The Bishop of Kerry from 1336 to 1347 is described in the records as

Alan O'Hathern alias O Hachierane. The most noteworthy of the name in

modern history were John Aherne (c. 1769-1806), United Irishman and

friend of Wolfe Tone, who after the latter's death became an officer in

Napoleon's Irish Legion; and John Aheron author of the first book on

architecture printed in Ireland (1754). And, of course, the most

prominent Ahern at this time is Bertie Ahern Taoiseach of Ireland and

leader of the Fianna Fail party



AHERN and Driscoll

Ellis Island


Catherine Driscoll Abbeyfeale, Ireland 1923 17 ; Kate Driscoll Abbylace, Ireland 1907 46 ;Kate Driscoll Ardfert 1898 18 Patrick Driscoll Ardfert 1903 24 Patrick Driscoll Ardfert 1903 24 Daniel Driscoll Ardfert, Ireland 1911 25 Nellie Driscoll Ardfert, Ireland 1907 31 Terence O'Driscoll Ardfert, Ireland 1923 23 James Driscoll Ardfield, Ireland 1907 26 Nellie Driscoll Ardfort, Ireland 1907 ;Jas. W. Driscoll Asdee 1899 17 ;Mary Driscoll Ballybunion 1904 19 William Driscoll Ballybunion 1902 21 Annie Driscoll Ballybunion, Ireland 1906 18 John Driscoll Ballybunion, Ireland 1910 27 Margt Driscoll Ballybunior 1900 22 ;Ella Driscoll Ballyduff, Ireland 1909 30 ;Nora Driscoll Knocknagoshel, Ireland 1921 18 ;Maggie Driscoll Listowel 1902 3 Michael Driscoll Listowel 1906 29 ;Thomas Driscoll Newtownsander 1904 22 Julia Driscoll Newtownsandes 1900 21 Bridget Driscoll Newtownsandes, Ireland 1908 18 Jeremiah Driscoll Newtownsandes, Ireland 1909 26 Kitty Driscoll Newtownsandes, Ireland 1912 18 Timothy Driscoll Newtownsandes, Ireland 1912 23 William Driscoll Newtownsandes, Ireland 1908 20 ;AHERN: Ahern, Miss Salowglin 1902 age 20;Andrew Ahern Listowel, Ireland1913 age 23;Annie Ahern Abbeydealg, Ireland 1917 age 29 ;Annie Ahern Athea1897@ 20;Bernard Ahern Abbeyfeale 1904 @3;Bridget Ahern Athea, Co Limerick, Ireland 1923 @21 ;Bridget Ahern Athea, Limerick, Ireland 1923@ 21;Bridget Ahern Glensharrold 1906 @19; Catherine Ahern Athea, Ireland 1910 @21;Catherine Ahern Tarbet1899@24; Catherine AhernTimoleague, Ireland 1907@18;Daniel Ahern Abbeyfeale 1904 @38; Daniel Ahern Abbeyfeale 1904 @8;Daniel Ahern Ballylongford 1904 @26;Daniel Ahern Lestowel 1901 age 21;Daniel Ahern Newtownsandes, Ireland 1909 age 24;Patrick Ahern Newtownsandes, Ireland 1912 age21 ;Patrick Ahern Newtownsandes, Ireland 1912 age24;Michael Ahern Newtown Sandes, Co. Kerry 1905 age 22;Michael Ahern Tarbet 1899 age27;Patrick Ahern Athea, Ireland 1909 age28;



Reinstatement of Evicted Tenants (Ireland).

HC Deb 07 August 1912 vol 41 cc3185-7W 3185W

Mr. VINCENT KENNEDY, asked why the Estates Commissioners have not in any practical way endeavoured to restore the evicted tenants in county Cavan, under the provisions of the Evicted Tenants Act, 1907; will he say how many evicted tenants were actually restored under this Act in county Cavan and in the other counties in Ireland; and whether anything 3186W may be hoped for by these people before the Act expires?

