 hours to cycle to Bundoran, conditions were not great as I had a head wind all the way and a few heavy showers, covering approx. 155km that day. My cousin Pat O’Connor and his wife Patricia came from Glenties to meet us here and supported CF.  Norma Collins & her daughter from Athea passed me near Ballyshannon going north and recognised me, so she turned around to meet me and wish me well…. I couldn’t believe it was her so far north.!




The 2nd day to Oranmore was worse as I had torrential rain and a head wind much stronger than the day before, it took 8.5 hours to do 175km.




The 3rd day to Mallow was much better, dryer and milder T.G. It was a great boost to have 7 friends join me in Patrickswell for the last 45km to Mallow, arriving at approximately 5 pm after completing 165km that day in about 8 hours. The friends who joined me were TJ Reidy, Kevin O’Keeffe, Paudie Lynch, Bobby Woulfe, Micheál O’Callaghan, Mike Shields and Francie Collins. They were from the Athea Cycling Club and Newcastlewest Cycling Clubs, I would have had more from Athea join me only Communion was on that day in Athea. My sister in law Josephine Browne, Danny and Maighread along with TJ’s wife Carmel were in Patrickswell also to cheer me on. 




The 4th and final day, I left Mallow at 8.15am for my journey to Mizen Head, a total of 155km. I was surprised to be joined again today by a good friend of mine, TJ Reidy after 15km, who was to cycle with me as far as Macroom. On the way we encountered heavy rain between Millstreet and Macroom and it was there I got another surprise as I was joined there by my son Jonathan. In Macroom the 2 boys decided to cycle the last 100km with me to Mizen head and I was thrilled to have the company again and the help. The weather improved from Dunmanway and when we turned for Durrus, I got a mechanical fault in my gear selection. This made it harder but knowing the road from previous cycles down there, I managed to select a gear suitable for the terrain and left it in that gear to the finish line at about 4.30pm. In Durrus, myself, TJ and Jon were joined by Alan Hickey from the West Cork Cycling Club, a friend of Tina’s for the final leg. At the finish line I was greeted to my surprise by my daughter Tina, son Shane, Linda, Ashley & boys, Vincent & Carol, Ella and other friends including TJ’s wife Carmel who did back up for him. I had no idea that they would be there and felt very emotional crossing the line.  I was glad it was finished, my 6th trip but it was worth it, as it was for a great cause Cystic Fibrosis. We even got money for CF on route.  Over the 4 days I completed 650km.




This would not be possible without my backup, namely my wife Mary T who sometimes got lost on route but was always close by.




Míle Buíochas to everyone who contributed or helped make this event possible.



and Sport

Dan Ahearne won world Championship in Hop Step and Jump July 4th 1909 at Celtic Park


Edward Barrett of Rahela, Ballyduff Edward Barrett was born in Rahela, Ballyduff in 1882. father Thomas and mother Bridget Whelan. He joined the City of London Police. In 1901 he won an All Ireland Hurling medal as a member of the London Irish Hurling team that beat Cork in the All-ireland final. At the 1908 Olympic Games held in London he won an Olympic Gold medal as a member of the City of London Police Tug- of -War team, he also won an Olympic Bronze medal in the heavyweight freestyle wrestling. married Julia McCarthy in 1910 in Middlesex. They are on the 1911 Census in High Holborn and I can trace them both in Electoral rolls until 1926 in St Pancras area - Chalk Farm, Regents Street and Kentish Town Road. He died c 1930s

John James Barrett born 1879, represented Britain at the 1908 Olympics and was a brother of Edward Barrett.


Tim Ahearne and his brother, Dan Ahearne from Dirreen, Athea.

they emigrated to the United States, Tim Ahearne had won the 1909 AAA long jump championship, in America Dan Ahearn set the first IAAF-recognized triple jump with 50-11 (15.52) in May 1911. He won the AAU triple jump in 1911 and 1913-1918, mostly defeating Tim, who was runner-up in 1911, 1913-14, and 1916. Tim Ahearne born August 18, 1885 died December 1968. Tim Ahearne won the gold medal in the triple jump at 1908 Olympics held in London. Dan came 6th in the Olympics in 1920 triple jump, he was born in 1888 and died 1942.


LEAHY Family of Creggane

Seven brothers Leahy all atheletes. Pat and Con were the first brothers to win Olympic medals. First brothers to two Olympic medals each. The first family to winolympic medals in all three jumping events.

Martin Sheridan won a total of nine Olympic medals.


Michael Collins of Currans competed in the free style discus at the 1908 London Olympics games


At the 1908 Olympic Games held in London Edward Barrett won an Olympic Gold medal as a member of the City of London Police Tug- of -War team, he also won an Olympic Bronze medal in the heavyweight freestyle wrestling.

1900 High Jump Pat Leahy of Creggane won SILVER 1.78m

1900 Long Jump Pat Leahy BRONZE 6.95m

1900 Hammer John Flanagan GOLD 51.01m

1904 3,000m S/C John Daly SILVER 7.40.61

1904 Hammer John Flanagan GOLD 51.23m

1904 Decathlon Tom Kiely GOLD 6,036 pt

1908 High Jump Con Leahy of Creggane won SILVER 1.88m

1908 Triple Jump Tim Ahearne of Athea won GOLD 14.92m

1908 Shot Putt Denis Horgan SILVER 13.62m

1908 Hammer John Flanagan GOLD 51.92m




Year High Jump Long Jump Triple Jump Standing Jumps

(H=high, L=long)

1900 Pat Leahy(S) P. Leahy(B) -

1904 -

1906 Con Leahy(G) P. O’Connor(S) P. O’Connor(G) Sheridan(2S H&L)

Con Leahy(S)

1908 C. Leahy(S) - T. Ahearne (G) M. Sheridan(B-L)

(Pat and Con Leahy, from County Cork) were the first brothers to win

Olympic medals in athletics.

Year Shot Put Discus Throw Hammer Throw Misc. Throwing

Events (l=discus Greek style; 2=stone throw; 3=shot put-two hand total;

4=561b throw)

1900 J. Flanagan(G)

1904 - M. Sheridan(G) J. Flanagan(G) J. Flanagan(S-4)

J. Mitchell (B-4)

1906 M. Sheridan(G) Sheridan(G) not on programme Sheridan(S-2)

1908 D. Horgan(S) Sheridan(G) J. Flanagan(G) Sheridan (G-1)

M. McGrath(S)

C. Walsh(B)

1912 P. McDonald(G) - M. McGrath(G) P. McDonald(S-3)

1920 - P. Ryan(G) P. McDonald(G-4)

P. Ryan(S-4)

1924 - M. McGrath(S) -