Mr. BIRRELL, The Estates Commissioners inform me that 3,156 evicted tenants or their representatives have been reinstated or provided with other holdings as purchasers under the Land Purchase Acts, including 462 on lands acquired compulsorily under the Evicted Tenants Acts; the figures for County Cavan being 100 and 32 respectively. The number of evicted tenants whose applications have been provisionally approved, and who have not been provided with holdings is 334, and their cases will be considered by the Commissioners in the allotment of over 50,000 acres of untenanted land which is at present the subject of proceedings for sale to the Commissioners, including over 2,000 acres under the Evicted Tenants Act.

Mr. FLAVIN, asked whether the application of John Ahern, an evicted tenant on the Supple estate at Clounmackon, Listowel, has been considered by the Estates Commissioners with a view to a Grant; and, if so, with what result?

Mr. BIRRELL, This estate was the subject of proceedings for sale direct by the owner to the tenants. An agreement signed by John Ahern for the purchase of his holding on the estate, which he was stated to hold as a judicial tenant, was lodged with the Estates Commissioners who sanctioned the advance of the purchase money, and Ahern's holding has been vested in him. The Commissioners could not find that they received any application from Ahern as an evicted tenant within the period prescribed by the Evicted Tenants Act and did not see their way to make him any free Grant.

Mr. FLAVIN, asked the Chief Secretary whether the Estates Commissioners have received an application from Michael J. Ahern, of Knocknaglough, Lyrecrompane, North Kerry, an evicted tenant, on the John C D. Hurley estate; whether he is aware that Ahern has been reinstated and has signed a purchase agreement, but has no visible means nor any stock on the land; and whether he will make representations to the Estates Commissioners to give a Grant to Ahern as an evicted tenant?

Mr. BIRRELL. The Estates Commissioners received an application from Ahern for assistance to work the holding on the-Hurley estate in which he has been reinstated by the owner, and, after inquiry 3187W and consideration, decided to take no action in the matter.

Mr. FLAVIN, asked whether the Estates Commissioners have received an application from Nicholas Mulvihill, of Asdee, North Kerry, an evicted tenant on the William Creagh Hickie estate, at Kilelton, Ballylongford, for reinstatement in his holding; and whether the Estates Commissioners have taken any action in the matter, seeing that Nicholas Mulvihill is an evicted tenant for the past sixteen years?

Mr. BIRRELL, I would refer the hon. Member to the reply given to the question on this subject asked by the hon. Member for Limerick West on 27th July, 1911, to which I have nothing to add.





Message: Hello, i'm hoping you can help me. I'm from Ireland and i'm looking into my family history on the Ahern side. My mother's grand uncle PJ Ahern from carrigkerry was a poet & i'm trying to find some of his poams ie carrigkerry hill & carrigkerry. My Mother always talks about him & how talented he was. Could you please let me know where i can find this information as this would mean the world to her. Thanking you in advance for your help & reply.

Yours sincerely,

Catherine Shine





Ahern from Co. Kerry

of Glancullare.


Tarbert tithe - 1820


Name Townland acreage tithe

Daniel Ahern Pullen 4 acres 3s 6d

James and Gurteenavallig 30 acres 15s 6d

Michael Ahern


Land records of the Ahern's, Glancullare South, Tarbert, Co. Kerry

from 1840



Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 Michael Ahern William Sandes 28 2 4 8 10 00

12 John Ahern " 22 00 14 7 10 00


Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 as above

12 as above


Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 James Ahern Will. Sandes as above

12 Michael Ahern " "

The land records show that in 1865 on lot 11 James Ahern replaced

Michael Ahern as the tenant. This indicates that Michael had retired of

died in the proceeding five years. The same happed on lot 12 where

Michael Ahern replaced John Ahern as tenant also in 1865.


Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 James Ahern Thomas Sands

12 Thomas Ahern "

These records show that Thomas Sands replaced William Sands as the

landlord in chief in 1878.


Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 Mary Ahern as above 31 30 15 7 15 00

12a Patrick Ahern as above 27 01 30 7 15 00

Mary Ahern took over as tenant from Thomas in 1880,

Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 Mary Ahern

12 Patrick Ahern


Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 Timothy Ahern as above

13 Patrick Ahern

Timothy Ahern replaced Mary Ahern as tenant on lot 11 in or around



Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 Tim Ahern in fee

12 Michael Ahern in fee

Both lots were bought out in fee from the Sands family in 1918. On lot 12 Patrick Ahern was replaced as registered owner in 1917 by

Michael Ahern.


Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 Timothy Ahern Junior in fee

12 Michael Ahern "

The records record Tim Ahern junior as the registered owner of the lands

in Glancullare by 1941.


Lot Occupier Lessor Area Rental

A r p £ s p

11 Tim Ahern junior

12 Peggy Walsh

These records indicate that Peggy Walsh became the registered owner of

lot 12 in 1962. Tarbert.

This line is according to these land records

Michael Ahern

James Ahern

Timothy Ahern

Timothy Ahern

Timothy Ahern

Parish records of Kilnaughten, including the townlands in the Parish of


Date Name Place Fathers Names

1861 Michael Ahern Tarbert Michael Ahern

Hanna Collins Tarmons John Collins

Birth Records

1873 17th Jan. Richard William Ahern Dooncaha

Catherine Lynch

1874 5th Dec. Hanna Michael Ahern Tarbert

Helen Lynch

1875 11th Aug. Anna Maria Michael Ahern Tarbert

Honora Collins

1876 18th Dec. Patrick Michael Ahern Tarbert

Philomena Lynch

1878 23rd Jan. John as above

1880 18th July Hanna Patrick Ahern Fallaclogher

Catherine Collins

1880 13th Nov. Catherine Michael Ahern Tarbert

Kathleen Lynch.

Family Tree.

Michael Ahern

Born 1770's-1780's

Tenant Glancullane, Tarbert


James Ahern m Mary ?

Born early 1800's

Tenant Glancullare, Tarbert.


Timothy Ahern m Margaret O'Sullivan

Born and c. 1830's

Tenant, Glancullare, Tarbert


Timothy Ahern m Margaret O'Donnell

Born. 1865

Glancullare, Tarbert


Timothy Ahern m Catherine Hannigan,

Born. 1909

Glancullare, Tarbert


Michael Ahern m Sheila Ferris

They lived in the family Farm in Tarbert, County Kerry.



ATHEA Football



Athea Team Limerick County Champions 1968

Trainer Johnny Walsh of Ballylongford.


By Pat Brosnan



The cheers ring ‘round the Gaelic Grounds,

They echo far away,

The Limerick football championship has come to sweet Athea,

The dream at last it has come true,

No longer must we wait,

They’ve brought the cup home to the West,

These men of sixty-eight.

The first they beat was Patrickswell,

Next did Askeaton fall,

Then Oola’s best they failed to test,

With our boys to play the ball,

Now came Treaty Sarsfields in the final game to play,

Some wise men shook their heads and said “they’ll surely beat Athea”.

The Autumn sun was shining on that field near Limerick town,

When they came from Clash and Cratloe, the Village and Knockdown,

From Knocknagorna’s hills as well, from Keale, Coole West, Tooreen,

From Gortnagross and Knockanair and the vales of sweet Dirreen.

Then old men’s thoughts they drifted back to the games they used to see,

And to the men who fought in harder fields to make our nation free,

Con Colbert, Gortnagleanna, Paddy Dalton came to mind,

Many hearts with pride were beating for those days long left behind.

But every face is turned now to the scene of the present day,

The Treaty boys they struggled hard but were no match for Athea,

And when the final whistle went there was no doubt who was best,

The cup had found a worthy home in it’s journey to the West.

Here’s to the men of sixty-eight with Con Mullane full back,

Tom Keeffe in goal beside him “Morgan” Moran and Sean Mack,

Ken Dermody, Frank Collins and Mike Hayes made no mistake,

And when Gerry Carey gets the ball the West is wide awake.

The Barrett brothers and Joe Keeffe were always to the fore,

And from a player like Timmy Woulfe no one could ask for more,

Murt Liston the young captain was indeed a shining light,

Kevin Dillon and Joe Brouder they too played with all their might.

The other men who also served, the subs behind the scene,

Tim Enright, “Haulie” Moran, and Pat Dalton from Dirreen,

Tim Keeffe and Danny Barry, Patie Moran, Jim Dillane,

Mick White and Jack O’ Connor too, strong men of brain and bawn.

We will always look upon you as the greatest of the great,

And in many a future battle we know we’ll never fail,

To bring the laurels often home to the town beside the Gale.